I’ve been following the SEO industry long enough to be able to recognize an SEO expert from what s/he says or writes. Also I’m humble enough to recognize that while I rock at getting links there are link building specialists out there who practice it on a daily basis for projects where you need more than outstanding content to get to the top.

We all know that SEOmoz and Search Engine Land have several writers who are among those but here I’d like to name some of the best link building blogs, experts, tutorials and other resources you really have to know.

Not all of the authors are celebrities already in the SEO industry, in contrast some of them have not yet the fame they deserve.

I know who they are but you may not of now so I will tell you. Also I’ll show why I’m convinced that these people or the top notch experts in the link building field in 2011, the perhaps hardest part of the SEO game.

Link building is still probably the most important part of SEO.

Even with social search and the Panda update link building and of course link baiting as well is the crucial SEO discipline everybody serious about this business has to learn.

Thus I collected the people and places to learn it. Of course I might left out a few, just because they are of my radar currently but nonetheless these people and their articles are the ones you can depend on.

Link Building Blogs

SEO blogs that deal solely with link building are still rare but there are some I can really recommend. Besides these link building blogs there are search marketing and SEO blogs that cover link building either extensively or in-depth or both.

Some of them have so valuable insights from time to time that I consider them to be among the best link building blogs even without a clear focus on that.

Link Building Tutorials

Most articles about link building deal only superficially with the subject. Unlike web development resources they fail to offer actionable how to guides providing actual steps to walk through. These tutorials below really do and they do it in-depth.

Analysis of Link Building

While link building has been around for more than a decade some people still don’t know how it works or what it is about. Some SEO and link building experts have provided eye opening articles about building links that not only debunk myths but provide a completely new perspective. The posts below are some of the most important resources on understanding link building.

Link Building Experts on Twitter

Some of the link building experts linked above are quite active on Twitter. I added those where I considered most of the tweets relevant to link building.

I know I didn’t mention everybody who has been famous for link building in the last decade. This is a list of people who have been actively blogging in 2011 about the topic.

I haven’t even considered some link building blogs that rank in the top 10 on Google.com – this is my personal choice after reading numerous articles by these experts.

So please add the resources I might have missed and explain why I need to add them here.

* Image by Pierre Metivier

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