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cognitiveSEO has grown steadily over the last 2 years. Until now we only had a few official tutorials explaining how to use the cognitiveSEO platform and a lot of our customers asked for a support platform with tutorials and faqs.

We thought about it and we built a support platform that we think will serve its purpose well.

On the support site you will be able to find a lot of helpful information, classified in a the following categories:


These categories will be constantly updated with frequently asked questions and any new feature that we will be adding to the site.

If you are already a customer this information will highly improve your experience in cognitiveSEO, as everything is well documented.

If you aren’t a customer you can browse the support site to get a better idea on how cognitiveSEO works, want to can and can’t do with the platform.

We have also integrated inside the tool help videos that you can find on the majority of the widgets. Search for the “How to” icon as seen in the picture below.


And if the support site and in-tool video tutorials still don’t solve you problem, we’d love to chat.

Just mail us at support [@] cognitiveseo.com and we will be happy to quickly answer your questions .

We answer 90% of emails within 6 hours. Try us ;)!

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