How Aleyda Solis Uses cognitiveSEO to Manage
Her Digital Marketing Campaigns

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After only a few days of using the trial, Aleyda sent us a mail asking how she could best use the tool for her needs: to actively track her clients and get instantly notified for any rank fluctuations.

Aleyda Solis cognitiveSEO Questions

Aleyda Investigates Her Clients' Sites

After we had a discussion where we addressed her questions, Aleyda started using our tool to its full potential.

First thing she did with cognitiveSEO was to investigate one of her clients in order to identify any potential unnoticed issues with the site or hidden marketing opportunities that she hadn't seized yet.

cognitiveSEO Dashboard

She Seizes Valuable Opportunities for Her Clients

The next thing she did was to import a Disavow file that she previously submitted and make a quick inspection of the link profile.

cognitiveSEO inBound Link Analysis

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After she quickly inspected the link profile of one of her client's site, she added more keywords in the rank tracker. To monitor on a daily basis, she setup the associated e-mail triggers to get notified when important rankings drop or increase.

cognitiveSEO Rank Tracking

Aleyda Actively Monitors Her Clients' Rankings and Creates Customized Reports

Once all was setup for this client, she checked his campaign every couple of days to monitor how he and his competitors rank, using the side-by-side comparison, while the platform automated almost everything.

cognitiveSEO Side by Side Comparison

While doing this, she also identified common link opportunities between her client's site and his competitors' that gave her ideas about how to tweak the actual strategy.

cognitiveSEO Common Links Identification

Another important task for Aleyda was to create customized clients reports in order to send them by email at scheduled dates.

cognitiveSEO Customized PDF Report

While Managing Her Clients She Also Successfully Pitches New Ones

This is how she manages her clients in cognitiveSEO. But she did more than that. She won new clients while she was managing the existing ones, allowing her client base to grow.

Pitching new clients is not always easy, in a competitive landscape such as the digital marketing one. But she creatively used some of the unique things in cognitiveSEO.

cognitiveSEO Interactive Client Pitching

While some clients are interested in new digital marketing strategies and how to grow their rankings, some of them are looking to recover their sites from various Google Penalties.

cognitiveSEO Link Audit

Using cognitiveSEO Aleyda landed more clients who appreciated her hard work and results.

From time to time, when we launch new features, she expresses her satisfaction with cognitiveSEO and we want to thank her for that.

Thanks for being such a great customer & supporter!

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