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How do you get to be the best? ‘Know yourself to improve yourself’ said famous positivist philosopher August Comte in the 19th century. ‘Know yourself, know your worth’, echoed famous rapper Drake more recently. Regardless who you feel closer to, they’re both right.


One of the cornerstones of becoming the best – or just better – in any field is understanding where you are right now and how you can move past that.


In SEO, that means understanding where you stand compared to your competitors and how you wound up there. Of course, when it comes to search engines, where you stand is a tricky question to answer. But the thing that remained highly desirable is a high rank in the SERPs. That is why our newest effort is meant to help you get a grasp on how you rank, why you might have that rank and how you could rank higher.

 A New & Ultra-Accurate Rank Tracker with Local & Mobile  Capabilities is Launching!

New Local Mobile Rank Tracker

Ranking high is not just a matter of pride; it’s a matter of livelihood for most companies. If you want to succeed, you need to start your ascent with purpose and clarity. The only way to go forward is to craft your own road and your own recipe. That’s why we offer a tool with extensive customization capabilities, to help you decide what works best for you, why things work (and why they don’t) and where you can go from where you are now.


Why is Accurate Rank Tracking so Important?


The best way to predict what the future holds is to create it. Meaning that having an accurate overview of how your website is standing might be the first step to your future success. Not only that our New Rank Tracker helps you monitor your organic visibility in the SERPs but it might be the key in all your future website positioning strategies.  Frequently monitoring your keywords’ evolution may open the path to fitting strategies, traffic increase and great opportunities.

Yet, none of this can be possible if you don’t have a tool that provides you with the most accurate data possible.

For instance, Google Analytics gives you some info on the averages ranking of the websites. However, averages are not always the results you should be looking after. If, for instance, I put one foot in a bucket of hot water and the other one  in a bucket with ice water, on average does not mean that I feel good. As for us, when it comes to tracking your rankings, we put accuracy before everything.


We are more than pleased to share with you the brand new rank tracker we’ve been hardly working on for the past year.

A lot of time, energy, creativity and coffee was invested on it but we say it’s worth every piece of it.

Without further introduction, let us proudly present you the main features of our newly released Rank Tracker.


Ultra Accurate Mobile Rank Tracking

It’s common knowledge that mobile devices become more and more important in our daily life. What might not be that common is the fact that tracking mobile SERPs is now more important than ever with the mobile-friendly Google update. A further complexity element that wasn’t here just a few years back is the difference between desktop and mobile search results. Because of the difference in localization and level of personal information tracking in the 2 main types of devices, desktop and mobile,  search results may vary significantly.


This is why we understood that you might be more interested in ranking high on one platform than on the other, or you might be interest in both, so that we’ve added the possibility to choose on what device you want to do your research on. Either way, different strategies and different keywords might work and it’s important to understand which is which. It’s fine if you don’t want to optimize your website for mobile search, but it should be because you choose to, not because you’re missing the data to understand what works on mobile. We must mention that our newly Rank Tracking will adapt all its features depending the device you are interested in. For instance, if you switch to mobile rank tracking, when you’ll add a keyword, the suggestions will be made for mobile only.

 Desktop vs Mobile Rankings


Local Tracking on All International Markets


Of course, none of this can make us forget that “How do you rank?” is no longer a simple question. There is so much customization that goes into the way results are ultimately displayed, that tracking any rank seems almost futile. However, you can still find out valuable information, if you customize the tracking. With cognitiveSEO’s new shinning star, you can now track both universal and local search rankings. A lot of times people enquire about universal rankings, but what they’re really interested in are the local rankings. Let’s not forget that a lot of the users who are interested in ranks are working with small, local markets and these results are likely more relevant to them than the universal ones.

Rankings at City Level

We’ve worked on this feature constantly having in mind our user. So, this is for the ones with small businesses who want to figure out how are their affairs  are working in certains cities only. For the ones with big websites or agencies that always have to be in touch with their clients’ needs and regularly present them new opportunities. For the ones that have emerging businesses, for the ones who think global but stay local. For all our users who are constantly concerned on growth and developing,  now giving them the possibility to track their keywords at a local level also, on all international markets.

Discover Profitable Keywords You’ve Been Missing Out!


A good rank tracker tool should give you all the information you need in order to understand what keywords deserve your best efforts. Not all keywords act the same way for your website. Furthermore, not all keywords you are working with lead to positive results for your website. You have to know which keywords play the most important role in sending visitors to your website in order to carefully craft a strategy that is both effective and efficient. A regular rank tracker allows you to select and focus on keywords that work specifically for your site. Yet, our rank tracker can ultimately help you discover profitable keywords that you might have been missing out on, by providing you with a list of suggestion, just like you see in the screenshot below. It was designed to show you the best keywords for your site and your needs and goals specifically. Moreover, the suggestions are different depending on the location you are interested on or the device you are searching for (mobile or desktop).

You want to find out what could help you to rank high on a specific search engine, in a specific location, for a specific platform? Then that’s exactly the kind of help you’re going to get.


Get Instant Keyword Suggestions



Check Your Website’s Performance on All the Major Search Engines


Firstly, in any serious keyword research,  you’re going to need all the major search engines covered. Admittedly, if you’re interested in a single country or area, there might be one search engine that holds somewhat of a monopoly. But if there is a monopoly, that might be all the more reason to look after other search engines. Being the first ranked on a search engine with a smaller market share might be more profitable than being ranked on the second page on the search engine with the biggest market share. Our rank tracker allows to keep track of your presence on all search engines and compare which keywords have the most impact on each of them. You might realize that if you wish to rank high on more than one engine, your keyword menu might have to look a bit different than if you’re only interested in star power on one engine.


We leave at your disposal the possibility to track each keyword on whatever search engine you want. By default, for all our existing users we are going to leave the tracking on Google on, having, of course,  the possibility to add Bing and Yahoo whenever and if they want.  The reason we are doing this is because we believe that our users are partners in our mission. Therefore, we want to let you be the ones who decide how your subscription’s resources are best used. Depending on the subscription you are on, you have assigned a certain number of keywords and each tracked keyword “consumes” one credit from that number. You can choose to track some keywords on Yahoo, at a universal level and on desktop only while some other keywords you might need to track in seven different cities, on desktop and mobile also, on all search engines that you have at your disposal. For each type of search, a credit from the total number of keywords will be counted. Different users have different needs and this is why we find it only fair that you pay what you use.


Shows You The BEST Keywords to Optimize Your Site For

Aside from covering space, you might also want to cover time. Aside from getting a quick overview of your website’s performance at a glance, you can also track past performance of your website and keywords. Having the possibility to look at previous efforts can be a tremendous help in understanding what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes you change the keywords and after a while your ranking improves, but are the two events really related? Causality is hard to pinpoint with absolute certainty, but it gets easier to figure out when you can compare actions and results over time.



Get Instant Email Alerts for SERP Keyword Fluctuations


There can be any number of reasons why you might not be able to monitor changes in real time – time zone differences, unplanned emergencies, forgetfulness – and in all fairness, it doesn’t really matter to us why. What does matter is that you have the right tool to run the analysis smoothly and you get prompted when something changes in a significant way. You can set up the threshold for significance and our tracker will instantly alert you when things go awry (or awesome).


To top things off, you can also set up the rank tracker to automatically check your search engine ranking at various specified times. Just because you might not be at your computer on a certain day doesn’t mean you’ll want to ignore the available information. When it comes to data analysis, regularity of measurement is key. There are also the times when you decide to make a change and want to track the impact immediately after the change was made. Our tracker allows you to set up tasks which will run as smooth as if you were there to oversee them. You will receive alerts via email, just like the one below, on the frequency chosen by you, with the data that you want: keywords improved or declined, entry top 10 or exit top 100. The alerts are fully customizable so you can be sure you are going to get mails with the exact info that you need.


 Rank Tracking Email Alerts


Monitors Your Competitors’ Rankings and Compares Them to Yours


Moreover, you will be able to monitor your competitors’ rankings as well, and compare them to yours. You can find out a lot about worthwhile strategies by comparing results. Sure, there might be other factors to account for a difference in success (and many times the same strategy can be employed by similar companies with varying degrees of success), but there’s no denying that this kind of analysis will be extremely useful. Keep your allies close and your competitors closer and learn from both their victories and their mistakes. It might save you effort, money and time.


Customized & Automated Client Reports


Last but not least, all of this analysis comes neatly packed into highly customizable reports. Just as we let you decide which data is important for the rank tracker to grab and look at, we let you decide what you ultimately want to see from the analysis. See how you rank in comparison to others, how you rank in various locations or whether your site has moved up or down in search results. All of these can be automatically sent to your clients and team members, via email or a preset schedule.

Schedule Reports

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