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* Somewhere around 2005 SEO practicioners have started to hail social media sites like Digg as the new holy grail of link building. Others even started to use a new acronym for this new way of getting numerous links and high website traffic fast: Social Media Optimization or SMO. Today everybody does SMO in some sense but almost nobody uses the term anymore. Social Media Marketing or SMM seems to be a bit more popular by now but similar to the SEO/SEM differentiation it reflects paid advert [...]
* Like most average people out there Google hasn't yet let me test the new social network Google+. Only tech pundits, influencers, social media mavens and other early adopters have been allowed to use G+ at the beginning. Thus I have to trust their reviews of the Google+ service. Google's tactic of allowing only cheerleaders in has seemingly paid off. Most reviews are positive. Why? There are different reasons. Let me cite some of them. Gina Trapani of SmarterWare what I a [...]