Some say we are workaholics, some say we are perfectionists. What we say is that we do our best to provide our customers with the best experience they can get from using a SEO platform. The fall comes along with a partnership we are proud to introduce to you today.

The cognitiveSEO + Searchmetrics integration provides unparalleled insight for any SEO Professional.

In the following lines we are going to present you the importance of this integration and the benefits that you will get from it.

Searchmetrics cognitiveSEO Integration

What Is the SEO Visibility and Why It Is Important

First of all, you need to know that cognitiveSEO is the first well known SEO tool (and the only one at this moment) to have this sort of integration combined with all the other SEO related data crawled on demand for your site and competitors. In other words, there is no other place that you can get this variety of information for your site or for your competitors’.


What is the SEO visibility, you might ask, and why is it so important?


SEO visibility or search visibility is essentially about monitoring the search performance of a website as it presents the historical development of a domain’s visibility in Google. It has 2 components, search volume and the position of the ranking keywords. It basically reflects how often a website shows up in the search results and also helps you track the “winners” and “losers” in terms of keywords, providing results based on tracked keywords.


The search visibility provides you with great value of the market environment and also helps you easily identify market trends and digital marketing strategies. The SEO visibility is calculated based on millions of keywords that are tracked in Google and their importance and traffic volume. Each keyword has a particular importance and based on that and the ranking of the tracked site a SEO visibility score is calculated. This score is updated weekly.

This new integration is available for all clients, regardless of the subscription they have and also on all the campaigns they are working on, whether they are One time snapshots or Recurring Campaigns.

This being said, allow me to showcase the main advantages that you will benefit from now on:

What Can You Do with the SEO Visibility?

1. Identify Historic Google Penalties for Any Site

In identifying a penalty, you should always check all possible hypotheses, by doing an in-depth analysis and looking at all the angles. Getting distracted by the obvious things might lead you to the wrong conclusion. Yet, at cognitiveSEO we are trying to make the penalty identification process as easy as possible because we know how important this matter is for our users.

Easily Spot Historic Google Penalties using the SEO Visibility Metric

With the integration of the SEO visibility chart, we take the “penalty identification” process to another level, either we speak of Google Panda, Penguin or any other Google Algorithm. Every time you’re trying to figure out what happened to a certain website, the first chart you should look at is the one with its visibility drop. Just by taking a glance at this chart you can easily see whether there are significant downhills in a website’s history that can reflect a Google “red flag” or whether that site’s online visibility is stable and doesn’t have dramatic ups and downs. What is very important to mention is that you can not only see the current situation of a site but also check out for penalties or boosts in a historical trend.


If you are a reader of our blog, you might be familiar with some of our case studies regarding penalized sites. If you are not a fan of our blog (with the hope you will become one :D), let me tell you that the SEO visibility and the “dropped”/ “improved” keywords charts are one of the most important graphs that we use in our in-depth investigation of a site’s situation. Here are some of our case studies where you can see the exact applicability of these charts and their importance in accurate penalty identification.

2. Analyze Competitors and Compare Yourself

You know that Google has about 200 ranking factors and competition is always high. But that it is always a good thing, because the standard is high and the quality of the results is better. It forces us to do our best. However, knowing your competition is even better. Understanding your competitors’ previous decisions regarding their strategies sheds some light on what gave them an advantage or what backfired.

SEO Visibility Competitor Comparison

You know exactly where you’re standing in your niche as you now have the possibility to make direct comparisons with your competitor, regarding your SEO visibility. Moreover, analyzing the evolution of the most important keywords for you and your competitor will give you the possibility to discover which keywords drive more visitors and which ones are those which pull the organic traffic down.


Having the possibility to make a side-by-side comparison and knowing the exact figures of the SEO visibility and keyword ranking fluctuation in your niche keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

3. Watch for Future Problems

One of the ways that can guarantee you being a top player in your niche is to be constantly up-to-date with how your site and your competitors’ sites are doing from a SEO point of view.
Thanks to our fully customizable dashboard, you now have the possibility to set a SEO visibility widget and closely monitor it. Having the visibility widget on your dashboard keeps you permanently connected to your site’s situation, helping you to avoid future problems at the same time or quickly solve the existing ones.

Ongoing SEO Visibility Monitoring from Searchmetrics

You will have an idea of your SEO visibility at just a glance. Therefore you will save lots of time and resources. Furthermore, you can make business decisions based on real time information as the SEO visibility and the keyword ranking graphs are updated weekly. This way, you can spot whenever an issue occurs and you can react more quickly. If you are to experience some massive drop in rankings or unnatural link activity on your site, just by taking a peek on the dashboard you will be able to react accordingly. I remind you that the dashboard is sharable, meaning that your team or your clients can consult, with your permission, the SEO visibility anytime they want.


You can see how being connected to the SEO visibility graph helped us catching the exact moments when some important sites where penalized and understand what exactly happened to those businesses. If your ranking positions suddenly dropped you will see that represented by a down-line in the chart. On the other hand, the higher your ranks on important keywords, the higher the SEO visibility.

4. Pitch New Clients Based on the Historic Performances

Win New Clients by Spotting Search Engine Penalties

Our marketing communications world is changing at a rapid pace and pitching new clients can be quite a challenge sometimes. Yet, having a strong competitive advantage in front of other agencies can be a real breakthrough. Not only you can present your client the opportunities that he has on the market or dissect his competitors’ SEO strategies but you can now have instant access to his historical performances. You can notify the possible client if he is on an uptrend or a downtrend and for how long, you can easily explain his evolution by comparison with his competitors’ and, last but not least you can spot a past or a present penalty. All these data is top quality info and you might be the only one who can provide this sort of substance.

Adding the SEO Visibility to Your SEO Dashboard

Having the SEO Visibility widget within your reach brings a lot of benefits, as I’ve mentioned before. So, knowing how to set the widget on the dashboard is important in order to take advantage of all those benefits.

Add New SEO Visibility Widget

First of all, on the dashboard, you need to press the “new widget” button and choose from the widget type the “SEO visibility” one. Once you’ve done that, you can choose the website you want the widget to give you information on and also the country you want to see the visibility from. Once you’ve done that, you are set to go and monitor the SEO visibility at just a glance.

Several Other Improvements Worth Mentioning

Along with the updates that I’ve just presented you above, we also have some other not-so-big but important improvements that we’ve done to the tool. As I was mentioning at the beginning of the blog post, cognitiveSEO’s team is a very dynamic one, always aiming for perfection and happy customers.
Therefore, let me list some of the improvements we’ve made lately:

1. Page Customization

Customize Your Toolset cognitiveSEO

You can now choose to see what is most important to you in matter of charts and graphs. You can decide to visualize all the charts of the analysis or you can easily choose to see only the ones that matters the most to you and hide the others.

2. PDF Customization

Create Customized PDFs Export cognitiveSEO

Your reports will now look exactly what you want them to look like, containing only the information you want. You can download fully customized reports and present your co-workers or your clients with the whole analysis or with the charts and graphs that you choose only.

3. Better Crawling Algorithms

For a more efficient process, in order to not block the crawled sites we integrated some smarter crawling technology to crawl some of the sites that may present issues with our previous crawler.

4. Several Improvements Added and Bugs Corrected

Improving cognitiveSEO’s overall functionality is one of our main concern. Like any other tool, bugs or several issues may appear along the way. Yet, we fixed the reported bugs, we optimized the dashboard so it now loads faster and we made slight adjustments where it was the case.


Hope you will be as excited as we are with these great new features and you will take full benefit from them. We strongly believe that they will impact your business positively and will bring added value to your work. It is an easy way to for getting started with your SEO data regarding your site. The SEO visibility metric and the keyword fluctuation rank charts are making cognitiveSEO even a smarter tool, providing you with a 360 degree view of the digital market context. cognitiveSEO is not just a SEO tool but a real help for every business, a complex digital marketing platform that offers now more benefits for the same price.


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