It’s time again for another important cognitiveSEO upgrade. In the last months we worked continuously at adding better features, improving the user experience and creating new integrations that would allow our customers to get the best SEO intelligence possible at the best price on the market.

Let me structure the new release so that you can easily see what we added to the system and how it will benefit you:

  1. MajesticSEO Partnership
  2. Important Links and Rankings Upgrades
  3. Simpler Credit System
  4. New Pricing

1. MajesticSEO Partnership

Satisfying our customers in terms of Professional and Best in Class Service is top priority for us, here at cognitiveSEO. That is why we decided to add, one of the most powerful link data providers, as a new link data-source to our platform. Until now we used Ahrefs + Blekko + SEOkicks as our raw link data providers (and MajesticSEO and SEOmoz for metric data).

We now added the MajesticSEO dataset in our link data offering, and now you will get raw link data from

all in one place, aggregated, de-duplicated and re-crawled on demand, with no requirement of an account on any of the above mentioned providers.

The new integration allowed us to process more links and to add a range of new features to the toolset that will benefit all our customers and increase the value of the plans that we offer.

2. Important Links and Rankings Upgrades

A lot of small things have been tweaked, while some really important additions have been done. Here they are:

  1. Daily Link Updates – We moved from Weekly to Daily updates and now we show New/Lost links on a daily basis. We also kept the complete weekly re-crawl for all your site’s backlinks, so that you get the most fresh and complete link data possible.

  2. Anchor Text History – We live by our motto, which is “Cutting-Edge SEO Tools”, and that is why we strive to innovate SEO technology with the aim to ease your SEO Professional life. This time we added the ability to historically track anchor text evolution. No other SEO tool allows you to do this. Here are a few things that evidentiate why this is a very important addition to your Professional SEO toolset:

    1. You keep a close eye on how your Commercial vs Brand anchor text evolves so that you can easily correlate this evolution to a potential unnatural link penalty or ranking increase/decrease.
    2. You can track the growth of your anchor text portfolio and understand where you need to make strategic moves to influence a particular anchor text trend.
    3. You monitor you competitors anchor text velocity and understand their link building strategies from a historical point of view.


  3. Link Velocity – with the new MajesticSEO partnership we have access to a plethora of new data. Link Velocity data is of great importance to anyone that is serious about SEO. You will be able to view the monthly link evolution, since the existence of a site.

  4. Link Quality Metric – we created a unique metric that is computed based on various aggregated metrics and features. We mix a wide range of metrics into a unique formula, and classify links in:

    1. High Authority – links that provide a high degree of quality and relevance to your site. (not that many usually)
    2. Good Authority – links that are really good for your site. It is great if you have a high distribution of these types of links.
    3. Average Authority – links that provide some quality, but nothing spectacular.
    4. Low Authority – links that don’t really provide value to your site or rankings.
    5. No Authority – links that have no particular importance in your linking campaign influence to your rankings of traffic.

    A similar metric is applied to the referring domains also, so that you can easily classify authoritative referring domains.

  5. More Keywords Tracked – A lot of our customers asked for more keywords to be monitored in the rank tracking module, at the cost of less frequent tracking. We added the ability to switch your account from Weekly to Daily Rank Tracking (and vice versa).
    1. Daily will give you more insight, as we track the keywords on a daily basis.
    2. Weekly will allow you to track more keywords at a lower frequency.

You can choose whatever option suits your needs. Simple and flexible!

3. Simpler Credit System

Until now we used a rather complex site credit system that would allow you to run more in-depth analysis if you required, by selecting multiple site credits, or analyze more sites with fewer site credits. Based on the customer feedback, we concluded that the site credit system created a lot of confusion and frustration.

We have carefully analyzed the situation and decided to replace the site credit system with a much simpler and more natural way of counting analyzed sites.

This is how we improved it:

      • 1 site credit means 1 site now with a maximum number of links analyzed per site that is mentioned in the plan specs (PRO is 10k links per site for example and ELITE is 50k links per site).
      • No more confusion by using multiple site credits for a site analysis, as the concept has been removed.
      • Import is not limited by site credits anymore, but by the actual links analyzed for the site. Do as many imports as you want, with the condition to be under the maximum links per site quota.

Here are a few examples of what it was and what it is now:

Before – 1 site with 10k backlinks had an analysis cost of 4 sites credits (each credit was the equivalent of 2.500 links).

After – 1 site with 10k backlinks has an analysis cost of 1 site. (the sites’ maximum link allowance for the new PRO plan is 10.000 links)

Before – 1 site with 20k backlinks had an analysis cost of 8 sites credits (each credit was the equivalent of 2.500 links).

After – 1 site with 50k backlinks has an analysis cost of 1 site. (the sites’ maximum link allowance for the new ELITE plan is 50.000 links)

The analysis completeness was increased by 400% to 2.500% and the campaign creation process was also simplified.

We were able to keep the costs down, by increasing our dynamic cloud infrastructure that can now support even more on-demand crawling.

To put it simple you get more links analyzed, with an easier to use campaign wizard and simpler to understand system.

If you have bigger or more sites you can easily upgrade to the plans listed on the site, or ask for a custom plan (if it is the case). The plans are differentiated based on the volume of sites, links and keywords you need to analyze and track. All current plans have all the features included.

4. New Pricing

Based on the additional new features, tools and partnerships, we improved our subscription plans so that we provide a much better balance of Quality vs Cost to our customers.

You can find our new pricing structure here. Best fitted for maximum ROI!

Some of our previous plans were taken out from the current offer (the $19 and $49 plans), while the remaining plans have been altered to provide the best possible ROI.

To conclude, cognitiveSEO provides you with an average monthly cost of $3 to $5 per analyzed site,

which is the most affordable cost you will get anywhere. This includes the unique in-depth link analysis, rank tracking, social visibility analysis and link management, all done on-demand for your sites and competitors.

Usually this kind of report or analysis is billed to a client in the range of $XXX per month.

Your ROI is in the XXX% – X.XXX% range! Pretty neat wouldn’t you say?

If you are not a customer yet, you can easily try the system by using our Free 14-Day Trial.

All our current customer accounts are grandfathered, meaning that nothing will be changed in the pricing on the plans they already have, until the account is cancelled or the billing fails for whatever reasons.

I invite all our current customers to check the new offer and switch their plan if they consider the new plans provide a better value to their business. If you have any question drop us a line at and we will get back ASAP.

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