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Eva Nastrut - cognitiveSEO Author

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Eva Nastrut

Eva is a happy cognitiveSEO content writer, obsessed with innovation and passionate about playing with words and long phrases. Outside of the writing lab, she's known for being a relentless cyclist, board game aficionado, sports enthusiast, and she's head over heels for reading novels, cooking, and eating delicious food.
Every digital marketer, webmaster, SEO professional, or online business owner is interested in and needs to do rank tracking. We all depend on it like we do on oxygen.   Yet, with Google's latest changes and algorithm updates, it's becoming harder and harder to do keyword tracking accurately. There are even voices saying that rank tracking is obsolete and makes no sense in tracking your keywords anymore.  But is it really so?   Despite all the restless pessimistic thoughts and nag [...]
The digital marketing industry is full of people worth following, reading, listening to, and eventually learning from. There's no one who could utter the words "I did it all on my own" or "I've got no inspiration other than me, myself, and I, because I know all the digital marketing tips and secrets out there".   Digital marketing influencers, be they men or women, are sizzling in this world of continuous change and wonder, and they have thousands, if not millions of followers who sip fro [...]
We are witnesses to the huge leap content is making nowadays, and we need to adapt our content marketing strategies. We need to stand out in the crowded content space. But where should we start from?   Plato's saying is one many writing talents and content gurus hold dear to, and it goes like this: “Those who tell the stories, rule the world”.    Content has always been a powerful weapon for whatever those who knew how to wield it were after. Kings knew its importance, histor [...]
Marketing newsletters can always be a good topic to start a fiery debate. There are two parties involved, and both of them are right! Newsletters are helpful, necessary, engaging, and most of the times free - yes. But, at the same time, they can be annoying, intrusive, spammy, and often irrelevant to our daily interests - true.   So what's there to be done?   Here is where we come to rescue: We made a curation of the best newsletters in marketing, and we divided them into segments [...]