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* In our weekly link building technique column I'd like to stress relationships again. Connecting with people is crucial as websites do not link, people link. Of course there are automated links as well but most of them aren't worth it. The best links are editorial links by real people. Who you get editorial links from? "Editors" obviously. On the Web there are all kinds of editors. They can be webmasters bloggers journalists curators social media users content creators busi [...]
This is our second infographic from our "cognitiveSEO Infographic Series". We will tell you the long story short about Blekko, one of the new comers in the Super-Competitive Search Engine space. If you already know Blekko then the infographic will give you a clearer overview about it & clarify most of your doubts. If you don't know Blekko, then surely this graphic will give you the best possible insight about the new search engine. Subscribe to our blog or follow us on twitter, [...]