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Notice : As we are approaching our commercial launch in November (the exact date is not disclosed yet), we are starting to “leak” features and info about the cognitiveSEO product.

Yesterday Matt Cutts has confirmed that Google is indexing Ajax / Javascript.

Today we are announcing that cognitiveSEO is doing the same thing … but from an SEO point of view.

What are the “Link Previews” ?

In the past 12 months we have been working on a unique and powerful feature, called “Link Previews” (the actual geeky R&D name was “Visual Based Location”) .

To put it short :

cognitiveSEO “Link Previews” are practically Google Instant Previews for inBound Links.

We have developed a powerful and highly automatized visual crawler that can render any webpage (including Javascript/AJAX based ones … just like Google does) and has the ability to identify the position on the page of the inBound Links you are interested in. Our system will give you the full screenshot and then highlight the identified links on the page. We go further and check if the link is a Javascript Link or a Hidden Link.

This is pretty neat, as now you will be able to browse your backlinks visually.

Imagine that! Here is a visual preview:

The “Link Previews” identify where your inbound links are positioned and if the links are visible on the page. To be more exact, this is what our seo tool can tell us about a link:

  • The Link is positioned in the Header of the page
  • The Link is positioned in the Body of the page
  • The Link is positioned in the Footer of the page
  • The Link is Hidden or “Javascript Genererated”

It is important to mention that the visual renderer does this on a large scale for hundreds of thousands of links … and it works pretty damn quick, squashing every CPU cycle from the crawling machines.

5 outstanding things “Link Previews” can do for You

1. Fast Analysis & Browsing of Backlink Profiles

2. Find Hidden and Javascript Links (facebook comments for example)

3. Understand how many backlinks are positioned in the Header , Body or Footer of the page (you can do this for either your sites or your competitors)

4. Identify unnatural patterns in Backlink Profiles

5. Manage & Monitor your Links visually

In the following days we will update the blog with more outstanding features from the cogntiveSEO toolset. Stay tuned !!!

If you did not register yet for the cogntiveSEO Beta please do so. You will ne notified before anyone else when we launch this month.

What do you think about the “Link Previews” feature and concept ?

Let us know your thoughts and ideas. What other creative use cases would you find for the “Link Previews” ?

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