I am sure you are already accustomed with checking backlinks at the Domain, Sub-domain or Page level. There is one other type of check that you might be interested in …

Today we introduce:

Prefix / Folder Backlink Checking

I am sure that at least once in your “SEO PRO life”, you needed to quickly check the backlinks for a product category (ONLY) or a blog directory?

This new feature allows you to segment the links that point to all of the pages on a site that respect a specific word pattern.

You will instantly get, not only all the links to the pages respecting the prefix pattern, but you will also get historical link growth information for those pages only + everything you would normally get for a Domain/Subdomain or Page analysis.

To better understand the usefulness of this new feature here are some use cases for the prefix/folder analysis.

5 Creative Use Cases for the new Prefix analysis option.

  1. Who are the most linked authors from SearchEngineLand?

  2. What are the most popular Techcrunch articles for any given day?

  3. How did the MoneySuperMarket “Car Insurance” folder links evolved over time?

  4. What are the major news stories on CNN this month (September 2013)?

  5. What are Microsoft’s most active Twitter accounts?


Happy Backlink Hunting!


What do you think of this new feature?

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