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I start this post by saying:

Thank you for such a Great First Year & 
Happy Birthday cognitiveSEO!

 This week we just moved up on the age scale. We just turned 1!

Back in December 2011, after a year and a half of continuous programming & development, we launched the 
cognitiveSEO toolset.

Rewinding time, I can say that it was quite an exciting day. 2 hours before the expected launch time our ISP had a connection issue and we were cut off. You just can’t imagine the frenzy that got into us at the time. We had to 
quickly find a few internet sticks to “plug in” and make everything work as planned.

Finally we did it and we successfully launched! 

We generated a lot of buzz and people joined our new toolset to check it out.
I am glad to say that we still have active customers that joined cognitiveSEO that first day, 1 year back.
Now we are an SEO platform that has one of the best and most in-depth backlink analysis module, integrated with daily rank trackinglink management and an multi-user task management module.

Here are some of the principles that guide us in creating and updating the toolset:

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Transparency
  • NO Robotic Support – Just shoot us a mail to get to know us and the toolset better.
  • NO Pushy Sales – Just open minded guys that really want to give you a helping hand.
  • A Smart SEO Toolset for the Smart Webmaster, Agency and Enterprise Customer.
  • Continuously updated – In such a challenging field, as the Internet Marketing one, it is impossible to stay up-to-date and operate under a static software.

Talking about the last item in the list, we could not have happily celebrated the 1 year anniversary without adding some cool new features 🙂 to the toolset. Here they are:

1. 500% Processing Performance Increase

We have completely rewritten the entire backend processing system in order to speed up the on-demand crawling and analyzing of your sites. At this point we can scale the system up to almost an “unlimited” number of servers, based on the required processing volume. Any account on the system benefits from this performance increase. Enterprise customers, with very big sites, will be more than happy to have their campaigns ran much faster now.

Here is a quick video that explains what is actually going on under the hood of the cognitiveSEO system.

2. The New cognitiveSEO Link Rank™ (CLRank™)

The CLRank™ is a transparent,crowd-sourced  and customizable score that gives you a better overview on a sites’ link profile value. We created this score because we, and our customers, felt the need of a transparent score for a site’s link profile.

Now you can better compare you site and your competitors using this link metric.

The CLRank™ has as ingredients the number of referring domains, links, IPs, link velocity trends and other link related factors. By default it has different influences applied to each of these ingredients. This is a better & transparent metric than other individual metrics, because it  uses metrics from our data providers (Ahrefs, MajesticSEO & SEOmoz) as ingredients, crowd-sourcing then into the final score along with values such as the exact number of referring domains, unique anchor texts and others important factors that could influence a sites’ ranking from a link profile point of view.

Each ingredients’ influence can be altered by you, if you consider that in certain cases the default influences may not be what you need them to be.

The CLRank™ altering option is available for the Premium & Elite subscriptions, as this is mainly to be used by Power Users.

3. Real-time Campaign Processing Preloader

Rewriting the entire backend system empowered us to add this preloader, allowing you to see how fast your campaign is processed and stay up to date with the status of the crawling and analyzing on your campaign. The preloader will also give you insight into what is going on in the backend … things such as fetching links, analyzing pages, extracting metrics and other messages will be displayed during the process.

To conclude this post, the entire cognitiveSEO team would like to thank you for an excellent year. (check more photos from our 1 year anniversary party on our Facebook page)

Looking forward for an even better 2013.

Happy SEO Analysis to you all!

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