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This post has actually two headlines but WordPress allows just one. The other headline is “Link Building Technique 1: Return for More“. From now on we will cover one link building technique or tactic each week.

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics, link love. As the second part of the term implies link love is about long term relationships. In contrast

many traditional SEO practicioners and link builders act as if link building is a one night one stand.

It isn’t. I don’t mean the “we a need a strategy” argument here. Each and every link you get equals a relationship. For many people in the SEO industry and average webmasters alike a link is not a relationship at all though, it ends after one link. After one night stands the partners often forget each other’s names. Likewise webmasters do not remember who links to them in many cases.

Instead of forgetting who links them modern link builders nourish the relationships with webmasters.

A good relationship with an influencer who blogs and is active on social media is worth much more than the quick and dirty one time link.

Long term link love requires not only to memorize who linked to you but also why s/he liked you and what for.

Was it a great piece of content you provided or was it even your product or service the person who linked has used and reviewed?

Even a bad customer experience that has been described by a blogger or social media user can have a positive impact in the end. In such a case but also

in case of a successful one night link make sure to return with flowers.

What is the equivalent of flowers in the online world?

  1. a simple thank you or other form of gratitude like some swag
  2. more of the same that go you there in the first place, another great content piece, product or service
  3. generosity as in giving away exclusive information next time

The easiest way to affirm a quick link is to publicly notice and acknowledge it. You can use it as a testimonial, link back to it or just retweet, like and +1 the post or page in question. Like in real life a lasting relationship is about give an take.

There are many ways to track your relationships with other webmasters, website owners, bloggers and influencers. The cognitiveSEO toolset provides ways to find, categorize and organize your links. In other words you can discover who linked to you, where and how. There are plenty of ways to do so even without a SEO software though. Some CRM (customer relationship management) tools are great as well. Also a simple Excel or text file might suffice.

The most important aspect when it comes to link love is to return for more.

Remember who appreciates you in the first place and stay connected. The person might link and mention you on social media in future again and again. It counts every single time these days. The times when one link per domain was everything you wanted are over. On some platforms like Facebook and Twitter what you need is daily links/mentions. So make sure to return daily and bring flowers whenever you can.

*CC Image by Plamen Stoev

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