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At cognitiveSEO, “our customer is our master” is not just a saying but a way of action. We’ve listened closely to the feedback gave by our users, we’ve analyzed, we’ve worked … and … we’ve worked some more, and in the end we put a new update all together. From  all the reviews and the interactions with our customers, we concluded that the Anchor Text Distribution and Classifier is highly appreciated but it should be a bit more user-friendly and easier to understand. So we took all the great stuff that we already had implemented, we created some new features and we put it all up in a new and more intuitive concept. This new update is easier to understand, eliminates confusion and has a visual-friendly user approach.

1. The New Anchor Text Distribution & Classifier

The Anchor Text Distribution and Classifier is the place where you can define your brand and commercial keywords in order to see the overall distribution of your anchor text cloud. This is a great feature because it helps you to have a clear overall image of the anchor text profile. Yet, for this classification to be as accurate as possible it is very important to identify the commercial and the brand keywords. For a quick reminder, the brand keywords are the name of your brand or the name of your website and the commercial keywords are the keywords that have a commercial intent and may be used by a person when searching in Google. A very simple definition would say that the Brand Anchor Text is one of the signals that Google takes in consideration when deciding if a site should be “trusted” or not, while the Commercial Anchor Text tells Google what keywords might the site be interested in ranking.

Understanding how to effectively classify the brand and commercial anchor text is crucial in order to have an excellent unnatural link detection classification.


The cognitiveSEO’s new Anchor Text Classifier allows you to:

1. Filter The Anchor Text

To make your job easier, we’ve created the Quickly Search Anchors search box. You can type here a specific keyword and the widget will only show you the anchor texts containing that keyword.
By default, the anchor texts for your entire link profile will be listed. But if you want to see the anchor text for live links only, you now have the show only live links option.
We’ve created some ordering options that will be useful if you want to take some snapshots to include in a presentation or to visualize the keywords that really interest you. For example you can randomize your anchor texts in order to make an image about your overall anchor text profile, or you can have your keywords ordered by their strength or by brand.

2. Bulk Classify Anchors

This feature allows you to to quickly classify multiple anchor text keywords in bulk. In order to do that, you first need to search for the relevant keyword and, then choose what type of classification you want (brand, commercial or misc) and hit the apply button. All those anchors will be classified in bulk instantly.

3. Classify Quicker by Showing Only Unclassified Anchors

Show Only Misc Anchors helps you to finish your classification process quicker by showing only the Unclassified or Misc Anchors. By checking this option you can see what keywords are neither in the brand or commercial category and might need to be further classified. When Show Only Misc Anchors is on, all your actions will be applied only on the miscellaneous keywords.

4.Individual Anchors Classification

You can choose to classify each keyword individually. All you have to do is hover over the wanted keyword (pass your pointer over the wanted keyword) and a menu with “classify as: brand, commercial or misc” will appear. Thick the classification you wish for and your job with that anchor is done.

If you don’t want to work with the Anchor Text Classifier or you’ve finished classifying all the anchor texts and you don’t want to make further changes, you can choose the Disable Classifier option. You can hit this button at any moment of your analysis. The process is reversible (meaning you can go back to classifying anchor texts any time you want).

Anchor Text Classification Distribution

2. New Unnatural Link Detection Features for Power Users Mostly

In the Unnatural Link Navigator ( the fastest & most accurate Unnatural Link Detection tool ) we’ve made some updates in order to help users who are working with thousands of links to save time and be more efficient.

Unnatural Link Detection Power Users

1. Save a Bookmark for Easier Work Return on Big Projects

When you are working on big projects and you are dealing with thousand of links, it is very likely that you are going to divide your work amount throughout several days. Every time you launch the navigator it is highly important to know what your work status is and continue from the point you left it. To do that, we offer you the possibility to save a bookmark. Hit the Save button every time you want to exit the navigator and press the Load button every time you want to start working again from where you last finished. Extremely simple and extremely useful.

2.Know What Links You Already Saw in the Navigator and Filter by it

Every time you’ll visit a link, its color will change so you can easily identify which links you have already visited. Even more, you have the possibility to see and work only with the links you have already visited or only with the links you haven’t visited yet. All you have to do is go to Filters – Link navigator – choose visited or not visited.

At cognitiveSEO we try our best to meet the needs of our customers and continually improve our features. We don’t want our clients to have only the best results but also an excellent experience while using our tool. We invite you to check our new great updates and if you haven’t tried our tool yet, take advantage of the free trial and convince yourself by the benefits that cognitiveSEO can bring to your business.


To be able to test the system, we give free 14 day trials so you might want to take advantage of that first and see if the tool is up to your expectations. You will also get the full functionality of the tool, including full backlink analysis, daily rank tracking, social visibility and a plethora of cool & useful stuff.

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