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How Can the Content Optimization Tool Help You Increase Your Traffic?

cognitiveSEO helps you create optimized content that will quickly rank in top Google positions. We use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and an AI-powered platform. This way, we help you create the type of content that will be highly relevant for both your readers and search engines. Our Content Optimization Tool analyzes the rankings for any keyword, in any language. It also offers an easy-to-follow recipe for higher rankings.

Bill Sebald

Within 24 hours, we saw our rank improve from #5 for the term we were optimizing for to #2. This fluctuated over next few days but then we settled into the #2 spot and have remained there since.

Bill Sebald
Founder @Greenlane

Why is cognitiveSEO’s Content Optimizer Better?

First of all, our content optimizer tool is the only one in the market that supports all languages and countries. You can optimize your content for any type of business worldwide, on global or local search.

Also, the tool is among the first who developed the content optimization technology. Since 2017, lots of & businesses report amazing results using our tool. Even if you're a content marketing agency, a content manager or a technical SEO pro, the tool will let you know the key content upgrades you need to rank higher.

Moreover, the content optimization tool is part of a suite of tools that analyzes off-page and on-page signals in one sweep. You’ll also get a complete site audit, with insights on: link building, internal link, title tags, meta description, Google's algorithms updates, and many other SEO best practices . You’ll also be able to easily correlate your content optimization strategies with your rankings.

Kewyord Explorer

Optimize for Search Intent & Outrank Your Competition

The keyword tool will let you know the exact topics & keywords your content is missing to rank higher, in a matter of minutes. You will get to know what are the keywords that boost your competitors' rankings. You'll also uncover any websites' content strategies right away.

cognitiveSEO’s Content Optimizer is among the only ones who automatically detects users’ search intent. Google understands the user's search intent and offers only search results that match their intent. You will get instant search intent data so you can create content that is relevant to the Google users.

You will be able to create the perfectly optimized content, meant to rank in top Google positions. In a few minutes, you get access to the exact keywords and phrases you need to use to secure your place in the top rankings.

Content Optimizer cognitiveSEO

Unique SERP Analysis that Shows Why Competitors are Outranking You

You will not just visualize the top ranking pages for any keyword but you will also get to know the reasons why that web content is ranking so well. By reverse engineering the Google SERPs, you can get access to the optimization strategies, the relevant NLP keywords and topics used by the competitors.

We can tell you how optimized any piece of content is, for a set of targeted keywords. You’ll also get our content difficulty score that will calculate your chances of getting a high search engine ranking.

SERP Analysis
Jason Acidre

From position #12 to position #5 in under 30 days. It's definitely a huge thing, especially for consultants and site owners who are looking to get even more productive in the technical maintenance aspect of their websites

Jason Acidre
Marketing Strategist @SaleHoo

Optimize Existing Content and Boost Your Rankings

You don’t always have to publish a new webpage to get traffic. You can take advantage of the content that you already have. We use machine learning to analyze the content published about a subject. After that, we determine what your existing piece of content needs to be ultra relevant for the topic so it ranks higher.

This way, you don’t have to start writing from scratch, but only optimize the content you’ve already written. This strategy will positively impact your ranks and organic search traffic in a matter of days.

Content Assistant

Find New Keyword Ideas You Can Easily Rank On

Find the right topics to target, considering search volumes and difficulty. Easier than ever, you’ll discover new ranking opportunities & identify the keywords it's worth investing in.

Our keyword research tool is not just a Keyword Planner alternative. We offer relevant keyword recommendations coming from multiple sources. We use our massive database, , Keyword Suggestions and Google Autocomplete.

Keyword Research

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