It’s impossible not to be synced anymore. Everything is on cloud and the amount of information we come across every day is unprecedented. The difficulty of any digital marketer’s mission is not letting themselves be distracted by the connectivity and hyperlinking on the web. While we have never been more exposed to information, it’s now harder than ever to keep focused and prioritize our online activity.

Because we know how crucial it is to stay informed and relevant when it’s almost impossible not to miss something (however small), we’ve put together a compilation of extensions that should make every digital marketer’s life a little easier.
102 Most Used Chrome Extensions

We are moving from an era of brand dominance, to one where agility is rewarded. – Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO, Distilled

A digital marketer’s work can be massively improved with the right browser extensions. We usually install them as we cannot afford the time to either search for some data manually, or to wait for the dozens of tabs to load. This is why our compilation will include the most useful extensions in this field, to guide you through a better productivity rate.

Installing an extension only takes a few seconds and they will run on the back of the system while you operate the browser and your account, which makes them a useful alternative to the current situation, as they are all meant to solve some of the essential every day problems.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

  1. Google TranslateDownloads: 6,323,515
  2. GrammarlyDownloads: 4,198,579
  3. FeedlyDownloads: 1,375,846
  4. Print FriendlyDownloads: 365,861
  5. Diigo Web CollectorDownloads: 241,545
  6. YeswareDownloads: 231,600
  7. Wise StampDownloads: 215,911
  8. Project NapthaDownloads: 208,893
  9. Similar PagesDownloads: 162,542
  10. InstapaperDownloads: 156,722
  11. TL;DRDownloads: 120,409
  12. GiphyDownloads: 61,283
  13. DraftDownloads: 4,542
  14. Drum UpDownloads: 1,649


SEO and Marketing Metrics

  1. GhosteryDownloads: 2,441,992
  2. Alexa Traffic RankDownloads: 447,614
  3. MozBarDownloads: 339,703
  4. Hide My AssDownloads: 187,807
  5. VidIQDownloads: 142,223
  6. Check My LinksDownloads: 120,697
  7. Majestic Backlink AnalyzerDownloads: 51,199
  8. Google Analytics URL BuilderDownloads: 30,886
  9. SEO SerpDownloads: 23,130
  10. Fat RankDownloads: 8,952
  11. Mobile Friendly CheckerDownloads: 4,188
  12. Share MetricDownloads: 3,485


Social Media Engagement

  1. Hootsuite HootletDownloads: 508,737
  2. RapportiveDownloads: 441,335
  3. BufferDownloads: 429,992
  4. Bit.lyDownloads: 337,163
  5. KloutDownloads: 69,639
  6. Email HunterDownloads: 58,846
  7. DoShareDownloads: 25,490
  8. Rite TagDownloads: 21,127
  9. DiscoverlyDownloads: 16,500
  10. RiffleDownloads: 13,753
  11. Find That LeadDownloads: 11,179
  12. FollowrDownloads: 1,507



  1. Ad BlockDownloads: 10,000,000+
  2. Last PassDownloads: 4,219,260
  3. Pocket Downloads: 2,729,383
  4. MomentumDownloads: 1,589,696
  5. PushBullet Downloads: 1,340,354
  6. BoomerangDownloads: 1,109,443
  7. 1PasswordDownloads: 1,023,937
  8. One TabDownloads: 1,015,460
  9. The Great SuspenderDownloads: 882,787
  10. SignalsDownloads: 704,188
  11. Stay FocusdDownloads: 674,406
  12. Speed Dial 2Downloads: 643,890
  13. TodoistDownloads: 379,388
  14. Smooth ScrollDownloads: 154,844
  15. KeeperDownloads: 97,589
  16. Time StatsDownloads: 84,367
  17. MediumDownloads: 34,068
  18. Followup.ccDownloads: 12,002
  19. PopchromDownloads: 10,138
  20. List GoalDownloads: 4,265
  21. StacheDownloads: 3,250
  22. Price SnoopDownloads: 2,332
  23. SwitchmarkDownloads: 2,242
  24. GoodbitsDownloads: 1,592
  25. Ananke TimerDownloads: 238


Website Optimization

  1. User Agent SwitcherDownloads: 1,194,463
  2. Web DeveloperDownloads: 1,091,172
  3. Firebug LiteDownloads: 686,834
  4. Tag AssistantDownloads: 539,849
  5. Window ResizerDownloads: 530,290
  6. Clear CacheDownloads: 333,669
  7. WappalyzerDownloads: 331,018
  8. YSlowDownloads: 317,276
  9. IE Tab MultiDownloads: 185,129
  10. StylebotDownloads: 166,341
  11. Quick Javascript SwitcherDownloads: 144,227
  12. PenduleDownloads: 103,065
  13. CSS ViewerDownloads: 101,612
  14. Web BoostDownloads: 72,615
  15. Redirect PathDownloads: 64,933
  16. Page RefreshDownloads: 55,600
  17. WASPDownloads: 24,426
  18. HTML ValidatorDownloads: 22,830
  19. SightDownloads: 17,936
  20. Built WithDownloads: 16,726
  21. Quick Source ViewerDownloads: 13,898
  22. Stylesheet ReloaderDownloads: 572


Design Tools

  1. ColorZillaDownloads: 902,922
  2. WhatFontDownloads: 545,995
  3. Page RulerDownloads: 434,053
  4. EyedropperDownloads: 373,647
  5. Nimbus ScreenshotDownloads: 398,052
  6. Pic MonkeyDownloads: 180,284
  7. Resolution TestDownloads: 145,920
  8. MeasureltDownloads: 108,281
  9. Fontface NinjaDownloads: 101,708
  10. Palette CreatorDownloads: 62,124
  11. DimensionsDownloads: 48,225
  12. Yet Another Lorem Ipsum GeneratorDownloads: 26,874
  13. Google Font PreviewerDownloads: 25,546
  14. StencilDownloads: 15,379
  15. Type SampleDownloads: 12,012
  16. Microstock Photo Power SearchDownloads: 1,870
  17. Font EditorDownloads: 1,733

Copywriting & Content Marketing

1. Google Translate

(19933)Downloads: 6,323,515

Install this extension

The best use for this extension in the context of a digital marketing agency is that it allows you to browse through international web pages and get an immediate idea on their content – then decide if you want to dig deeper or leave if for good.

Google Translate Extension

Another way it can be used to assure maximum efficiency is in the context of foreign clients. The extension is a time saver when it comes to multi-lingual professional experiences.

2. Grammarly

(200)Downloads: 4,198,579

Install this extension

We all know how crucial content is. However, what’s easily read is not easily written, most of the times. It takes a lot of experience and years of practice to transmit the essential information, while not being boring and also adding a bit of a personal dash to the copy. It’s essential to have a clean writing style, otherwise your audience will not grant you with credibility.

Grammarly Extensions


Grammarly doesn’t only check the grammar appropriateness of your content, but the readability as well, making it easier for you to formulate a more word-efficient copy.

3. Feedly

(68842)Downloads: 1,375,846

Install this extension

The extension is great for copywriters, as it can feature different topics, divided by folders, that will automatically update a news feed at your fingertips. The extension works like an intersection between bookmarks and a news feed. Among the sources that it indexes, you can choose the topics you are interested in following, and you will receive a daily feed accordingly. It takes a lot of effort to keep up to date with the amount of content publishers, news websites and all reading interests. There is a limited number of sources that you can add to your feed, but it does the job great for the ones that it indexes.

Feedly Extension


Browsing through content has become a nightmare, as it’s often hard to separate the stories we’d like to read from the ones we’re running from. Feedly makes this activity pleasant and organized, and it helps prioritizing the interests as well.

4. Print Friendly

(1012)Downloads: 365,861

Install this extension

The extension comes in handy whenever you wish to print an article that you liked particularly, or a webpage that you wish to examine further. Its help comes from cleaning the junk information from the webpage. Either because you don’t want to waste ink on useless pictures or ads, or just because of aesthetic reasons, the extension is constantly in your mind, and it tells what you want to print and what you’d rather leave out.

Print Friendly Extension


It gives you an editable .pdf conversion of a webpage, and you can easily transform web data into clean, organized .pdf’s for your projects. It helps if you’re a researcher and you can save all the changes in Google Drive, which makes it even more user friendly.

5. Diigo Web Collector

(104)Downloads: 241,545

Install this extension

Simply put, this is an extension that helps annotating, bookmarking and archiving web content. It has everything a geek who likes to take time with their content would need. You can use colored highlights and sticky notes, share the pages with your annotation via social media, bookmark links for later or curate content.

Diigo Web Collector Extension


While it’s a very intuitive extension, it also helps you stay organized and it’s pure heaven for anyone who is a little nostalgic about the agenda-writing era.

6. Yesware 

(927)Downloads: 231,600

Install this extension

Many of us, content marketers, have newsletters and thousand of weekly sent emails. However, the open rate of these isn’t always something easy to analyze. If you’re not looking for complicated metrics, but a general view on who opened your email and who didn’t, this extension is going to be more than you need. You get to be notified (by push notifications or otherwise) when someone opens an email you automatically sent, and you also get to see the device they did it from.


Yesware Extension

7. Wise Stamp

(1354)Downloads: 215,911

Install this extension

There’s a lot to tell about the perfect email. What’s obvious, however, is that most of them aren’t read, or get to be skimmed in a few seconds. The better part of emails don’t get to convince (let alone impress) because they lack personality.

Wise Stamp Extension


This extension is one of the possible solutions to this problem – it provides you with a live signature that you can link to your social media accounts. You can also personalize it with the company logo or any other visual elements that you’d like to associate with your signature.

8. Project Naptha

(1020)Downloads: 208,893

Install this extension

If you’ve ever felt frustrated that you couldn’t copy a text that was part of an image, you’re going to love this extension. It allows you to highlight, copy or edit texts that are in an image format. Now you can copy the text and paste it as a search query, or translate it.

Project Naptha Extension


The semi-transparent select blue box can be especially useful when you don’t have time to re-write blocks of text that are part of an image. Once you install the extension, it will automatically select the words inside an image in a text box, on hover.

9. Similar Pages

(919)Downloads: 162,542

Install this extension

I’m sure it’s happened at least a thousand times to find something captivating on the web and then follow the impulse of searching more on the topic. This extension anticipates your need of more information on something you’re already reading and suggests a number of other similar web pages.

Similar Pages Extension


What makes it useful is that every suggested page comes with a preview, so that you can decide what’s appropriate for your needs and what isn’t. Whenever you click on the extension icon, a Google search query will be conducted to identify pages that are closely related to what you’re reading.

10. Instapaper

(215)Downloads: 156,722

Install this extension

There are many tools dedicated to bookmarking content that you’ll be interested in reading later. However, what this extension brings is the opportunity to save web content offline.

Instapaper Extension


Offline reading isn’t our main preoccupation since most of us focus on bringing the content online, but this tool is especially made to make sure we can read the content that we want to save for later even when we don’t have access to an Internet connection.

11. TL;DR

(305)Downloads: 120,409

Install this extension

Anyone who spends enough time online will know that TL;DR is an online abbreviation for ‘too long, didn’t read’. We don’t always have the time to enjoy a long read, and this extension shortens the web content into a generic idea on the topic. There are 3 different lengths for every webpage that is shortened (approximately 25%, 50% and 75% of the original content length), and you can opt for the one that will best satisfy your informational need.

TLDR Extension


Aside from the English language, the extension also supports Spanish, German and French. The synopsized long content is at your disposal, and you can also look for similar topics on the web directly from this extension.

12. Giphy

(74)Downloads: 61,283

Install this extension

We’ve begun to introduce visual aids with our online messages because the tone wouldn’t always be transmitted rightly. This is how the first emoticons appeared. More than a decade after that, shortened communication forms have taken over our social media communication. Partially because they’re playful and send a more personal tone, partially because they’re visual and easily to relate to.

Giphy Extension


Whichever the reason, Giphy allows you to use gifs from their continuously updating database on email and social media, in order to better connect with the people you’re talking to.

13. Draft

(33)Downloads: 4,542

Install this extension

For those of us who write a lot, this is a Chrome extension that transforms any text area into something you can edit through Draft. Organizing your ideas is much easier this way, as you’ll have all the text you’re composing in the same format and always on your screen, to keep you coordinated.


Draft Extension

14. Drum Up

(20)Downloads: 1649

Install this extension

Very much like Similar Pages, this extension creates search queries that match the content that you’re currently reading in order to make topical suggestions for further readings.

Drum Up Extension


Aside from the content suggestions, the extension also allows you to schedule sharing posts on social media, which makes it easier to share captivating content with your friends, especially since it can be delivered in an organized manner.

SEO and Marketing Metrics

15. Ghostery

(9235)Downloads: 2,441,992

Install this extension

Every action you take on the web leaves a footprint behind. The technologies monitoring web activity are called trackers, and usually take the information they need about your browsing data. The extension allows you to control the amount of personal data that you share with the trackers for every site you visit. One additional advantage to this is that some of the websites may even work better with tracking limitations, as trackers sometimes weigh them down. You can also remove page clutter and focus on the content that you’re actually interested in.



16. Alexa Traffic Rank

(2136)Downloads: 447,614

Install this extension

The extension provides quick traffic analytics without interrupting the browsing experience. It’s great for a quick glance at a website’s performance. Aside from the traffic metrics, you can see the number of sites linking in, the load time and a number of related links as further suggestions for your browsing.


Alexa Traffic Rank Extension

17. MozBar

(696)Downloads: 339,703

Install this extension

It’s exactly what the name suggests you should be expecting. After each result you get for a search query, you are displayed a performance bar to allow you to make a first impression on the website: page authority, domain authority. MozBar even provides you data about keywords that are easier or harder to rank for.


Moz Bar Extension

18. Hide My Ass

(584)Downloads: 187,807

Install this extension

There are many reasons why developers need to use private browsing a lot, especially for testing purposes. This is how the extension makes a great requisite, as it allows you to browse privately on the spot, redirecting your traffic to an anonymous proxy network.


Hide My Ass Extension

19. vidIQ 

(713)Downloads: 142,223

Install this extension

vidIQ is great for anyone who needs to keep up with their Youtube metrics, while at the same time not spending a lot of time to get them. If you’re fine knowing just a few key data sets, the extension offers you the necessary information that you need to have to keep up with the competition: the organic reach of your video, the keywords used as labels to it, the number of shares across social media platforms.


vidIQ Vision for Youtube Extension

20. Check My Links

(267)Downloads: 120,697

Install this extension

The extension underlines the links on a webpage, telling you which ones are live and which ones are broken. Plus, the extension gives you the option to cache the information which means that the second time you’re visiting the same pages it will work a lot faster.


Check My Links Extension

21. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

(839)Downloads: 51,199

Install this extension

The extension has over 50k users as it provides two sets of data at the same time: link counts on the one hand and the sources of the links on the other. Generally, extensions are made to be simple and offer one main data set. However, this one crosses that line and it allows you to make an idea about the strength of a page based on its backlink profile.


Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extension

22. Google Analytics URL Builder

(59)Downloads: 30,886

Install this extension

You can easily create short links with the URL builder, share them, manage tags or choose pre-defined sets. Once you’re generated the final URL, you can copy it into the clipboard button and, on top of this, import or export back-ups. You can also link the presets to, as the two extensions are complementary and compatible.


Google Analytics URL Builder

23. SEO Serp

(251)Downloads: 23,130

Install this extension

If you want to just quickly check the position of a list of sites to see how they rank for a certain keyword, this extension is cardinal to your research. Besides having the possibility to create alerts for changes in position, you can now export the results as well save them for further examinations.


SEO serp Extension

24. Fat Rank

(62)Downloads: 8,952

Install this extension

The extension promotes itself as being easy to use because it has one functionality that it implements flawlessly. It’s not far from the truth – it provides lightweight keyword performance for the page you’re currently on. The tool will also check the rankings by location.


FatRank Extension

25. Mobile Friendly Checker

(14)Downloads: 4,188

Install this extension

You’ll find it most useful especially because it can bulk check up to 20 URLs for mobile friendly results. The extension also displays a result page and a preview of the webpage as Googlebot sees it.


Mobile Friendly Checker

26. Share Metric

(11)Downloads: 3,485

Install this extension

The extension offers you data about the number of shares and generally the social media visibility of the page you’re on. A drop-down menu will display these along with the Moz page and domain authority, in case you’ve got it installed. For the case in which you already have an Ahrefs subscription, you will be shown the ranks that Ahrefs attributes to the page as well. The extension only works if you have accounts for Ahrefs and Moz.


Share Metric Extension

Social Media Engangement 

27. Hootsuite Hootlet

(1027)Downloads: 508,737

Install this extension

The extension helps you find and share content across the web, on social media platforms. It allows you to search social media along with your web search query, share content while you browse the web, schedule your posts to be shared at a later time.


Hootsuite Hootlet Extension

28. Rapportive 

(1769)Downloads: 441,335

Install this extension

For those of us who use Gmail a lot, it’s often very important to know whom we’re talking to, and the signatures don’t always say a lot about the person behind the email. The tool gives you instant access to a lot of data you may be interested in: the company they’re working for, their location, the LinkedIn profiles (this one’s a charm!), their most recent Tweets. You can easily engage with your prospect with this information at your disposal.


Rapportive Extension

29. Buffer

(2430)Downloads: 429,992

Install this extension

Buffer is one of the vital extensions for any content marketer out there. Whenever you wish to share content on social media platforms, this extension is an efficient way of scheduling content posts for social media, especially if you don’t want to share them right away. Suppose you ran over an amazing piece of content – it’s not practical to post it immediately, if – for instance – you just posted something else. Buffer gives you the chance to queue the content you’re posting cross-platforms.


Buffer Extension


(1209)Downloads: 337,163

Install this extension

The extension allows you to save and share content through social media platforms, even when it doesn’t have on-page share buttons. You have additional access to the social media performance of the link over the years, for a a generic idea on the popularity of the content.


Bitly Extension

You can also organize the content through notes and bundles, and save the links with individual privacy preferences.

31. Klout

(438)Downloads: 69,639

Install this extension

The extension allows you to share content to Twitter. However, the reason why it’s so popular among users is that it provides a score of every Twitter account you’re engaging with (including yours), calculated after their own algorithm. This gives you an idea of how authoritative the popular people on the social media network are. This way, you can prioritize your social media strategy according to the data you’re offered.


Klout Extension

32. Email Hunter

(1475)Downloads: 58,846

Install this extension

If the most complicated part of your outreach is actually finding the emails of your prospects, then search no more. The extension will help you to find email addresses on LinkedIn and even Twitter. It gets easier to access the 150 free contacts you’re allowed to search monthly.


Email Hunter Extension

33. DoShare

(216)Downloads: 25,490

Install this extension

This extension is dedicated to people who are active on Google Plus. It allows you to write and schedule the posts, share content from different platforms, save drafts and schedule posts. It is intuitively manageable and it can save a lot of time.


DoShare Extension

34. Rite Tag

(65)Downloads: 21,127

Install this extension

This Twitter tool allows you to get actionable insights as you post content. It gives you stats on the fly about the popularity of your hashtags, it gives you the possibility to add images, create memes, tag influencers, and color-grading hashtags after a popularity metric.


RiteTag Extension

35. Discoverly

(52)Downloads: 16,500

Install this extension

The extension allows you to understand more about your contacts on Gmail and LinkedIn, offering you information about their work info, mutual connections, recent tweets, and the data is also available on Facebook. It’s a great extension for networking, as it can make your email positioning work easier.


Discoverly Extension

36. Riffle

(19)Downloads: 13,753

Install this extension

The extension gives you tweet stats on your brand and your competitors’. It ‘teaches you about the community’, as they say they do, providing you data about the number of tweets, number of favorite, medium number of posts per day, top hashtags, top mentions and top URLs, all for you to engage your audience better.


Riffle Extension

37. Find that Lead

(126)Downloads: 11,179

Install this extension

FTL aims to help you find the emails of your prospects on LinkedIn, as the leads of professionals often shape the direction of our future company plans and development. The leads aren’t only usable in generic outreach and networking with the business community, they can be targeted for sale as well.


Find That Lead Extension

38. Followr

(64)Downloads: 1,507

Install this extension

The extension is aimed to increase your followers on Twitter, in a natural and organic way. According to the developers, the more you normally use Twitter the better the extension will suggest your account to people who can follow your content based on interest. This automation extension can help a great deal in reaching the proper audiences.

Followr Extension


39. Ad Block

(183952)Downloads: 10,000,000+

Install this extension

The extension is not only one of the most popular on the web, but it solves many potential issues of digital marketers as well. For a cleaner browsing experience, you can activate the extension and get rid of the annoying ads. This comes at a price, as some of the websites out there won’t let you access their content when detecting the AdBlock. However, there is always the solution of private browsing for those exceptions, and it shouldn’t interfere with your overall experience.


AdBlock Extension

40. Last Pass

(16908)Downloads: 4,219,260

Install this extension

If you’re the type of person who’s always struggling to remember the hundreds of passwords on different accounts from both work and personal accounts, this extension fixes your issues on the spot. From now on, you’ll only need to remember the one password to rule them all, and get instant secure access to all your other accounts through it. The password manager has great reviews and is highly recommended for digital marketers, who always use one too many tools to remember all their passwords.


Last Pass Extension

41. Pocket 

(5162)Downloads: 2,729,383

Install this extension

You’re about to start saving some time with this extension. It keeps track of all the content you discover that you don’t have time to read on the spot or just want to save for later. It also syncs your account cross-device and you can easily read the bookmarks from your desktop on your mobile or tablet. The best part about it is that it doesn’t even require an Internet connection, once the tab is saved.


Pocket Extension

42. Momentum

(6575)Downloads: 1,589,696

Install this extension

It’s always a charm to have a reminder on what our most important task of the day is. Momentum replaces the new tab page of your browser with a custom picture every day, while it can also display the weather, a daily focus, your todos and a daily quote if you feel like you’d need some inspiration. It looks clean and it reminds you to stay focused on a very personal way. The todos are divided into tasks and a daily focus, to constantly remind you what the priority of the day is.


Momentum Extension

43. PushBullet

(3917)Downloads: 1,340,354

Install this extension

We communicate only more than we’d like to admit. However, it still takes a lot of our time, especially if we’re doing it from more than just one device at a time. The tool offers you the possibility to integrate the most popular communication media (from SMS to Whatsapp and Facebook) into one single device that you can use both on your desktop or on your mobile, thus saving a lot of time.


PushBullet Extension

44. Boomerang

(1054)Downloads: 1,109,443

Install this extension

If you like planning ahead, you’re going to like this one. The extension allows you to send emails on a scheduled time frame. All you have to do is write it and then program it to be sent. This way, you will never miss a deadline – not even when you don’t have an Internet connection.


Boomerang Extension

45. 1Password

(481)Downloads: 1,023,937

Install this extension

This extension is made for people who have one too many accounts to manage. It offers you anything from password generators to special protection for credit card passwords. It also divides your account types into folders, so that you never get confused while accessing it. It’s not just a password storage place, it logs you in on the websites and its interaction with the browser is always smooth.


1 Password Extension

46. One Tab

(5238)Downloads: 1,015,460

Install this extension

It’s not uncommon for us to be upset at browsers when they load too slowly when we most need them – when we have dozens of opened tabs. It’s what One Tab does – reduces the load time by reducing the used space of all the open tabs. You’re going to be displayed all the tabs as a list in one tab, and access them whenever you wish. Their load time will be insignificant, as they will be already probably cached. The extension saves up to 95% of the browser memory and can be a great fix for us, multitaskers.


One Tab Extension

47. The Great Suspender

(1938)Downloads: 882,787

Install this extension

The extension allows you to configure a personalized time interval after which tabs will be suspended for the better usability of Chrome, or you can do it manually for the tabs that don’t fit the algorithm. If you always have too many tabs opened at the same time, the extension will unload the tabs individually and it will retain the favicons and title texts.


The Great Suspender Extension

48. Signals

(8784)Downloads: 704,188

Install this extension

The extension allows you to edit your emails in the Gmail box. You can edit the body and subject of your emails and highlight the text you want to keep. You can also organize your emails as to be more efficient. Plus, you can use the functions ‘restore’ and ‘revert’ to go to the original email and then back to the edited version whenever you feel like it.


Signals Extension

49. Stay Focusd

(4400)Downloads: 674,406

Install this extension

Creative people are also huge procrastinators, and this is a fact. However, this extension solves the issue of too much time spent on Facebook or too many quizzes taken on Buzzfeed. You can limit the time you’re going to be ‘allowed’ on certain websites that you know reduce your productivity.


Stay Focusd Extension

50. Speed Dial 2

(5,769)Downloads: 643,890

Install this extension

Save your favorite apps, bookmarks and websites and organize them to increase your productivity. The extension has a very clean design that is meant to keep you away from distractions, and it can be synced cross-device.


Speed Dial 2 Extension

51. Todoist

(24,080)Downloads: 379,388

Install this extension

Combine the personal and the professional tasks in order to increase your efficiency. The task manager allows sync and backup on 10+ platforms, along with sharing options for group tasks. It’s great for any busy bee, and helps keeping track of priorities in the sea of deadlines you have to meet.


Todoist Extension

52. Smooth Scroll

(1,242)Downloads: 154,844

Install this extension

The extension enables smooth scrolling, and it also works with embedded content. The native smooth scroll belongs to the iOS, but it can be replicated on any device with this extension.


Smooth Scroll

53. Keeper 

(1909)Downloads: 97,589

Install this extension

It advertises itself as the most secure password keeper there is, and the best feature is that you can sign in with your fingerprint (available on iPhone). The extension also gives you a virtual vault to stock all the precious information you may be needing to keep confidential.


Keeper Extension

54. Time Stats

(638)Downloads: 84,367

Install this extension

The extension records how much time you’re spending on different websites. This way, you can keep in touch with how much time you’re spending on a website on average. You can always add or delete websites from the monitoring list, you can delete the saved logs at any time and, most importantly, you can keep an eye on the places on the web that you’re most active.


time Stats Extension

55. Medium

(16)Downloads: 34,068

Install this extension

The extension is more for teams than individual users. It helps you manage passwords and account for up to 5 different users. It gives a solution to the problem of sharing a spreadsheet with passwords across the team for the entire group to have access to the same platforms. It’s a problem solver if you have to work on more accounts at the same time.


Medium Extension


(273)Downloads: 12,002

Install this extension

The extension allows you to keep in touch with your prospects at any time you would like to remember to email them back, directly from your inbox. It’s easy to use really intuitive. You have the option to choose between regular reminders and one-time reminders and they go up to two weeks from now. Extension

57. Popchrom

(166)Downloads: 10,138

Install this extension

The extension allows you to create your own shortcuts to text phrases that can be activated when you type in the letter sequence. Create your personal shortcuts to get you through the repetitive blocks of the same texts you have to write from time to time.


Popchrom Extension

58. List Goal

(121)Downloads: 4,265

Install this extension

The extension will be by your side in your attempt to grow your email list, by giving you real-time advice on what your strategies should look like. It will monitor the goals you’re setting and the actions you’re doing to achieve them, and guide you through the process.


List Goal

59. Stache

(19)Downloads: 3,250

Install this extension

If you do have Stache for Mac, this extension is going to be your best bud. While it only works for iOS, you’re going to find interesting links with content that you’d need to save and it will suggest further similar pages, while also saving the ones you’ve already found.


Stache Extension

60. Price Snoop

(9)Downloads: 2,332

Install this extension

In case you’re interested in pricing policies, this extension will tell you how much a product on Amazon costs on other stores. You’ll also be able to see if the products are available or not on other stores, thus keeping you in touch with the pricing policies. This way, you can keep in touch with the prices charged by your clients for any products that you may be researching, on the spot.


Price Snoop Extension

61. Switchmark

(57)Downloads: 2,242

Install this extension

You can switch through more bookmark bars. Switchmark helps you set a number of bookmark bars you’d like to have and then change to the ones that interest you in seconds.


Switchmark Extension

62. Goodbits

(6)Downloads: 1,592

Install this extension

Collect content and save time with Goodbits – you can use the extension to create emails in seconds. It seems easy to use and it helps you organize and prioritize your mails, while also being very intuitive. While writing emails is crucial for the sustainability of your business, it’s also relevant that you optimize the process as much as possible.


Goodbits Extension

63. Ananke Timer

(4)Downloads: 238

Install this extension

If you often find yourself having busy days and it’s become harder to prioritize your tasks, this extension will help you time every task you have from the moment you start it until completion. You can set up more than just one timer at a time.


Ananke Timer Extension

Website Optimization

64. User Agent Switcher

(1367)Downloads: 1,194,463

Install this extension

If you’ve had enough of testing while developing a website, the extension could be a match to your needs. Switch between user agent strings and set up specific URLs that you wish to spoof every time you do this. If you’ve always complained about testing every change on both desktop and mobile, you’ll find this a crazy helpful time saver.


User Agent Switcher Extension

65. Web Developer

(2104)Downloads: 1,091,172

Install this extension

The extension has a series of developer tools that you may find handy when browsing any webpage. The main categories are: image, miscellaneous, information, outline, resize, tools and options, each of these having their own sub-categories of actions you can take to inspect or modify the current webpage you’re on.


Web Developer Extension

The best thing developers love about it is that it’s very responsive.

66. Firebug Lite

(1,333)Downloads: 686,834

Install this extension

The extension is best used to visually represent HTML elements, DOM elements and Box Model shading. You can also use it for its live editing CSS feature. Although it can be useful in itself, it’s recommended to use it along with Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools for a better and more complete perspective.


Firebug Lite Extension

67. Tag Assistant

(394)Downloads: 539,849

Install this extension

Tag Assistant helps you check the installation of Google tags, while also suggesting improvements to your implementation. Among the included tags, there is Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking and Google Tag Manager. You can also record the typical user flow and diagnose or validate it, while you can also get troubleshooting advice for Google Analytics.


Tag Assistant

68. Window Resizer

(1879)Downloads: 530,290

Install this extension

You can now resize your browser’s window as to simulate all the resolutions you need. Web designers as well as developers will find the extension highly practical for testing purposes, especially since the resolution list is entirely customizable. You can set your window’s position and dimensions and even apply the selected dimensions to the entire window. Because we all know developers love shortcuts, Window Resizer has got some of these as well.


Window Resizer Extension

69. Clear Cache

(556)Downloads: 333,669

Install this extension

The extension has one simple purpose – the one of easily clearing your cache without you going through the struggle of confirmation boxes or pop-ups. Of course, you can also opt for the amount of data you want to delete, from app cache to cookies, downloads, file systems, form data, history, indexedDB, localstorage, plugin data passwords and WebSQL.


Clear Cache Extension

70. Wappalyzer

(756)Downloads: 331,018

Install this extension

This is a very useful tool if you find yourself wondering what the technologies behind a website are. It gives a complete overview from the JavaScript frameworks to the analytics tools (used to get a view on traffic and performance) and content management systems. It’s indispensable if you’re into searching the trends that seem to work on various successful web platforms, as it gives you insight on what top notch players are using for their business.


Wappalyzer Extension

71. YSlow

(198)Downloads: 317,276

Install this extension

The extension analyzes the performance of different web pages based on a series of rules that are taken into consideration when evaluating page performance. It doesn’t only diagnose the issues, but it also suggests ways of improving the current performance. The extension is made by Yahoo.


YSlow Extension

72. IE Tab Multi

(4316)Downloads: 185,129

Install this extension

This is another extension made to satisfy developers’ testing needs. Unlike other tools of the kind, this one behaves like the good old Internet Explorer, allowing you to test IE from the comfort of your Chrome browser. It only supports Windows and it only supports Desktop mode for Windows 8.



73. Stylebot

(1,020)Downloads: 166,341

Install this extension

When you’re testing alternatives you’d like you take into consideration for your newest project, Stylebot changes the entire appearance of websites for you to see what combinations make the best style for your business. You can also preview and install styles created by other users and saved for the public use. You can instantly custom the entire CSS of a website.


Stylebot Extension

74. Quick Javascript Switcher

(343)Downloads: 144,227

Install this extension

You can instantly disable Javascript by hostname and subdomain. The tool also helps you to edit the shortcut of this extension as to be more at your fingertips when you need it, as well as you can opt to permanently disable Javascript.


Quick Javascript Switcher Extension

75. Pendule

(477)Downloads: 103,065

Install this extension

Pendule is an extension that you’ll find extremely useful if you work a lot with CSS. It’s a rather complex tool that allows you to take a large set of actions, from editing the CSS (view, disable embedded styles, inline styles, disable linked stylesheets, show used colors) to image information, viewing JavaScript and generated source, to finally viewport size and resize browser.


Pendule Extension

76. CSS Viewer

(268)Downloads: 101,612

Install this extension

Exactly what it advertises itself to be, the tool allows you to see the CSS properties of any webpage. In order for it to work properly, it has to access your history and website data. After this, you can hover over any element and see its properties on the spot.


CSS Viewer Extension

77. Web Boost

(353)Downloads: 72,615

Install this extension

This open source extension helps your tabs load faster, and it doesn’t affect the quality of your images or your videos and the quality of your images doesn’t get to be distorted. It is recommended when you work with many tabs at the same time, and it saves a great deal of loading time.


Web Boost Extension

78. Redirect Path

(93)Downloads: 64,933

Install this extension

The extension provides you information on the 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes, along with client side and Javascript redirects. This way, you’re immediately notified when something potentially harmful happens to one of your client’s website.


Redirect Path Extension

79. Page Refresh

(304)Downloads: 55,600

Install this extension

With Page Refresh you can auto-refresh pages at any desired interval of seconds or minutes, which is a time saver and allows you to focus on the really important aspects of testing your code implementation. The extension an be helpful when you have work in progress that needs to be checked and updated every few seconds/minutes.


Page Refresh Extension

80. WASP

(102)Downloads: 24,426

Install this extension

The acronym stands for Web Analytics Solution Profiler and it helps monitoring the data sent from your client’s websites via tags. The tool detects every type of tag automatically, and offers SEO information about the inspected pages. It also allows tag blocking, which may come in handy every now and then.


WASP Extension

81. HTML Validator

(176)Downloads: 22,830

Install this extension

The extension validates the HTML for the website you’re inspecting, and the results can either be displayed inline or in a new tab, depending on your preferences. The extension also has keyboard shortcuts for every OS you may be using it from.


HTML Validator Extension

82. Sight

(241)Downloads: 17,936

Install this extension

The extension is a Syntax Highlighter and its developers say ‘it makes reading code a joy’. The advertisement is really not far from truth, as the tool also comes with a series of personalization options such as font, size and toggle line numbers.


Sight Extension

83. Built With

(72)Downloads: 16,726

Install this extension

Aside from the generic information that kind of gives away what the extension is all about, it also provides in-depth statistics about the technologies used. You can find what technologies are most often used, and spot the growing trends, as well as download popular and successful websites using the technological types you’re interested in.


BuiltWith Extension

84. Quick Source Viewer

(59)Downloads: 13,898

Install this extension

The sources it inspects are HTML, Javascript and CSS, in a very compact way. The syntax of the tool is colored, the badge displays the node counts, and the onclick handlers with inline Javascript. The extension can be personalized, as well.


Quick Source Viewer Extension

85. Stylesheet Reloader

(7)Downloads: 572

Install this extension

You can reload the external CSS stylesheet of the page you’re currently on, including the imported ones. If you want to avoid reloading the entire page after CSS tweaks, this extension is highly useful. You can also set the key combinations for the shortcuts you want to use as part of this extension.

Stylesheet Reloader

Design Tools 

86. ColorZilla

(1000)Downloads: 902,922

Install this extension

The tool is mostly used for its color picker, which – along with the CSS gradient generator can help you create color patterns and palettes. The color reader is available in any point of the browser. The eyedropper also maintains a recent history that makes the entire experience easier and more practical.


ColorZilla Extension

87. WhatFont

(917)Downloads: 545,995

Install this extension

By enabling it, you can identify on the spot the type of fonts that different webpages are using. You’re also displayed the font size and the line height. The font database is large enough to recognize every font out there. Whatfont helps when analyzing the font families used by different website developers.


WhatFont Extension

88. Page Ruler

(1060)Downloads: 434,053

Install this extension

You can draw a ruler on any page, to check the height, width and position. Resize it depending on your needs. Further, you can update the position changes manually in order to make even the most subtle differences. ‘Element mode’ is a feature of this extension that allows you to see every element of the page when hovering over it with the mouse.


Page Ruler Extension

89. Eyedropper

(1035)Downloads: 373,647

Install this extension

This extension allows you to pick colors from different web pages. It helps whenever you don’t have the time to go through an entire process of color recognition. It also comes with a color history where you can store the colors that are most relevant or appropriate to your projects.


Eye Dropper Extension

90. Nimbus Screenshot

(1218)Downloads: 398,052

Install this extension

It’s not your generic screenshot extension. Nimbus can either capture the webpage you’re on or the entire browser window, and it can also record screencasts. After you’ve done this, you can use arrows or sticky notes to make the content you’re interested in stand out easily. Moreover, you can highlight texts, resize the screenshots, save them or make comments.It’s highly helpful when you want to make annotations on a webpage on the spot.


Nimbus Screenshot

91. Pic Monkey

(772)Downloads: 180,284

Install this extension

This is one of the most friendliest photo editors out there. It’s intuitive and easy to use and it allows you to open any web image with the extension to make further modifications. You can select the menu options that best fit your editing needs, and transform the image into something you’d share on social media, for instance, in a matter of seconds. From frames to effects, overlays, texts with different fonts, there’s little you cannot add to the images to give them a very personal note.


PickMonkey Extension

92. Resolution Test

(338)Downloads: 145,920

Install this extension

The extension is helpful when it comes to testing how your design behaves on different resolutions. It helps you preview how responsive website is. You can either select one or more resolutions to be tested at one time, then see what would happen on different screen sizes.


Resolution Test Extension

93. Measurelt

(637)Downloads: 108,281

Install this extension

Find out the width and height of any elements on a webpage in a matter of seconds. You can use it to measure whichever section of a page you’re interested in. The extension is useful for design projects as it gives you a quick idea on what the dimensions of your visual elements should be like, or what proportions successful websites use.


Measurelt Extension

94. Fontface Ninja

(224)Downloads: 101,708

Install this extension

The extension is great for quite an impressive number of reasons. First, it fetches fonts from a wide web database made of the most popular niche websites for font recognition. Then, it also shows you the line spacing, the letter spacing and the size of the font instead of just its name. Third, it hides all advertisements so you can focus on how the specific font looks on a clean webpage. Last, but not least, it will search the font for you and give you the option to buy it (or download it if it’s free).


Fontface Ninja Extension

95. Palette Creator

(172)Downloads: 62,124

Install this extension

The extension is developed for designers and it creates a color palette to match any image on the web. If, for instance, you want to create a palette starting from an image on your website, all you have to do is choose the number of colors that you’d like it to include.


Palette Extension

Then you can download the palette and use it to start a new project.

96. Dimensions

(213)Downloads: 48,225

Install this extension

If you ever wanted to measure the radius of a circle and text was standing in your way, then you can’t wait to learn about this extension. It helps you measure the dimension of whatever geometric form and it’s easily activated by pressing the Alt key. You can easily see the dimension of any element you would like to integrate on your website.

Dimensions Extension


The elements through which the measure is taken are: images, input-fields, buttons, videos, gifs, text and icons.

97. Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator

*not available anymore

(77)Downloads: 26,874

In case every time you’re trying to test an interface you hate the amount of text that you need just to blurt out, this is an extension you’d like to install. What it does, in fact, is insert blind text into your website’s fields for you to get a better image of what it looks like.


Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator Extension

From paragraphs of text, to dates, titles, email addresses, web addresses, the extension generates blind texts for every need of yours.

98. Google Font Previewer

(234)Downloads: 25,546

Install this extension

Choose a font you like from the Google API directory and apply it either to the entire webpage of a specified CSS selector to get an idea of what it looks like. The font previewer is especially useful when you design a new website and are trying to figure out what the fonts look like on the specific page. However, if you know you usually use the same fonts or the same font families you can save those for quicker access.


Google Font Previewer Extension

99. Stencil

(45)Downloads: 15,379

Install this extension

If you post very often to social media or if you just create and update blog posts on a regular basis, you’re going to find this extension extremely practical. You can instantly add text to any image of your choice and make it custom to your marketing needs. The extension has over 100 fonts, and custom watermark, while it also works on every website.


Stencil Extension

100. Type Sample

(8)Downloads: 12,012

Install this extension

It may come in handy if you’re testing and sampling fonts, as it tells you what fonts are used on different pages when you hover over their content. Clicking on the text opens a panel that allows you to test the font in the extension, after which you can save the sample provided that you have a account.


Type Sample Extension

101. Microstock Photo Power Search

(10)Downloads: 1,870

Install this extension

The extension is more than welcomed for designers, as its primary purpose is to help finding free images. The database includes more libraries that are accessed every time you’re trying to find a photo. The extension displays the search results that provide you with a large number of images related to your search query. The more a photo is liked the more it increases its chances to appear in search results, which is an opportunity to promote your work as well.


Microstock Photo Power Search Extensiom

102. Font Editor

(22)Downloads: 1733

Install this extension

Aside from the fact that this extension allows you to test any font on any website at any time, it also comes with a series of characteristics that make the testing more accurate and precise, among which: a selector, the fontfamily, the font variant, the font weight, the font face, the text transformation and the line height.


Font Editor Extension


This post was hopefully a useful fix for people who constantly work on their browsers and have too many tabs open at all times. Managing them doesn’t require better organizing skills, but little helpers to allow you to focus on one task at a time. It may seem overwhelming, as the number of extensions we chose is quite large, but once you get the hang of it the improvements are visible. The advantages of these extensions lie in optimizing processes that usually take more than just a couple of clicks to perform, reason for which they’re welcome time savers.

If you think there’s maybe an extension that you’re creepily in love with and we missed it, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

Disclaimer: The data we’re presenting about these extensions concerning their availability, the number of downloads, scores and ratings is documented in May 2016.

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