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I just received this mail, in the morning, from a certain “Steven Robert” whom I never talked to before asking me to publish his SEO article.

Here is the mail. Straight to the subject wouldn’t you say :) (FAIL)

What is his name again … Robert or Robart … !? ( FAIL)

This is a bulk mailing with a WORD file attached containing the “master SEO piece article” … ( FAIL AGAIN)

And he wants to rank for “search engine”. Hey Google … you got competition! (TOTAL FAIL)

Quick Idea: hmm or maybe he tries to dilute his anchor text distribution or knows about anchor text vicinity influence on rankings  … he needs to be way too smart to do this. (NOT THE CASE)

Quick FREE tips for massive outreach senders so they don’t get in the Junk folder or the recipients forever:

  • Know your OWN name
  • Forget about 123(abc etc) ending Skype and Gmail accounts. It really looks shady!
  • Don’t ever send an already written article attached (without prior contact about this) … it really looks like a banana dropped in the middle of the ocean. (what an inspirational metaphor … lol )
  • Exclude any http:// from the links found in the subject. Strip down from “Blog Post for http://cognitiveseo.com/blog” to “blog post for cognitiveseo”.
  • Finally don’t do massive bulk outreach without customization.


  • this is Outreach Gone Wrong!
  • the Content Development guy got his article published … didn’t he ?! – just not the way he would have hoped for.




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