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Malika Sharma - cognitiveSEO Author

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Malika Sharma

Brainstorming for content can be really difficult at times especially, when your job requires you to write about various niches at a short notice. Though there are many tools like discussion forums, content curation sites, social media platforms, social bookmarking sites, etc. that can help to overcome this problem. Using a lot of tools can be overwhelming. Hence, I have come up with some of my favourite tools that can help to do an effective brainstorm for content ideas. (more…) [...]
Sometimes, small business owners don’t have the required budget or time to create and implement an SEO and social media strategy for their company. Some business owners manage the SEO of their websites by themselves, without realising the complexities and details that can potentially result in a website receiving a penalty from search engines. A good SEO and social media strategy can help small and ‘boring’ businesses to have a competitive advantage by using these important SEO tips: &n [...]
  I’ve noticed lots of data visualisation posts and infographics being posted on many websites lately. Many of them are displaying too much information on a poorly designed visual post. Is this just another tactic to gain links? Just a few months ago, I heard some SEOs talking about how infographics don’t work for SEO campaigns and now the tables have turned. I’ve noticed a lack of strategic planning in the industry, which is the first and foremost step forFtops any campaign. A wel [...]
Content, data visualisations and social media are hot topics in the digital marketing industry currently. Brands are focusing on increasing engagement with their fans, customers and users. Facebook is of course the most widely used platform to interact and create social buzz around potential and existing customers. According to research by Buddy Media, retail brands that write a post in less than 80 characters on Facebook tend to receive 66% higher engagement as compared to longer posts. [...]
Over-optimisation of targeted anchor text has been given a lot of importance by SEO experts, in a bid to avoid getting slapped by Google’s penguin update. We saw the effects of the penguin update on many websites that have unnatural anchor text distribution and, as anyone would expect, this should have been applied to the ‘payday loans’ niche but, surprisingly, this is still not the case. Any rational SEO would think anchor text distribution is crucial in a competitive and controversial [...]