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Cornelia Cozmiuc - cognitiveSEO Author

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Cornelia Cozmiuc

Cornelia is a proud Digital Marketer @ cognitiveSEO. When she is not documenting for the next amazing case study, she is probably somewhere trying out a new extreme sport such as Hang Gliding. Also, she's an avid traveler, extreme sports enthusiast, and aspiring drum singer.
Enjoy a brand new cognitiveSEO Talks - On Search and Traffic with Dawn Anderson, an all-in-one professional that will make you take out a pen and a sheet and note everything she has to say.   There’s a lot to say about Dawn. She is a skillful digital marketer and SEO consultant with over 11 years of experience, Lecturer at Manchester University. She is also a speaker and trainer, contributing in international conferences and she also founded Move It Marketing Agency back in 2012. &nbs [...]
This cognitiveSEO Talks - On Search and Traffic episode brings to your attention a bunch of rare SEO tips and tricks and a frank all-SEO discussion with Andrea Pernici, a chief technology officer specialized in search engine marketing, design, and technical SEO, to mention just a few.     From web analytics to mobile marketing, HTML & CSS, Andrea has it all: great digital marketing skills, an excellent understanding of the SEO landscape and a highly business-oriented approach. Ther [...]
A new episode of cognitiveSEO Talks - On Search and Traffic, brings a new topic and a highly experienced professional: Gianluca Fiorelli. SEO Strategist and International SEO Consultant at, Gianluca is working in the web marketing field since 2003. That’s about 15 years which means a lot in the digital marketing field.   In the current cognitiveSEO Talk, Gianluca Fiorelli speaks openly about SEO audits, link and content building, how CTR works and top things any digital m [...]
We can already see a convergence between digital marketers, SEOs and webmasters. Although they all have their own tasks and responsibilities, at some point all of their work will revolve, more or less, around the concept of link building. This is the topic that we’re going to talk about in today’s article.   While link building, alongside content, might have a bad name in the industry it still is the number one signal Google looks at when deciding to rank a website. There are countles [...]
Here it is: a new episode of our cognitiveSEO Talks - On Search and Traffic, this time with David Harry, one of the most important pioneers in SEO. Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, you need to know that there are 20 years since David is working in the SEO niche.    David Harry spent about five years doing forensic SEO (which is helping people with SEO problems, penalties, and things related to this) and he got to the point where he doesn’t need to pitch to clients to attract th [...]
The latest cognitiveSEO Talks episode - On search and Traffic - brings to your attention Dan Petrovic, a digital marketer from Australia who runs a company called Dejan. Except being a great guy with an experience of over 16 years in digital marketing, Dan is quite involved in understanding how people consume news content online.   The director of Dejan shared with us loads of tips on how to write content like a pro, how to make the most out of Search Console plus tons of great insights o [...]
Happy to bring to your attention the fifth episode of our cognitiveSEO Talks: On Search and Traffic, this time with patent master Bill Slawski. He is an outstanding individual, eager to know more about search-related patents and white papers, and providing the SEO industry with in-depth and helpful insights posted on his SEO by the Sea blog. Having worked with a wide range of clients, from nonprofits to Fortune 500, Bill's the go-to person when needing an expert view on technical SEO topics. & [...]
Growth and comfort rarely coexist. Here, at cognitiveSEO, we know this better than anyone. We knew it was high time we rolled up our sleeves and worked our fingers to the bone to give our users the best possible experience. So here we stand today, proud to present you what we've been working on for the past few months: simply put, a better cognitiveSEO app.    Better. Faster. Stronger. This is how the cognitiveSEO app feels like now. We spent the last couple of months improving our tool [...]
We can finally share with you el cuarto episode of our cognitiveSEO Talks: On Search and Traffic where an energetic and truly inspiring Aleyda Solis challenged us to reconsider our marketing tactics and views. Aleyda is an international SEO consultant, blogger for multiple high-authority outlets such as SEL, State of Digital, and Moz, experienced speaker, with more than 100 conferences in 20 countries, and also the author of the SEO book in Spanish SEO. The Essential Points.    We can al [...]
Ranking number one on Google is great. But ranking in a Google answer box is awesome. Answer boxes might be a blessing for both users (they get the desired info without having to click through to a website ) and webmasters (their website is in the foreground, above the top ranking websites).      But how do you know if your website is ranking in an answer box? With so many keywords you might be ranking for, a manual check is unreasonable. Don't lose hope, as we've found a really easy an [...]