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Last Friday, we quietly pushed another update to the cognitiveSEO toolset.

We pride ourselves with the high level of support that we offer our customers and with the fact that we actually listen to your requests. A lot of you, have reported in the past, various features that you would love to see implemented in the toolset.

With this update, as with any other, we tried to cover some of them. Here is the quick list of updates:

1. Ability to run Prefix based Backlink Analysis.

You can now run analysis at the subdirectory level. This new improvement will allow you to analyze  segments of an entire site’s link profile. For example, you might be interested to analyze only the links for a specified list of directories on your site.

2. Support for https crawling & importing.

In the past we did not allow to run analysis on https based sites. Also import was restricted for links coming from https domains. These are now allowed and you can do both of these options.

3. Ability to analyze a selected set of URLs from the set of originally analyzed URLs.

You might need to analyze only 3 or 10 urls from a site, not only the entire site or one specific URL.

4.  Improved loading speed of the Dashboard page and various bugs corrected.


Big Details … Small Details … Impalpable Details …

The difference is made out of those!


Let us know your most wanted feature. It might be next on the roadmap 😉


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