The cognitiveSEO Changelog

Continuous improvement is
better than delayed perfection.

Change Log

All notable changes for cognitiveSEO

[4.1] - 2018-12-12

cognitiveSEO Site Audit is launched

Added Features

  • The cognitiveSEO platform has a new important addition: The OnPage Site Audit
  • The new Site Audit flags all possible OnPage SEO issues a site might have and provides recommendations on how to fix them.
  • This new feature allows users to improve their website’s onpage SEO performance, at the highest level of detail.
  • The addition of the Site Audit feature makes cognitiveSEO a complete SEO software and the only SEO tool an SEO pro, webmaster or digital marketing needs.

[4.0] - 2018-03-28

cognitiveSEO is transitioned to an improved platform


  • Big speed improvements - the cognitiveSEO app has now up to 5 times faster loading times.
  • A cleaner, easier to understand interface is now used.
  • User experience improvements - users can now enjoy better usability and flow of work.

[3.14] - 2017-10-11

cognitiveSEO Signals is launched

Added Features

  • The cognitiveSEO suite adds a new tool: Signals, a tool that tracks how Google rankings fluctuate on a daily basis.
  • Over 100k keywords for both desktop, mobile and local rankings are monitored in order to spot important Google fluctuations.
  • Users also have the possibility of being notified via email when Google is volatile.

[3.13] - 2017-10-03

Keyword Tool & Content Assistant Improvements

Added Features

  • Importing the content directly from an URL is now possible.
  • Users can now export the lists of keywords used for optimization.
  • The optimized files are automatically saved within the tool.
  • Users can now download the files they've worked on.

[3.12] - 2017-07-13

The Keyword Tool & Content Assistant is launched

Added Features

  • cognitiveSEO extends its list of features by offering a keyword research and a content optimization tool.
  • The newly launched tool helps users to gain higher rankings by using 3 newly developed features: Keyword Explorer, Ranking Analysis and Content Assistant.
  • A new metric is introduced in the industry - Content Performance. This score measures how relevant and optimized any piece of content is.
  • The new tool is offered within all cognitiveSEO's plans at no extra charge.

[3.11] - 2017-07-05

cognitiveSEO Tool Redesign


  • The cognitiveSEO tool gets small redesign improvements.

[3.10] - 2017-01-30

cognitiveSEO has now switched to the secure protocol


  • The whole cognitiveSEO platform along with its website and blog are now redirected from http to https

[3.9] - 2017-01-18

Improvements made on the link navigator

Bug Fixes

  • The Link Navigator now works accurately on the minimal resolution as well

[3.8] - 2017-01-06

Improvements made on the reports section

Bug Fixes

  • The scheduled and shared reports are now deleted automatically once the campaign for which they were created is deleted.

[3.7] - 2016-12-09

Improvements made on the SEO Visibility chart

Added Features

  • The possibility of visualizing the overlaid SEO Visibility for up to 5 websites is now available
  • A better reporting and improved strategies can be made due to the comparative SEO Visibility chart.

[3.6] - 2016-11-17

Improvements made on the cognitiveSEO payment page


  • A better and more friendly user experience on the cognitiveSEO payment page.
  • The registration and payment processes are now faster.

Added Features

  • Users can now better manage their payment updates from their accounts.
  • The possibility of adding the VAT number directly from the cognitiveSEO account is now available for all users.

[3.5] - 2016-11-14

Improvements made on Rank Tracker


  • The navigator section from the rank tracking chart is now updating along with the main chart

[3.4] - 2016-11-09

Improvements made on Site Explorer and Rank Tracking

Added Features

  • The Search Visibility chart history from the Site Explorer goes back to 5 years now
  • The possibility of visualizing 5 years of historical search visibility is available for the Elite up packages.
  • The possibility to search by Keyword and URL in the Rank Tracking module in the Input Box in now available.

[3.3] - 2016-10-28

Improvements made on Content Visibility

Bug Fixes

  • The "most shared pages" chart is now showing correctly on all devices for all users
  • General fixes and improvements

[3.2] - 2016-08-29

Improvements made on Link Audits and Rank Tracking

Added Features

  • Luxembourg is now available for Rank Tracking
  • Adding notes on a domain, subdomain or link level feature is now available for the inbound link analysis
  • The email templates from the reports section are now even more customizable
  • Improved UX on inbound link analysis through better name labels and tool tips
  • Better keyword management for the Rank Tracking set on a weekly basis

Bug Fixes

  • Rank Tracking is now fully functional on IE 11
  • General fixes on the historical Rank Tracking table

[3.1] - 2016-07-06

Fully actionable Site Explorer

Added Features

  • Almost all charts and data from Site Explorer are now actionable
  • Fresh Links tab becomes New/ Lost Links tab with the possibility of visualizing and exporting new or lost links on a daily basis.
  • Top 10 links for each referring domain can now be visualized
  • Easy to view and manage specific segments of links or referring domains

[3.0] - 2016-06-29

cognitiveSEO is now available in several languages


  • The public site is now available in Romanian.
  • The cognitiveSEO tool is now available in Romanian, Italian and Polish

[2.22] - 2016-06-28

Several widgets improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Google Analytics widgets connectivity issues are now fixed
  • Referring Domains and Links Analyzed widgets are now working better

[2.21] - 2016-05-19

cognitiveSEO Public Changelog Launch


  • The public cognitiveSEO Changelog is published.

[2.20] - 2016-05-13

Added Features

  • Google Analytics actions are now logged.

Changed Features

  • "Domain and Link Authority" metric becomes "Domain and Link Influence".
  • A series of speed optimizations are implemented for Google Analytics.
  • Google Authorization flow is improved to work on customer subdomains.

Bug Fixes

  • Several tooltips added on Site Explorer
  • Various Rank Tracking widgets were improved.
  • An e-mail validation bug was corrected.

[2.19] - 2016-04-28

Google Analytics Integration

Added Features

  • Google Analytics widgets on Dashboard.
  • Google Analytics widgets on Reports.
  • Google Analytics dedicated Reports.

[2.18] - 2016-04-26

Added Features

  • The following user actions are now logged: Add/Edit/Delete for Campaign/Site/Keyword/Tag/Report/User.
  • Improved UX by adding a tool tip in the "Edit campaign" section when a campaign is being re-crawled.

Bug Fixes

  • Slow loading of Anchor Text Cloud in the Inbound Link Analysis section was fixed.

[2.17] - 2016-04-12

Changed Features

  • Rank Tracking Widgets Get Set of New Columns

Removed Features

  • Twitter Share Counts Are No Longer Tracked in the Content Visibility Module

[2.16] - 2016-04-01

Added Features

  • Yearly Subscriptions Added on the site.

[2.15] - 2016-03-10

Removed Features

  • Google PageRank Metric was Removed due to Google's Decision to Stop Providing the Metric

[2.14] - 2016-02-25

Site Explorer

Added Features

  • Instant Backlink Explorer becomes "Site Explorer"
  • Search Visibility gets integrated on the Site Explorer
  • Instant ranking analysis is now available for Site Explorer
  • The possibility to instantly compare the search visibility for several countries, for up to 2 years, for up to 3 websites is now available
  • "Show Google updates" on the Search Visibility chart option
  • "Top 20 Ranking Keywords" list of any website chart is now available
  • The possibility to view present search visibility as well as the changes occurred in the search visibility since last week.

[2.13] - 2015-11-24

Improved Link Audit

Added Features

  • The possibility to run campaigns based on imported links only
  • The possibility to analyze only specific segments of a link profile

[2.12] - 2015-11-06

Improved Instant Backlink Analysis

Added Features

  • New feature available for the Instant Backlink Explorer - Broken pages identifier
  • The possibility to instantly analyze any page listed on the Instant Backlink Explorer

[2.11] - 2015-09-24

Content Visibility

Added Features

  • Social Visibility becomes Content Visibility
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Pinterest Integration
  • Overall functionality improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Several social visibility bugs fixed

[2.10] - 2015-09-10

New Local & Universal Rank Tracker

Added Features

  • New Rank Tracker with completely new design and improved capabilities
  • Local and universal tracking possibilities
  • Mobile and desktop tracking possibilities
  • Keyword suggestion option
  • Volume of search info shown for the tracked keywords

[2.9] - 2015-09-01

Link Management Deprecated

Removed Features

  • Link Management Module

[2.8] - 2015-07-22

Automated Digital Marketing Reports

Added Features

  • Fully customizable reports are now available
  • Possibility to create reports from scratch or with the help of templates
  • Schedule and automatically reports sending functionality
  • Fully white-labeling reports
  • Instant sharing reports via link or PDF file

[2.7] - 2015-06-24

Better UX and Improvements on SEO Dashboard

Added Features

  • Better user experience due to a more friendly user interface
  • Improved shared dashboard functionality
  • Improved widget management

[2.6] - 2015-06-04

Improved Backlink Audits

Added Features

  • Number of backlinks analyzed per website increases for all subscriptions - price remains unchanged
  • 25 sites & 200.000 backlinks/site for the Pro Subscription
  • 50 sites & 1 million backlinks/site for the Premium Subscription
  • 100 sites & 3 million backlinks/site for the Elite Subscription

[2.5] - 2015-05-18

Rank Tracking Improvements

Added Features

  • Number of keywords that can be analyzed are tripled for all subscriptions - price remains unchanged
  • The rank tracking default is set to “daily” instead of “weekly” for a more accurate tracking

[2.4] - 2015-05-06

Unnatural Link Detection Improvements

Added Features

  • AI- Automatic Self Learning added. It also becomes a new metric in the unnatural classification algorithm
  • AI – Crowd-sourced Self Learning added. It also becomes a new metric in the unnatural classification algorithm
  • Improved classification due to lower false positive ratio

[2.3] - 2015-02-20

3rd Party Metrics and New Widgets Integrated Within the Dashboard

Added Features

  • HTML Widgets
  • Alerts Widgets
  • Anchors Widgets
  • Text Widget
  • New rank tracking trigger - Top 10/20/30 Rank Tracking E-mail Alert

[2.2] - 2015-01-27

API Launch

Added Features

  • API available for all packages $199 up
  • Link analysis, rank tracking and social visibility API calls available

[2.1] - 2014-09-30

SearchMetrics Integration & Other Improvements


  • Searchmetrics Partnership for getting historical development of a domain’s visibility in Google

Added Features

  • SEO Visibility chart available for several countries, with historical data for up to 2 years
  • Page customization feature added on inbound link analysis page
  • Export PDF file feature improved due to the possibility of fully customized it.
  • Better crawling algorithms
  • Better user experience due to several improvements added and bugs corrected

[2.0] - 2014-08-04

SEO Dashboard

Added Features

  • A digital marketing dashboard is integrated within the tool, with the possibility of adding +37 customizable widgets.
  • The possibility to add as many widgets as needed
  • The possibility to share the dashboard in read only format
  • The possibility to manage any widget from dashboard
  • Automatically updated widgets

[1.19] - 2014-07-16

Google Index and Malware Check

Added Features

  • Google Index Checker feature - the possibility to check if links are indexed/ not indexed by Google
  • Not indexed in Google becomes a new rule in the unnatural link detection algorithm
  • Google Malware Check - the possibility to identify malware infected sites linking to a site

[1.18] - 2014-04-20

Improved Anchor Text Classifier & Unnatural Link Navigator

Added Features

  • Filter anchor text feature is now available
  • Bulk classify anchors
  • Show only misc anchors option
  • Individual anchors classification
  • The possibility to save a bookmark within the link navigator
  • The possibility to mark links as visited/not visited and filter them accordingly within the link navigator

[1.17] - 2014-01-15

E-mail Alerts

Added Features

  • New link triggers, Lost link triggers and Rank tracking triggers are now available
  • Highly customizable features for the triggers
  • Instant email notifications are now available

[1.16] - 2013-12-11

Improved Customer Care

Added Features

  • Better user experience due to support platform with tool documentation
  • "How to" buttons integrated inside the tool on the majority of widgets where help videos are displayed

[1.15] - 2013-09-16

Fresh Links & A Fine-tuned Instant Backlink Explorer

Added Features

  • Fresh Links tab available for Instant Backlink Explorer, for domain, subdomain, URL, prefix/folder
  • Dedicated Instant Backlink Explorer bookmarklet

[1.14] - 2013-09-05

Custom Backlink Filters & Page Speed Improvements

Added Features

  • The possibility to create custom filters and apply them later on.
  • Improved page load speed for up to 20% on the inbound link analysis page

[1.13] - 2013-07-31

Instant Backlink Explorer

Added Features

  • The possibility to view instant & fresh link data including:
    • Monthly Link Velocity
    • Daily New/Lost Links
    • Nofollow vs Dofollow – Visual Link Explorer.
    • Link Profile Authority
    • Backlinks List.
    • Social Metrics
    • Domains TLD Distribution
    • Domain Profile Authority
    • Referring Domains List + Site-wide Backlink Data.
    • Top Site’s Pages
    • Anchor Text List

[1.12] - 2013-07-30


  • James Bot becomes the official cognitiveSEO mascot.

[1.11] - 2013-07-02

Unnatural Link Detection

Added Features

  • Automatic unnatural link classification is now available within the tool.
  • Transparency & detail on each classified link - each unnatural link has listed the reason why is considered to be unnatural.
  • Google disavow export.
  • Fast Double-Check using the Link Snapshots.
  • Flag & Tag Links -bulk actions available also.
  • Advanced Link profile segmentation using unnatural filters.
  • Ignore Links that are already disavowed, or unimportant to the analysis
  • Unnatural link classification available both for own site or for competitors.

[1.10] - 2013-05-14

New Partnership, Upgrades & Better Pricing


  • MajesticSEO data integration

Added Features

  • Better Credit System
  • New Pricing Plan
  • Daily link updates – Moving from Weekly to Daily updates and introducing New/Lost links on a daily basis
  • Anchor Text History - the ability to historically track anchor text evolution
  • Introducing the Link Velocity chart - the ability to view the monthly link evolution, since the existence of a site.
  • Link Quality Metric – cognitiveSEO Link and Domain Authority score
  • Possibility to track more keywords and the ability to switch from weekly to daily Rank Tracking (and vice versa)

[1.9] - 2013-04-10

Social Visibility Module

Added Features

  • The Social Visibility module added - it allows the social footprint' analysis of any website on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Correlation charts between number of shares vs referring domains.
  • Most shared pages chart.
  • Pages with Share Increase section.
  • Complete social footprint competitor comparison.
  • Social share distribution among the tracked social media networks.
  • Social share velocity for any site on the tracked social media networks.
  • Advanced anti-noise technology for the exclusion of duplicate shares on the tracked pages.

[1.8] - 2013-03-04

Improved Backlink Audit

Added Features

  • The ability to run prefix based backlink analysis.
  • Support for https crawling & importing.
  • The ability to analyze a selected set of URLs from the set of originally analyzed URLs.
  • Improved loading speed of the dashboard page

Bug Fixes

  • Various bugs corrected.

[1.7] - 2013-02-19

Tagging and Tag Filtering

Added Features

  • Tag functionality added
  • Individually assign tag & bulk assign tag
  • Filtering by tag feature
  • Export assigned tags

[1.6] - 2013-02-06

Visual Link Explorer

Added Features

  • Visual Link Explorer chart is now available - the easiest & most advanced site’s link profile visualization
  • The possibility to create link graphs instantly within the new Visual Link Explorer
  • Highlighting link relations option.
  • In-depth zoom on each link.
  • Easy navigation using sliding and zooming.
  • Optimized to work fast with tens of thousands of links.

[1.5] - 2012-12-12

Improved UX

Added Features

  • Better processing performance increase - up to 500%
  • cognitiveSEO Link Rank™ (CLRank™) is now available - crowd-sourced and customizable score that gives an overview on a sites’ link profile value
  • Real-time campaign processing preloader available - allowing to see how fast a campaign is processed

[1.4] - 2012-10-04

Improved Backlink Analysis Tool


  • Fresh & Complete Link Data from Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, Blekko & SEOKicks are now integrated

Added Features

  • One page dashboard
  • Import extra links feature from Google Webmaster Tools and other tools is now available.
  • New Link Velocity data points.
  • Top Linked Pages chart is available
  • Better Competitive Link Analysis
  • Side-by-side Competitor Comparison.
  • Analyze 1 link per referring domain filter option.
  • New Link Alerts for both your site and your competitors.
  • Anchor Text Cloud & Common Anchor Texts.
  • Common Referring Domains & Common IPs
  • Full Domain & Sub-domain & Link List Analysis.
  • Recurring & One-time Snapshot Campaigns.
  • in-Content Links Distribution Chart.
  • Link History Dimension.
  • The New Trust & Citation metrics from MajesticSEO.
  • Highly scalable system for Enterprise users.
  • Dynamic Full page link filters.
  • Extended / condensed view for better visualizations.
  • Better user interface

[1.3] - 2012-07-18

White-label & PDF Reporting

Added Features

  • White-label capability.
  • PDF Export functionality

[1.2] - 2012-05-08

cognitiveSEO Improved Version

Added Features

  • Competitor common/uncommon links visualization feature added
  • Condensed View for the Backlink Reports
  • Improved Rank Tracking functionality
  • Servers Upgrade and Speed Improvements
  • New Charts in the inBound Link Analysis (Rating Distribution, Deep Link Ratio and Deep Backlink Ratio)
  • “Link Preview” feature added in different areas of the tool.
  • To-dos Mail Notifications

Bug Fixes

  • Various bugs corrected

[1.1] - 2012-02-28

Major Tool Improvements

Added features

  • Faster Backlink Checker.
  • Refined inBound Link Analysis
  • Daily Rank Tracking
  • A Better Plan & Price Structure

[1.0] - 2011-12-07

cognitiveSEO Launch


  • Integration with SEOmoz & MajesticSEO as backlinks providers.

Added features

  • Link Profile Filtering.
  • Competitive Link Analysis
  • Historical Evolution
  • Weekly Rank Tracking
  • Link Management

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