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Once you've completed your competitor research and found some Google friendly link building opportunities, your next job will be to contact website owners to request your links via guest blogging, inclusion in a piece of content, or addition to a resource page. The link request is probably one of the most crucial parts of link building. If done correctly, you will ultimately get your link. If not, then you will lose the opportunity. The following are some tips to make sure that you get the li [...]
We all know that Google's algorithmic changes have impacted the way we do link building. But we also know that in some industries, there are plenty of competitors who are using risky link building techniques to rank well for their targeted keywords. So while you are doing your competitor analysis, ask the following questions about various sites that competitors are using to see if they will be Panda / Penguin friendly opportunities. Photo Credit: Matti Mattila on Flickr How to Evaluate G [...]
Anchor text has always been a hot topic of discussion, but it's not more important than ever thanks to Google's algorithm changes that have affected link building. While most have known a natural link profile doesn't equal a majority of links with targeted keyword based anchor text, it hasn't stopped many SEO's from pursuing keyword anchor text heavily in their link building efforts for clients and many times, by the client's own request. What Might Be Considered Natural Anchor Text While ther [...]
There are many SEO tactics that could negatively influence a sites' ranking. The tactics presented in this article are 7 of the most important ones, that I consider you should avoid, as to the 2012 events (Penguin/Panda/other Google updates). They are both onsite and offsite tactics. (Note: LQ = Low Quality) 1. Directories (LQ) This is one of those "Post Penguin" tactics to avoid. Of course there are still, great human-edited directories that will give you quality links (even if paid). bo [...]
This last month was all about Google Penguin. Because of that, I thought on asking some of the brightest minds in the SEO industry, to share their opinions on what "Penguin" is and how it affected link building and SEO. It is important to know that none of the interviewees knew who are the other participants to the interview. This makes the interview unique, by sharing the individual opinions regarding the Google "Penguin" update, of each of the link builders. This is an in-depth interview [...]
After our guide on how you can easily identify low quality links and link networks, we decided to host a webinar where we did in-depth analysis on the "Google Penguin" update. The following video is an advanced seo training on how you can identify the links that have caused your site to be affected by the unnatural link update aka Penguin. Be prepared! ... it is an 1 hour and a half training video. You can either browse to the topic you are interested in (by clicking on the links below) or [...]
This is the TOOL that you don't want them to have! We’re a few days away from the official launch of the powerful SEO software called cognitiveSEO. This is the tool that will help you spy on your competitors’ link building strategies and see what they’re doing right, so you can do it too – and better! It took us 2 years to turn the paper sketches, into the remarkable software that it is today. And once you’ll try it out, you’ll know there’s no such tool [...]
* In this week I prepared something special in our link building technique column: Building links by being ridiculous. Some people believe that trust, authority and credibility are crucial when it comes to organic link building. Why else would be people want to link back to you? Well, they would because you are ridiculous. Just last week I advised you not be ridiculous so did I change my mind? No, I mean another kind of ridiculous. You are not meant to be ridiculous by accident. Instead [...]
* In this week's link building technique column I'd like to write about bragging. Yes, bragging, as in telling people you're the best. I don't just mean success stories and case studies. I'm talking about bragging like hip hop stars do. Also I want to explain how to make people link to you by bragging. Just watch the typical mainstream video with the "hot chicks", big cars and gold chains. These may be cliches but they are still working even after thirty years of hip hop. While you most [...]
* Welcome to our weekly linkbuilding technique column! Back when I first started out to use the Internet around 1997 it was all about hypertext. Hypertext, the interconnected text containing links where you do not have to structure reading in a linear way with numbered pages that follow each other. Instead you can use links like some wormholes to end up on the other end of the world within an instant. Links made a huge difference and we willingly embraced linking out as the early Web ent [...]