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Updated: The recorded webinar can be found here.

Since last year, it seems that Google started to aggressively clean its search index from sites that do shady link building practices involving the creation of unnatural links. Last year it started with Penguin , which was mostly about low quality links and this year it started with the Interflora Penalty that aims at “advertorial” content written with the pure scope of increasing search engine rankings.

I have seen a lot of confusion around the Interflora Penalty in the last days, and I decided to run a free link analysis clinic, aiming to evidentiate what a good link acquisition (not necessarily link building) strategy should look like in 2013.

We will also address the issue of recovering from link related penalties.

The training session is scheduled to be on

Friday 1st of March  – 16 CET / 10 AM EST

Seats are limited! 

Hurry and Register Now!

(Free PRO Backlink Analysis Training)

Here are the topics that we will discuss in the 1hr Training Session:

  • What are Unnatural Links?
  • How do I spot them?
  • How do I recover from an Unnatural Links Penalty?
  • Quick Overview of the recent Interflora Penalty.
  • 10 minutes break to answer your questions.
  • 2 of Your Sites Analyzed.
  • 10 minutes break to answer your questions.
  • Another 2 of Your Sites Analyzed.
  • 10 minutes for your latest questions.
  • Now Go and apply the things you learned here!!!

I will only accept 4 sites to be analyzed from 4 different webinar attendees. The sites that reflect the best cases for a link analysis clinic will be selected. (both penalized and not penalized).

Send your “site story” as quickly as possible until the 4 slots are not occupied. I am taking in, for analysis, only emails received today, so that I can create a solid case study for each of the submitted sites. Our email is support (at] cognitiveseo com

Short Note:

Keep it mind that these penalties, sometimes are not purely algorithmic and they have a human review on the side. Gaming Google on the long run is not an option. If you want to have a site rank well for a week or two you can do whatever you like with your backlink profile, but if you aim for longer than that , you really need to know the latest technicalities from Google.


Looking forward to talk to you at the Webinar!

See you Friday.

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