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This is the TOOL that you don’t want them to have!

We’re a few days away from the official launch of the powerful SEO software called cognitiveSEO. This is the tool that will help you spy on your competitors’ link building strategies and see what they’re doing right, so you can do it too – and better!

It took us 2 years to turn the paper sketches, into the remarkable software that it is today. And once you’ll try it out, you’ll know there’s no such tool on the web as accurate and powerful as this one right here.

Sneak Peek Preview

4 Unique Features that will take your Link Building Strategies & Link Analysis to the Next Level!

  1. Link Previews We have developed an automated visual crawler that identifies the inbound links positions, super fast & super accurate. This will help you analyze & visualize large lists of backlinks much faster and easier. You really have to try this … you will forget about those long – raw – ugly lists of link data.
    They will soon be History!

    Link Previews
  2. Website Classification – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know exactly what Blogs are linking to your competitors. You could find what people they outreached to, so easily. There is no other tool on the internet that gives you this much power. Just put your creativity to the test to unleash the power of this link building tool!
    Website Classification
  3. Link Classification – How about finding the blog commenting strategies of your competitors. You could see on what blogs they comment in a matter of seconds. inContent links are so powerfull nowadays … you just need to find where to get them. This super smart tool will give you that insight also. It finds potential links for you and you just need to tag them and start the acquisition process.
    Link Clasification
  4. Content Category – Tens of thousands of links … Doesn’t this sound familiar ? Which one does pass some contextual juice to your site? Hmmm … it is obvious that the ones from the sites that are in the same industry as yours. But how can you find that contextual relevance between a link and your site. It is just 1 click away in the Content Category tab. You have them all classified and ready to be double checked.
    Content Category
And these are just a few of the cognitiveSEO’s features.
More to released next week!

We’ll let you know the exact date and time when we’re ready to launch it online, next week, so stay tuned! You definitely don’t want to miss this out!

To your success,
Razvan Gavrilas

Founder & Chief Architect @ cognitiveSEO.com

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