This post is actually my presentation that I gave last week at SearchMarketingDay in Poznan. It is a guide that I called the “THE NO.BS GUIDE” and covers the most important aspects surrounding the Google Penguin penalties and Unnatural Link Warnings.

This guide combined with our freshly launched automatic unnatural link detection system gives you super SEO powers to recover and prevent any unnatural link penalty.

I would like to personably thank Cezary Lech and the MaxRoy team for organizing SMD 2013. I was at the 2011 event also, and I can tell you that the folks in Poland are getting better and better at SEO ( either black or white, though they have a slight affinity for the black arts J).

Here are some photos from the event.

It was a pleasure talking to smart guys such as Dan Petrovic and Toni Anicic from DejanSEO. Josh Bachnisky from SENuke,  Dixon Jones  from MajesticSEO, Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics and all the others at SMD (sorry if I missed you here … there were just so many cool guys there)

Wishing you a quicker site recovery and a better link understanding for any future link building strategies you might implement!

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