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The full name of the post actually is:

“cognitiveSEO Private BETA is Closed – Launch Count-Down Starts …”

(way too long to use it … from an “SEO” perspective :) )

After announcing it by email to our group of Private Beta testers , one week ago, we are making it public.

Starting June 2011, when we launched cognitiveSEO at the
SearchMarketingDay.com conference, we’ve had an impressive number of
beta testers taking part in the Private Beta phase of our application. And
since then, our team has been hard at work on making the tool better
and better.

We’re so grateful to all those who shared both their positive and negative
feedback, submitted bugs or requested other features.

We couldn’t have built such a powerful tool without you!

Your help and support pushed us to make a remarkable SEO application,
one that will change the way you analyse, track and increase your search
engine rankings.

We are preparing now for the final pre-launch BETA, which will be released soon.

If you want to be part of it, Register your e-mail on our main page.

To your success,
Razvan Gavrilas
Founder & Chief Architect @ cognitiveSEO.com

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