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The Most Comprehensive
Google Webmaster Tools Guide


This is the most comprehensive Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) guide on the internet, meant to give you an ample description on how to best use it.

What is Google Webmaster Tools

Among the many tools Google puts at your disposal, there's one tool that you should learn to master, so you may become a powerful SEO wizard. It's a FREE web-service provided by Google enables website owners and developers to check on their site's well-being.

With this suite of tools you can provide precise data on how your site is indexed and it also shows a lot of detailed solutions for any issue it may detect.

Why do I need Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is used in order to optimize your site for the search engines. Many people turn a blind eye to this part, but if you're aiming for a strong online presence, Google's Webmaster Tools were created particularly for this purpose. This guide is meant to be as in-depth as possible, offering you detailed informations on how to:

  • keep track of errors and issues
  • analyze data
  • remove unwanted links
  • optimize the way Google indexes your site.

...just to name a few.


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