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Surveys are an excellent way to build links and increase social signals to your website.

There are lots of reasons why you should use surveys in your link building campaigns. Here are six of them:

  1. You get a great understanding of your client’s customers
  2. You get data that is truly unique
  3. You get quotes and testimonials from real people
  4. You get a ton of ideas for blog posts and articles
  5. You can gather case studies volunteered by respondents
  6. You see specific areas you need to promote (and stimulate sales)


Let’s look at a number of successful surveys and their results with the cognitiveSEO tool.

A Survey on Software Developers by Fusion.net

Survey says: 92 percent of software developers are men – Published April 8th, 2015

Received 31 links from 7 referring domains.

 Referring Domain To Links Ratio

The Daily New Links page for that specific piece of content looked like this:

Daily New Links

It had a very healthy dofollow/nofollow ratio:

DoFollow vs NoFollow ratio


Gender issues are an excellent theme for survey content as media love to use the data as a reference to articles, according to PR Survey expert, Ken McGaffin.

Wedding and Dating Surveys by Chillisauce.co.uk

The event based website, Chillisauce.co.uk commission an annual survey on dating and weddings. They survey 5,000 people and from this create numerous types of content, including:


  • Video



  • Animated Gif

Animated Gif


  • Tasty Charts

“Age trends: Have You Ever Hooked Up With A Fellow Wedding Guest?”

 Tasty Chart Content

We see that 2 of the top linked pages for chillisauce.co.uk are surveys, attracting 23 and 18 links respectively. One survey concentrates on dating and another on weddings.

Content Visibility

Although they are not the highest linked to pages, the benefits of a survey are not just for links, they can provide the basis of further content which can get more links

Surveys Used in Content Marketing

Surveys can work in any industry, in this survey the subject of “How to get publishers attention”, is raised. Which is an extremely important aspect of content marketing and according to these publishers, it’s not done very effectively.

Editors of authoritative publications get 100’s of editorial requests a day, from PR and marketing types, so it’s very important to listen to what they say when explaining what does and does not work.

At the same time, writers are desperate to be sent stories and information which can be turned into effective articles for their publication. They have the desire, but are in a position to pick and choose which pitch they respond to.
Kelsey Libert from fractl, drafted 20 survey questions and got responses from more than 500 leading digital publishers, and created an article regarding the survey on Marketingland.com.

 Domain Authority Research

500 top writers responded to the survey request.

The article on Marketingland.com achieved 121 links from 29 domains.

Research Referring Domains vs Links

But fractl are clever when it comes to content and also made it into a slideshow presentation. This is why surveys can be extremely cost effective by serving as the basis for numerous content creations. Each can be promoted in their own right, increasing the number of occurrences.


Surveys Can Create Evergreen Content

This piece of content was published on the 20th of August 2014 and yet it is still getting a good amount of link. Demonstrating that surveys are excellent for making evergreen content.

Evergreen Content


Surveys are an excellent Brand and PR tool, they are used successfully by a number of brands, picking up links and social signals and creating evergreen content along the way.

Creating a survey is a hefty investment in time and money.

The way a survey turns out is heavily based on the quality of the questions and the theme it is covering. You can gather important and useful information from it, so it’s sensible to devote a good chunk of time and do it right.
For a survey to be responded to it must strike the right tone and create a desire in the reader to spend time in filling out the survey. There are ways in which you can pay for participants to complete your survey, but it is always more powerful for people to volunteer to take part.
There are numerous pieces of content you can create from a survey, which can further pull in links and social signals and can position you as an authority in the eyes of the mainstream media. Especially if you’re competition is not bothering with this technique.
Even if your survey flops you could always submit it to the SF Weekly, Pointless Study feature.

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