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Our all-inclusive Site Audit tool is part of a complete SEO Software suite that covers all the needs an SEO Pro, webmaster or digital marketer might have : Backlink Analysis, technical SEO Audits, content audits, keywords research & rank tracking, content optimization, Google Penalty prevention and recovery, and much much more.

Bill Sebald

Within 24 hours, we saw our rank improve from #5 for the term we were optimizing for to #2. This fluctuated over next few days but then we settled into the #2 spot and have remained there since.

Bill Sebald
Founder @Greenlane

Audit Your Site for Improved SEO and Conversions

cognitiveSEO's audit tool detects all the seo issues of your online business and lets you know exactly what’s holding your website back from ranking and how to efficiently perform conversion rate optimization step by step.

A complete website audit will give you a deeper understanding of why your site is not generating the organic traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving.

Audit Your Site for Improved SEO and Conversions

Boost Search Rankings by Fixing Your Website Errors Quickly

Conducting a technical SEO audit to check your website's health and your SEO errors is essential but so is actually fixing the errors found as a result of the technical analysis. Our SEO analysis tools help you prioritize your website errors and repair them in the shortest time possible.

Boost Search Rankings by Fixing Your Website Errors Quickly

Improve User Experience by Correcting Site Architecture Problems

An excellent site architecture is mandatory for both search engines and for the user experience. Our onpage SEO audit helps you diagnose all the problems with your site structure or website architecture so that you can deliver the best UX for your users. Our SEO checker also performs an in-depth competitor analysis so you can check what your competitors are doing and how can you beat them at their own game.

Improve User Experience by Correcting Site Architecture Problems
John Clark

At Razorfish we are always looking to explore new and cutting-edge tools. I'm proud to say we were an early adopter of cognitiveSEO. As the features and capabilities have continued to expand, cognitiveSEO is one of our first stops when starting a competitive analysis, exploring a Business Development opportunity and developing a link building strategy. The visualization of the data and the categorization of mountains of backlink data saves us time and allows us to focus on what we do best – implementation

John Clark
Director, SEO @ Razorfish

Cutting-Edge Technical SEO Audit for Marketers and Professionals

Regardless if you are a marketer looking to improve the overall performance of a website or if you’re a skilled technical SEO who wants to dig deeper into the analysis, our powerful Site Audit offers you the exact customized data that fits your needs.

Our SEO Audit Tool crawls all the pages it finds on your website to provide a fully customized set of data easy to comprehend and visualize.

Cutting-Edge Technical SEO Audit for Marketers and Professionals

Unique SEO Data to Help you Improve Your Rankings

Our comprehensive SEO audit tool has a set of unique features that give you the possibility of improving your rankings in a matter of days.

The content analysis audit runs an in-depth targeted keyword analysis, letting you know which are the exact keywords and phrases you need to use to secure your place in the top rankings in the search results. It also identifies in seconds critical issues like duplicate content, thin content, duplicate meta descriptions & titles and any other content marketing related issue

Content Optimization Tool

Monitor the Google Ranking Factors that Affect Your Performance

With the ever-evolving search engines' updates you will need an efficient solution to keep your rankings safe. That's why we offer not only in-depth site audits, but we also correlate your site's performance with Google algorithmic updates & fluctuations. Within our SEO audit process we monitor the Google SERP in real time, offering comprehensive correlations between your site's overall SEO performance and Google rankings.

Monitor the Google Ranking Factors that Affect Your Performance

Top in Demand SEO Checks

cognitiveSEO's onpage analysis offers a set of unique features and numerous parameters that allows you to see what's under the hood of your entire website and your SEO campaigns. Below are just some of the features that our comprehensive audit checklist contains.

Top in Demand SEO Checks
  • Duplicate Content & Duplicate Meta Tags
  • Offpage & Onpage Ranking Factors
  • Broken Internal & External links and Landing Pages
  • Website speed & Loading Time Issues
  • AMP & Mobile Friendly Analysis
  • HTTP Status Code Implementation Issues
  • Incorrect Canonical Tags
  • Website Architecture Issues
  • Indexability Audit Reports
  • Hreflang & International SEO Reports
  • Linking Structure Problems
  • Meta Descriptions, Title Tags & Content Issues
  • Anchor text issues
  • Social Media - Twitter Cards & Facebook Open Graph issues
  • Image Attributes Problems
  • Malware Threats
  • Unsecured Content Issues
  • Google PageSpeed Integration
  • XML Sitemap Issues
  • Structured Data Problems

Track Your Progress in the Cloud & Get Scheduled Site Audit Reports

Our SEO website audit makes it easy for you to monitor your site's progress, keeping track of your errors that have been fixed and allowing you to check if any new issues have come up over time. Our SEO analyzer manages everything in the cloud so no need for any kind of installation on your side.

You can create white label website SEO reports & site audits so that you can stay focused on the relevant outputs of your latest work. Automatic savings of each crawl & reports as well as automatic schedules are available.

Track Your Progress in the Cloud & Get Scheduled Site Audit Reports