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We, at cognitiveSEO, try to define ourselves through innovation and cutting edge technologies. Yet,besides this, what really defines us is our users: what they want and what we believe they’ll need for the future. This is why we’re constantly working on improving our tool, in tailoring it by our customer’s needs. After closely researching our users’ behavior, we’ve realized that we can make our SEO dashboard even more user-friendly and flexible by adding some features that will help anyone do their work more efficient and effective.


Every time we develop a new characteristic or improve an existing one, we start by thinking about the core of that feature. Where it all began, what was its initial intent of that feature, what need it tries to respond, etc. When it comes to our dashboard, well, this is a discussion our Cognitive team is really into  because it goes back in the early 1900s and implies cars and horsepower.


In its first-line use, the dashboard (also called dash or instrument panel) was a control panel placed in front of the driver of an automobile, housing instrumentation and controls for operation of the vehicle. The word originally applied to a barrier of wood or leather fixed at the front of a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh to protect the driver from mud or other debris “dashed up” (thrown up) by the horses’ hooves. Albeit we’re almost 100 years later and a different type of dashboard is brought into discussion, its main functionality stays the same: an interface which purpose is to help the user control a mechanism.


Our dashboard’s goal is clear: an easy to read, real-time user interface, showing snapshots of the current status and historical trends of a website in order to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance.


Keeping this in mind, let me present you the main improvement that we’ve worked on.


A More Friendly User Interface

Just like in the case of cars, our dashboard’s purpose is to be practical but also user-friendly and capable to produce an engaging user experience. In the 1940s through the 1960s, American car manufacturers designed unusually shaped instruments on a dashboard laden with chrome and transparent plastic, very stylish but which could be less readable. We’ve learnt from here that design must be blended with functionality but neither of the two components must not lose over the other.

And as we strive for continuous improvement, we’ve decided to upgrade our existing SEO dashboard, making it even more easy to use and adding some brand new features.


Widget Multiple Selection


We proudly say that our Digital Marketing Dashboard is (probably) the most tailored to your needs and user-friendly interface you’ll get in touch with. Yet, we think that there is always space for improvement, no matter how good you believe your product is. This is why, we added the possibility of multiple selection of several widgets. The dashboard is fully customizable, meaning that you can move or resize all the widgets to any wanted size just by clicking on the bottom-right corner of the widget window and dragging it to the desired dimension. We’ve realized that multiple selection of the widgets can be a real gain for our clients while they personalize they dashboard. Having the dashboard your way is made even easier now as you can select how many widgets you want and place them wherever you find it best on your dashboard.

Multiple Selection SEO Dashboard


Improved Shared Dashboard


The possibility of sharing the dashboard was a feature which already existed. What we did was to emphasize this feature by adding a brand new shiny button which notifies or reminds  the user on this functionality.


Share SEO Dashboard


Just as a quick reminder, allow me to present you the main advantages of sharing your dashboard:


  • Keeps you, your clients and your team permanently connected to your business
  • Helps you save time and resources – you can choose to have displayed all your important information at a single glance,  reducing the amount of time you needed to generate reports, collate, compare and send them.
  • Helps you make business decisions based on real-time information as it gives  insight to you, your team and clients.
  • Helps you react quicker as you or your colleagues will be able to react accordingly to any situation, be it an unwanted penalty, a negative SEO attack or a sudden drop.


Easier Widget Management


We’ve also made some changes in the design of adding or editing the widget. You might think that they are just some technicalities but we think that the details are not the details. They make the design. And design is not just what it looks like and feels like, is also how it works. We strived to make your whole SEO Dashboard experience pleasant and magnetic and this is why we worked on all the details that create the big picture. When adding or editing a widget you will now have a more intuitive and handy interface to work with, as you have all the widgets clearly classified and easy to find. You can search for a widget using the search box or you can just scroll through the category of widget that interest you the most, be it inBound Link Analysis, rank Tracking or Social Visibility.


Add New Widget SEO Dashboard

Let’s say, for instance, that you are interested in adding some widgets regarding unnatural links. You simply search after the query “unnatural”, choose from all the widgets that you are displayed the one that you want to add in that moment and personalize it anyway you want. You can change its label, its reload time or the website you want to display data for. All this for a better and smoother experience when it comes to customize the digital marketing dashboard to your needs.

Add New Widget cognitiveSEO


The Main Digital Marketing Dashboard Benefits


At the end of the day, after long working hours, we are most interested with the benefits that the improvement we make are bringing to you and your business. Therefore, let’s review some of the main benefits that cognitive SEO’s Dashboard can bring:


  • Quick overview of how a website is performing overall, providing a “snapshot” of performance
  • Measures efficiencies/inefficiencies, giving you the possibility to identify and correct negative trends
  • Generates easy to access and real-time reports for your team and clients
  • Gives you the ability to make quick and informed business decisions at just a glance
  • Allow you to see all the data that matter to you instantly
  • Helps you keep track of your competitors and make side by side comparison easily


Just like in the case of a car’s control panel, our SEO dashboard  provides decision makers with the input necessary to best  “drive” their business. And just like in the case of the cars, the success of the dashboard consist on the metrics that were chosen for monitoring but also in the way these metric are analyzed and the decisions made, taken them into consideration.  And as there is no better way of understanding things than by actually testing them around, we recommend taking our SEO Dashboard for a “drive test” and unleash its great power that may have on your business.


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