Here, at cognitiveSEO, we believe that things are always evolving, and that such evolution is nothing but necessary. Not only for us, but for our day to day users, our readers, our fans, our critics as well. We strive to push our limits and overcome our struggles. And when we do, we get to know ourselves better. This is how we came up with a series of brand new improvements today, specially designed for you, our beloved cognitives.


Today it’s our Site Explorer’s turn to get updated. Just as a quick reminder, our Site Explorer is one of the fastest and most accurate ways of researching links, spotting growth opportunities & investigating rankings for any site.





Just a few months ago the Site Explorer benefited from another round of updates. Why do we keep on improving our tools so often, one might think. Well, we live in a world characterized by evolution. And the driving forces behind the evolution of our system is our need to solve real problems and needs.


I invite you to watch two sessions of Formula 1 pit stops, one from 1950 and the other one from 2013. If in the Indianapolis F1 Circuit from the ’50 it took the team “only” 67 seconds to make all the changes needed for the car, nowadays, literally, if you blink, you’ve missed the pit stop as things are going that fast. It is in our human nature to always reach for something better, higher and we, at cognitiveSEO don’t make an exception from that.

Without any further introduction, allow me to proudly present you the cognitiveSEO Site Explorer’s main improvements.


Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

Technological development offers new possibilities to make people’s daily lives safer, healthier, funnier and more comfortable. The new technologies provide us with great tools for managing our digital marketing strategies as well as tools for elderly people to live longer on their own. And all of these tools are great. Yet, what makes the difference between just some functional tools and some life changing innovations is the user’s ability to interact with those tools. Be it smart phones, smart 3D television, online shopping and communities or ambient intelligence and smart homes, what we really like about all of these is the capacity of interacting with them.


actionable data site explorer cognitive


We understood this but moreover, we understood our users’ need of a highly actionable tool that would allow them to craft their workflow just the way they want. This is why we came up with an even more user friendly Site Explorer, where almost every piece of data, every number, each link, each chart or list is actionable. Putting it simply, almost anywhere you click within the cognitiveSEO’s Site Explorer, you will be provided you with valuable pieces of data.


Some of this update’s benefits:

  • Easier to navigate within the tool
  • Dive deeper into specific data
  • Get instant data on what interest you most
  • Better data visualization


2a.actionable data


Let’s say for instance that out of your whole link profile you are interested in image links only. Manually analyzing all the links and trying to identify only the image-related ones might consume not only a lot of time but it will also put your patience to test. What the new Site Explorer does for you is instantly showing you the data you are interested in, in an easy to understand view, with export and management possibilities. Couldn’t be easier.


Deep Dive Instantly into All Your Referring Domains and Links


Imagine that two people are carving a six-foot slab of wood at the same time. One is using a hand-chisel, the other, a chainsaw. If you are interested in the future of that slab, whom would you watch? Which one do you think will finish the slab first? And which one do you think would win more points at the work quality part?


In digital marketing, just like in probably any other domain, we want to have data as fast but also as accurate as possible. Yet, most of the time we need to sacrifice speed at the expense of quality or vice versa. The Site Explorer is trying to offer instant data in almost any SEO matter that might interest you but without losing sight of the importance of the data quality.

referring site explorer cognitive


As we know how important the referring domain are, we’ve created a special actionable section, entirely dedicated to referring domain. We know that in the industry there is always this “craving for links” and many companies are working to build as many links as possible from any source possible. From our point of view, just counting links instead of focusing on the referring domains is a mistake.


Let’s say you are trying to see how two sites are doing from a link profile point of view:


  • Site “A” has 100,000 links, coming from 10 referring domain.
  • Site “B”, has 1,000 links coming from 100 referring domains.

Which one do you think is more popular in the SERPs?


Site “B” is surely doing better, even though it has 10 times fewer links. Why? It has 10 times more referring domains.


When you try to unravel the “mystery” of a link profile, the first number you should look at is the number of referring domains.


And this is why we’ve felt the need of creating an actionable area, easy to reach, were referring domains are analyzed at leisure.



Referring Domains Site Explorer
Having all your referring domains and link is great. Yet, having the essential data for all them, that’s magic. Not only do we offer you a list with all your links referring domains but we also give you the possibility to check out each and every domain, to see the influence each has on your overall website profile, its date and its top 10 backlinks.




Easily Export Any Info that Interest You


It is said that no job is done until the paperwork is finished. Of course, when we say “paperwork”, we are not referring to stack of files but to an ease in working with files, no matter of the amount of data contained.


We all need to export data for several reasons: reporting, pitching, analyzing, creating statistics, managing the data, share them with coworkers, and we could add here dozens of reasonings. Yet, for whatever reason we might need to download data from different tools one thing is sure: we want the process to be done as easy and as adapted to our needs as possible.


exports cognitiveseo explorer


One click away exports are easy to spot just by taking a look at the Site Explorer. You have the export button, with two downloading possibilities: CSV or Excel file. What is even more useful is the fact that you can download ANY data available in the Explorer, well segmented and niched.


Sometimes a folder with 500 referring domains and 9000 links might not be exactly what you’d like to consider manageable. We know this as we’ve often experienced it. This is why you now have total control over your exported data. Meaning that you can download a very specific segment of links or only the referring domains with a certain influence, or if you want, the whole link profile. You are the one deciding when and what you want to export.


Filter, Sort and Share Any Data


When working with a high amount of data, filtering and sorting it is of paramount importance. Paraphrasing a famous English novelist, all data are equal but some of them are more equal than others. Meaning that not all data have the same importance at the same time. Sometimes you might feel the need to visualize the links with high influence first, while sometimes you might want to order the referring domains by date. Whatever need you might have, you will find it easy to filter and sort any data that interest you with this Site Explorer’s new feature.


filtering and sorting xognitive explorer


We know how important metrics are for you as your current or future strategies rely on them. At the same time, we know that as important as the metrics might be, the ease with which you access and visualize the data is as important. Our new Site Explorer allows you to share the data you are analyzing with your colleagues, your partners, your clients or anyone you want. Just let anyone you want know the URL you are on and the other person will see the exact data and metrics that you do.


Site Explorer – Just the Beginning of the Journey


All the analysis made with the Site Explorer can give you great digital marketing insights for any website, be it yours, your competitors or your clients. You can have an in-depth overview of your past or recent work and you can have a professional idea of how you’re standing based on the data provided by our Site Explorer.


Yet, this is just the beginning of the adventure, let’s say, just an warm-up. In order to take strategic digital marketing decisions or to craft a long or short term strategy for any website, a more in-depth analysis is needed. This is why we recommend you run cutting-edge link audits, ultra powerful but easy to understand, with cognitiveSEO’s InBound Link Analysis. Dozens of data are put at your disposal, whether you want to use it for research, pitching or reporting. A lot of geeky data that offer powerful insights in a comprehensive visualization.


Site Explorer is great for getting an overview of the situation but is the inBound link analysis that will actually make things happen for you.

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