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cognitiveSEO launches SEO Toolkit to help webmasters, marketers and agencies create stronger link building strategies and outrank competitors faster and easier.

December 07, 2011 – Link analysis is both time-consuming and expensive when one doesn’t use the right tools. cognitiveSEO launches today an advanced SEO toolkit specifically designed to make link analysis easier and faster. With it, one can keep an eye on his links and his competitors’ links at all times.

cognitiveSEO was built to help webmasters, marketers and agencies reduce the time spent on SEO analysis and finding link prospects. The new link building toolset allows you to analyze & comprehend large lists of backlinks in minutes and correlate that information with actual ranking positions. With the cognitiveSEO toolset, competitor analysis takes less time, allowing the webmaster to focus on link building and other important tasks.

cognitiveSEO’s most important features to make SEO work as easy as possible:

1.Integration with multiple third-party backlinks providers to get the most in-depth link analysis.

2.Access to SEOmoz & MajesticSEO metrics for each analyzed link to get the best insights.

3.Identify the position of the inbound links on a page in a matter of seconds with a unique feature that works like a visual crawler (Link Previews). And it can do this on a large scale, for hundreds and thousands of links.

4.Filter inbound link profiles and generate graphs to see how to rank higher. (Advanced Link Profile Filtering)

5.Find Competitor weak spots and outrank them faster (Competitive Link Analysis)

6.Track the historical evolution of any competitor’s backlink profiles and monitor your own site. (Timeline)

7.Weekly Rank Tracking for Google/Bing & Yahoo in over 50 countries. (SERP Monitoring)

8.Track links daily and get notified when any issues appears. (Link management)

Razvan Gavrilas, Founder and chief architect at, talks about the launch: “I am really proud of all the features that we have developed since we started, back in April 2010. This tool integrates the work of over 15 people who who have contributed to it over the last almost 2 years of development.
I am particularly proud of the unique features that we developed internally (Link Previews, Link Classification, Website Classification and Content Category) plus the whole UI and the actionability of the data inside the tool. All of the links are augmented with multiple metrics and properties and the visualizations provided by the tool are exceptional. This tool means affordable high quality SEO analysis.
Besides the core functionality of the product which is the inBound Link Analysis, the tool also provides Link Management, Rank Tracking in Google, Bing and Yahoo and To-do management to make your team much easier to manage”.

cognitiveSEO can be purchased with one of the available three types of subscriptions. Each subscription is personalized to the needs of any SEO professional starting at the affordable $49 price tag. The tool has also Custom and Enterprise packages.


Founded in 2010, cognitiveSEO is an advanced SEO solution for Webmasters , Marketers and Agencies interested in link analysis and search engine rankings tracking. The core module of the application is the inBound Link Analysis that provides the most advanced toolkit for analyzing links and identifying the best link prospects to increase your site’s rankings. The company is based in Iasi, Romania, Europe.

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