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Today is the day, cognitiveSEO’s bot gets a “face” and a “name”. I would like to introduce you:

Mr. James [Bot] – Agent SEO

This is the “guy” who is crawling your sites and your backlinks, analyzing your content and social visibility.  If you have any problem with him crawling your site just send him a mail at support@cognitiveseo.com. He will get a dedicated page in the future … but for the moment I prepared a short “interview” in order to introduce him to you:


Razvan: Who are you and what do you do exactly?

James (BOT): As you might have already noticed my name is James BOT aka Agent SEO. I am the “human interface” that represents the cognitiveSEO bot. I am the robot that crawls sites, classifies pages and segements the best data for each customer. I live on multiple servers and I can easily scale to whatever power might be required for our users.  I leave and breathe on the Internet in various datacenters around the globe, crawling from hundreds of IPs and servers. If you want to easily identify me in your logs search for this string:

User Agent:  “James BOT – WebCrawler”

I work on demand for each individual customer of cognitiveSEO providing the most in-depth data possible for each and every site analyzed in the system. I work together with some of my best friends MJ12bot from MajesticSEO, ScoutJet from Blekko, Ahrefs Bot and many others. We compliment each other, by doing stuff that helps SEO professionals and site owners to understand internet marketing faster and better.


Razvan: What were your contenders for this “Master Bot” position?

James (BOT): I was the final winner for the “human interface”, but I can tell you that I had some serious competition.

Cognitive started the “human interface” search, late last year. Here are the initial candidates:

First Round Interview

Second Round Interview

Initial cognitiveSEO Bot Hire

It did not even start and the Cognitive team ended the collaboration with him, due to different points of view ( so I was told). It wasn’t the guy to fit their team. He was to full of himself with that Rock Star attitude (you know what I mean)! Just not the way they work at Cognitive. He is probably a great guy , but in some other start-up with … some other culture 😉 ( so I was told)

The Cognitive team  let him go and afterwards they waited approximately 6 months until they decided to re-start the search for the “human interface” of their unnamed bot.

Third Round Interview


That is when I appeared on the scene :). In the final I was together with this guy. Great guy I can tell you! I had a lot of chats with him in the backstage ( about crawling, analyzing and girls 🙂 )

After a lot of thinking, the cognitiveSEO crew gave me the Job. Hopefully I will be up to it :). That’s the long story short.


Razvan:  Let’s get a bit more technical. How do you crawl and what do you do with the data?

James (BOT): After getting the initial data from my Bot friends, I open up all my instances and start the on-demand crawl process for each and every page. I do it at the most in-depth level by analyzing each page individually assigning lots of useful metrics that allow our customers to get a better insight at their site or competitor sites. I do a lot of CPU intensive stuff and I apply some really tough artificial intelligence algorithms, in order to extract the data in a human readable format. I further validate it, and send it to the final servers to be served freshly to the customer.


Razvan: What makes you different then any other bots?

James (BOT): I have been developed from zero and I have grown into a stable full-time worker that is capable of lots of unique and useful things.  For example: I crawl visually and I take snapshots for each of the pages I visit. This is really helpful for our customers because they can simply browse through a list of photos (with the link already highlighted) and not through a list of raw links, saving tremendous amounts of time for them. Other thinks that make me stand out are my abilities to classify content while crawling at a tremendous speed. I classify pages based on their content category , site type , language used and many others. All these metrics, give our customers extremely valuable information about the internet marketing strategies used by their competitors.  These are only some of the things that make me unique. There are others but I just don’t want to look like I am full of myself :).


Razvan:  What are your plans here at cognitive SEO?

James (BOT):  I want to grow smarter faster and to provide our customers with the Cutting-Edge SEO Tools that they need to outrank their competitors.


Razvan:  Tks for the quick interview!

James (BOT): My pleasure. Looking forward to make good things happen. Tks


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