At cognitiveSEO, we are always trying to make our user’s experience as good as possible and be of a real help to our customer’s businesses. This is why we put in a lot of working hours in improving the toolset. This update improves the functionality of the Unnatural Link Detection Tool by simplifying the old interface and adding a few more in-depth analysis charts that will give you a clear picture on why your site might be penalized or why it could be penalized in the future.

Unnatural links are a big issue. A lot of sites were already penalized by Google for excessive unnatural linking. More will follow probably. Webmasters struggle to find the best means to identify the rotten apples in their garden while Google sharpens its weapons to catch “the enemy”. With Google Penguin 3.0 (based on the Matt Cutts’ numerotation … others would call it Google Penguin 6.0 )  lurking around the corner and the well-known search engine’s volatility, we are trying to always be one step ahead. We think that it is better to prevent than to treat and this is why we want to proudly announce some major improvements that we’ve made to our tool.

1. Simpler. Yet More In-Depth Unnatural Link Detection

The interface was simplified and all the functionality that could be found previously here is found in the Link Navigator, the tool that allows you to review all of the links and prepare the disavow of link removal campaign as quickly as possible.

In-depth Google Penguin 3.0 Penalty Analysis and Recovery

2. The Most Common Unnatural Link Issues

Identifying the unnatural links is great but wouldn’t be greater if you had the means to see in a well-organized list what are the most common issues of those unnatural links? Now, you have this possibility. We’ve created a great chart that indicates what are the most common unnatural link issues of yours or your competitor’s site. This great list give you the possibility to make an overall idea about a site’s main issues but also comes in hand when trying to find a “clean-up” strategy for your site.

Most Common Unnatural Link Issues

3. The Most Common Unnatural Anchor Text

Over-optimization of targeted anchor text has been given a lot of importance, specially in a bid to avoid getting slapped by Google’s Penguin update. The Penguin update’s effects have been visible on many websites that have unnatural anchor text distribution. In a competitive market it is crucial to know what unnatural anchor text a site has. This is why we’ve created for you a chart of the Most Common Unnatural Anchor Text. This list offers you great hints about what your next moves should be and gives you a great overview of your site’s main issues.

Most Common Unnatural Anchor Text

4. Top Unnatural Linked Pages

It’s never been easier to find out what are the top pages on a site the are most linked by unnatural or suspect links. We’ve created the Top Unnatural Linked Pages chart that helps you to find out in a flash the main domains or pages that might cause you the dreaded Google Penalty.

 Top Unnatural Linked Pages

5. Unnatural Links History

Any site has, in different ratios, unnatural, suspect and ok links. It’s highly important to know which one are which but it is as important to have an overview about the historical evolution of the unnatural, suspect and ok links. Now, you can check this out in a blink, just by getting a glimpse of the weekly historical evolution of the unnatural, suspect and ok links.

Unnatural Link History

6. Quickly Setup Unnatural Links E-mail Alerts

A highly recommended feature is the Unnatural Links E-mail Alerts, which sends you e-mail the moment it finds new unnatural links for your site ( or competitors’ site). This feature allows you to stay up to date with the evolution of the Google Penalty Risk without the needs to constantly check your cognitiveSEO account. You will receive only the most important mails that matter to your business.

Email Alerts Unnatural Links

7. PDF Report to Pitch New Clients and Amaze The Current Ones

Whether you want to present the data and statistics to your clients or you want to present amazing pitches in order to get new clients, you can create a very comprehensive unnatural links PDF report with the most important information. The generated report can be white labeled with your own logo, if you need it.

Unnatural Links PDF Report Pitch

8. In-Depth Documentation Guide on How to Best Use the Unnatural Link Detection Tool.

Even if the tool is simple to use, there are a few things that you should know before using it in order to have the best experience and recover your site faster. We have wrote a very in-depth guide that includes both video tutorials and written documentation of each of the functionalities of the tool. You can access the unnatural links guide documentation here. You can also find a full documentation for the entire cognitiveSEO toolset on the site.


Even though you may see yourself as a true white hat SEO and you do everything by the book, you never know when you’re going to be under a negative SEO campaign siege or get hit by the dreaded Google Penguin 3.0 (or another unnatural links update). As Google constantly improves its algorithm you may never know when you end up on the wrong side of its Guidelines. That’s why you always have to be prepared by monitoring your link profile constantly. As the scout motto says “Be Prepared”, which means to always stay in a state of readiness so you can better react in troublesome situations. The Unnatural Link Detection Tool transforms the  assiduous workload of monitoring link profiles and identifying unnatural links into a simple task.


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