I think there is no secret for anyone that here, at cognitiveSEO, there is only one thing that we treasure more than constantly improving our services: OUR CLIENTS. That’s right! The biggest pride of cognitiveSEO is our clients. They are our driving force, they are behind our restless urge for development and they are also our greatest source of learning.

More Keywords. Same Price. Better Insights.

That is why we’re continuously making improvements to our tool, just to be sure it includes all the features our customers need on a single platform.  Our goal is to create a single platform where anyone can satisfy all their digital marketing needs, without being compelled to have several subscriptions for all sorts of tools.


One tool to rule them all, at just one competitive price is our motto.


Our customer’s perception is our reality and that’s why we lend our ears to our beloved Cognitives’ needs. After having conducted some research on the overall usage of the tool, we’ve come to the conclusion that monitoring keywords with our Rank Tracking module was one of its most used features.

 Rank Tracking

It’s true that one of the main factors of any website’s performance is the ability to accurately track its rankings. cognitiveSEO’s rank tracker provides one of the most in-depth keyword analysis, helping you to track your keywords at a universal or local level while giving you a complete view of your real rankings and helping you take the correct strategic decisions.


We thought of no better way of saying “thank you” other than by anticipating our clients’ needs.


Thus, since our clients’ success is our success, we’ve figured a way to meet the needs of our existing clients and come ahead our future clients’ demands.

Therefore, we’ve decided to triple the number of monitored keywords for all our clients. The prices remain the same, there are no extra charges, no hidden catch, just extra features for you.

As mentioned, the number of monitored keywords will be tripled for our future clients too. The 3x is done only on the current subscriptions that are live on the site now.(Pro/Premium and Elite). Custom subscriptions and old subscriptions are subject to individual discussions.


From now on,  with so much at your disposal, not only can you track your site’s rankings and keywords but also your competitors’, without fearing you will run out of keywords. Enabling access to a side-by-side view, cognitiveSEO lets you have a clear image of your competitors’ performance. By uncovering their strategies you can easily outrank them.


We’ve also realized that every successful webmaster or SEO Pro should always be in touch with one’s rankings variation, on a daily basis.

This is why your account will be set by default to “daily” instead of “weekly” rank tracking, while allowing you the possibility to change this option at your own discretion.

Having the Rank Tracker set on a daily basis allows you to set alerts on your account so the system will automatically send instant notifications for any sudden change in ranking either to you, your team or your client. This way, you can react at once to fix any possible issues or to take advantage of great opportunities.


What do you have to do to benefit from this great adjustment? Not much, really. If you already are a customer, when you  log in the tool, you will be asked to click on a link that will do the magic for you. If you are not our client yet, give us a try and take advantage of the possibility to track so many keywords, along with a complete digital marketing toolkit.


And as this is a gift that keeps on giving, we have some more surprises for you in the following weeks.

Stay tuned as the best is yet to come!


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