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The sheer fact that a pictorial representation stays in ones memory for a long time, makes Infographic a hotshot in Link Building. How many of us still remember the pictures given in our kindergarten books as compared with the long theoretical explanations in the later grades? If a picture is worth a thousand words, than an Infographic is worth more than that. How it combines complex data to form graphical representations which demands immediate attention and helps in the understanding of an [...]
Brainstorming for content can be really difficult at times especially, when your job requires you to write about various niches at a short notice. Though there are many tools like discussion forums, content curation sites, social media platforms, social bookmarking sites, etc. that can help to overcome this problem. Using a lot of tools can be overwhelming. Hence, I have come up with some of my favourite tools that can help to do an effective brainstorm for content ideas. (more…) [...]
* In our weekly link building technique column I'd like to stress relationships again. Connecting with people is crucial as websites do not link, people link. Of course there are automated links as well but most of them aren't worth it. The best links are editorial links by real people. Who you get editorial links from? "Editors" obviously. On the Web there are all kinds of editors. They can be webmasters bloggers journalists curators social media users content creators busi [...]
* One of the most common blogging mistakes when it comes to corporate and business blogs is being opportunistic. Just earlier today I have been interviewed by one of the largest German radio stations. I haven't been interviewed as an SEO specialist or SEO blogger though.  I work from Germany and I also blog in German but not about SEO. One of my blogs I have created in the past for clients and still write for is called zeitgeist. As the name already suggests to some extent the blog deals [...]
* In our weekly link building technique column I introduce acquiring links by feeding egos. It might sound a bit weird as most people consider egoism or the ego itself a trait to be ashamed of. So do we actually forage on the negative or even try to take advantage of people into linking to us? No, we and you have just to appeal to those who you like and make it worthwhile to link back to you. So again this technique is not a "SEO trick" to fool people, it's a way to ensure a true win to win [...]
* "Content is king" is one of the widest spread Internet memes. Whether you agree or not you will see the phrase referenced all over the place. For several years Google was one of the most ardent supporters of the "content is king" philosophy. Why does Google want you to "create great content" and lots of it? In order to explain why I wanted to track the first mention of "content is king" just to find out that Bill Gates declared in January of 1996. Also Sumner Redstone of Viacom said it [...]