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This is a TRUE, SUCCESSFUL & UNREQUESTED story from Manuel Porras, one of our customers. "I don't have any knowledge about a recovery using the Google Disavow on an algorithmic penalty. Only manual penalties have been publicly reported to work using the Disavow tool. Knowing this I wanted to be 100% sure that this isn’t something else. I took the diligence and analyzed the situation carefully." Read the full-disclosure at the end of the article.   Let me tell you my e [...]
After our unnatural link detection launch last week, a lot of people asked if they should disavow NO-FOLLOW links. The short answer is that there is no exact answer on this. There are 2 major, contradictory, opinions on this: No. You shouldn’t disavow No-follow links, as Google says it doesn’t pass any ranking juice to them. [GOOGLE APPROVED] Yes. You should disavow No-follow links as they might be created using unnatural methods and they could add up in the unnatural link mix. [...]
After Bing released their disavow tool, now it's time for Google. A lot of people waited for this tool from Google, as with all the "Penguin" updates this year, a lot of webmasters were left in the dark having their sites penalized with no ability to remove those low quality links successfully. As Google warns you this is an Advanced Tool and should be used with caution. It can harm your site's rankings in Google.   What cognitiveSEO will do for you is give you the needed tools to [...]