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There is a common saying that “no job is finished until the paperwork is done”. And this quote is just as true for any profession – from a small eCommerce business to the Government – because generally talking, the only way a client can judge how well you’re doing the job is by reading the reports frequently. If something wasn’t included in the report, the client usually assumes it didn’t happen. If the report is inadequate, the client assumes that the job done is inadequate. If the report is neat, comprehensive and delivered on time, the client assumes that the people working for his company are doing a great job. At some point, any person working in the field is as good as his reports.

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I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the expression “He who controls information controls the world.” Well, there is a lot of truth in this saying as data are extremely powerful. Be they free, expensive, updated, skewed or highly accurate, data are the ones based on which most of the business decisions are made. Or at least, they should be. However, there is something  that equals the importance of raw information and that is the data analysis and interpretation, or otherwise, the data presented in reports.

Reporting is the process of assigning meaning to the collected information and determining the conclusions, significance, and implications of the findings.


Reporting is an indispensable part of any business. Almost every important decision in business, industry or government is taken on the basis of information presented or recommendations made in reports. Hence, the skill of report-writing is as important as the good raw material or the strategic decisions taken in order to run a business efficiently. So what if there was a possibility to  have all your reports taken care of, automatically sent to your clients and regularly shared with your team members? Well, we’ve made it possible for you, our beloved Cognitives, and we are more than proud to present to you the result of our latest work, a brand new digital marketing reporting module, tailored to your needs.


We will not fill your heads with all the features this module has, as you can find all the detailed documentation here. With no more introduction, allow me to present to you the main features of the star of the week, Reports&Schedules. 


Create Fully Customizable Reports Ready to Amaze Your Clients With


Ready-to-go templates for quick turnarounds are very useful – that’s why we’re offering you a handful to choose from. But sometimes it might be even more useful to have full creative control and build the reports the way you want them – and the way your client needs them.

You can now get custom-built reports for your client’s digital marketing needs, including relevant real-time data for your campaigns.

This will allow you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors by delivering key data packaged in a way that’s both relevant and appealing. From link analysis to social visibility or rank tracking, you get to decide what information best speaks to your most important results. You also get to add or remove information as you progress, because relationships are all about evolving together. Adaption is key in a competitive market and you now have the ability to adapt more than ever.

cogntiveSEO Report Widgets

Not only will your reports be relevant and tailored to your needs but they will also be very good looking.  Clothes and manners do not make the man; but once he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. We believe accurate, cutting edge data need to be the core of a report. However, appearance does matter and why not impress your clients with neat, easy-to-read, eye candy reports? Your report can look just the way you want, be it a template or a created from scratch, consistent and clean- cut at the same time.

cognitiveSEO Reports


Schedule Reports to be Sent Automatically to Your Clients


The ability to generate reports from already existing analyses is both great and indispensable. Yet, the process of exporting PDFs which need to be sent personally to different clients, on different dates and with different messages, might be a burden. As we know that time is the most valuable resource we have, we’ve decided to work on a feature that will give you more time and more accuracy in your relationship with your clients.

Our real-time digital marketing reports help you build a valuable business relationship with your client(s).

When it comes to reporting, the ability to deliver data regularly and on time is crucial.

You can’t always predict what’s going to happen a month, or even a week from now. But your clients don’t care if you go on holiday, have a busy day, or your servers are down. The good news for you is that none of that has to bother you from now on. You can schedule your reports to be automatically sent on your behalf, on a weekly or monthly basis, customized for your clients’ needs. You choose the day and time and cognitiveSEO will do the rest for you. This way you can keep your clients up to date with essential information on the status of your online marketing campaigns.

Data is power, but they’re most powerful when delivered on time, consistently.

We’ve made scheduled reports really easy for you. Therefore, with just a few clicks you can get rid of the burden of sending reports. All you need to do is set the recipient and  the sender (yes, we are that awesome to allow you to personalize even the sender of the mail ), the frequency you want the report to be sent with, the format and you are all set for the next weeks, months or even years. Yet, don’t think that once you’ve set your schedules you are stuck with them forever. Later on you can edit them, pause them when there is no need for them to be sent, resume them whenever you want and of course, delete them.


cognitiveSEO Scheduled Report


When it comes to reports, give the user full control is our motto. Therefore, you can choose what message you want to appear on the email sent to the client, and even more, you don’t need to limit yourself to one email; you can add up to 5 emails to send the scheduled report to, be it yourself, your clients, team members, etc. When it comes to the report format, then again, you’re the one who takes the decision for each and every report: a PDF file or a shareable link, as the situation requires.


White-label Reports for Your Marketing Needs


We’ve tailored our brand new reports&schedules to your needs so that what stands out is your relationship with the client.

Make a strong impression with your reports with the help of our full customization capabilities.

All reports are white-label so that you can give each client a fully branded overview with a custom analysis of their latest performance. It’s important to us that when you use our product, you maintain the appearance of professionalism at all times, even when getting help from someone else. This is why we’re giving you complete branding control over a flexible report ready to fulfill your needs.


Let’s say you have 3 clients and each one of them needs 3 different types of reports with their logo on them. No problem with that! For each  report you are sending you can choose which visual identity you want to use: cognitiveSEO logo, your already set white-label logo, any other image or no log at all. We understand that each report is unique and this is why we give you the possibility to emphasize this unicity anytime you want. Not just the logo can be changed but also the entire page header. You can personalize the report or campaign name but also choose the report date or even add extra info that your client or team member might find useful.





Share Reports with Clients and Team Members


Communication is not only the key to business relations, but also to business building. Flexible work, multi-national teams, virtual workplaces are all blooming and real-time updates are the bread and butter of a modern company.

Why not take advantage of the ever-shrinking world with the right tools?

We’re giving you the possibility of sharing updates on your work with team members as well as clients. Aside from schedules you can also share the SEO analysis reports by generating an audit report link where the document can be accessed. Your team members or your clients can now track their campaign’s progress using the provided report and access relevant data in a friendly, real time and interactive format. You decide who you want to have on your team and how much they can find out at any given time.

 cogntiveSEO sharable Report



We don’t want to load you with to much info about our great new digital marketing report module as we don’t want to steal from you the joy of discovering great features by yourself. We do believe that that our module can meet any given needs in terms of reporting . Yet, what better way to find this out than by testing it around? And as all our work is dedicated to our great users, we are open to any questions or suggestions related to our latest work.

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