When you start working in the SEO field, all your life changes. You begin to see the world differently, your relationships gain a special flair and your own existence takes on a new meaning. If you don’t want to take my word for granted, let me illustrate what I am talking about by reviewing some regular moments from a day-to-day search engine optimizer’s existence.

In the SEO world, you usually have a at least half of these moments each day everyday:

1. Wake up

Wake up early in the morning, full with hopes and focused on obtaining great results.

SEO Guru

2. Morning Warmup

After a bit of a warm up, you prepare yourself a tasty breakfast to keep you energized all day long.

SEO breakfast

3. On the way to the office…

Getting out of the house gives you the unbounded joy of seeing how your work is actually meaningful for the people around you.

wrong keywords

4. SEO Expectations

A good SEO feels great on the inside and looks outstanding on the outside.

SEO confidence

5. SEO Meeting

An SEO consultant always has relaxing meetings with open minded clients…

SEO explained to clients

6. Client Meeting

….and is more than happy to hear about clients’ decent and realistic requirements.

SEO clients expectations

7. Getting some  S..t (RCS) done

After all these meetings some work needs to be done.

7. SEO “Mentoring”

What is great in the SEO industry is that you have mentors and people that can guide you almost daily in the SEO wonderland.

8. Home Made SEO

After you get back home, you mind is still focused on SEO. The job as a SEO gives you so much spare time that you can spend it with your beloved ones 🙂

9. SEO Advocacy

You have time to spend with your son, to whom you can easily explain what your work is about…

10. SEO Inspiration

…and you get the possibility to inspire him in the choices he makes in life.

Your son will eventually understand what your job is about and he will try to follow on your footsteps.

11. SEO Birthday Present

Your friends are always close to you, helping you to relax and keeping you away from your daily job worries.

12. Going to the Doctor

Having a job in the SEO field is also the perfect solution for keeping your health on good conditions.

13. Standard Deviation

As I was saying before, you begin to see everything in a new light.

You can give new meanings to classic books…

…you understand jokes that no one else does..

Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“White hat.”

“White hat who?”

“White hat SEO.”




14. You have Unique Insights

..and even when you watch TV, you see things that no one else see.

15. ZOO Visit

Where you are in the SEO industry, a simple visit to the zoo turns into a great adventure.

SEO at zoo

16. Intimate Stuff

Regarding the intimate relationships, only a SEO expert can take full advantage of all the great things a relationship can bring

17. Meet New People Every Day 

I cannot even count all the advantages that a normal day at this job can bring.: You meet new people…

18. Understand True Value

…you learn to put value on things….

…you even find answers to the greatest philosophically questions of mankind.

SEO sense of life

19. Job Stability

And the greatest thing of all is that at the end of the day, you can relax knowing that the future is bright and your job is one of the most stable jobs in the world.

So, whatever you’re doing out there, you’d better stop and come join the SEO industry, maybe the best industry in the world!
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