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Disclaimer: this is the author's personal opinion and is not the opinion or policy of cognitiveSEO or of the little green men that have been following us all day. Our weekly link building technique column has been dormant for a while as I was link building by guest posts on other SEO blogs myself. You might have noticed or read these postings already. Maybe I will collect them at the bottom in the comment section for those that haven't yet. This week I'd like to write about a technique [...]
* One of the most common blogging mistakes when it comes to corporate and business blogs is being opportunistic. Just earlier today I have been interviewed by one of the largest German radio stations. I haven't been interviewed as an SEO specialist or SEO blogger though.  I work from Germany and I also blog in German but not about SEO. One of my blogs I have created in the past for clients and still write for is called zeitgeist. As the name already suggests to some extent the blog deals [...]
* This is the second post of our weekly column - link building technique 2: go where the attention is Bloggers in most cases do not break news. Unless your plane has crashed and you have survived to make the first photo of the aftermath you won't have the opportunity to be the first person to report something very often. The few big press agencies in most cases decide what's "news": Reuters, AP or DPA. Some stuff that gets reported is actually not really news at all, the latest Apple pr [...]