Marketing newsletters can always be a good topic to start a fiery debate. There are two parties involved, and both of them are right! Newsletters are helpful, necessary, engaging, and most of the times free – yes. But, at the same time, they can be annoying, intrusive, spammy, and often irrelevant to our daily interests – true.


So what’s there to be done?


Here is where we come to rescue: We made a curation of the best newsletters in marketing, and we divided them into segments that are specific to the marketing environment.  Therefore, all you need to do is look at the category you are most interested in and check out the must-have newsletters from that segment.




Typically, newsletters fill your inbox based on a previous submission. Nevertheless, how many times did we opt to delete an e-mail only seconds after we opened it or, ‘worse’, marked it as spam and got rid of it? And only a couple of days before we might have thought it would be a great read to have in our inbox.


Multiple emails in inbox


That mainly happens because:


1. the newsletter didn’t turn out to be as good as expected,

2. it seemed to be more of a sales newsletter than a marketing one,

3. it started to annoy you already and you could do well without it, too.


Should you have experienced the above-mentioned scenarios, you must know the value of a good proper recommendation coming from fellow marketers as you.


To develop your future marketing strategies, you need inspiration as a marketer. You want to know where the people from your industry get their inspiration from, what made them grow, what tips and tricks they juggle with daily, and what’s there that they know and you don’t. No doubt you’d like to outrun them too, if possible.


All of that and with a little bit more you could have with the right marketing newsletters filling up your inbox.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of 40 hip marketing newsletters you might want to subscribe to. Boom, now there’s nothing more to do than browsing high-quality news and updates, insights and data from important industry websites and blogs around the corner.


  1. How Can an Email Newsletter Steal a Marketer’s Heart?
  2. All-in-One Digital Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. SEO + SEM
  5. Creative Marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Conclusion

How Can an Email Newsletter Steal a Marketer’s Heart?


Good email newsletters, be they on marketing topics or some other, can be really restorative. They can check a lot of stuff within a single body of text: they can educate, inspire, motivate, validate data and theories, inform, entertain, engage, call to action, and revive someone. 


Jumping on the other side of the fence, we thought about how a newsletter from marketing email providers should be. You should check at least one of the above. Focus on delivering high-quality services and information. The best of the best, even when dealing with ordinary stuff. Nobody wants something that’s already there or lacking entertainment. 


But there’s more than content that you should consider. And that’s about how you look. Appearance, interface, design, all of that. You know that visuals impact a human mind the most. Our cognitive memory is visual. 


There’s this saying – love at first sight. That’s right, that applies not only to human relations and love but also to anything surrounding us and struggling to make a good impression.

Lacking quality design won’t kill you but owning the reverse will make you stronger.

And you should integrate it into your brand’s email marketing game.


Mind how you wrap up your marketing newsletter and make it shine. It might be challenging to turn into an asset all the three pillars – content, display, and design – but mastering at least one of them might make you the marketers’ next crush in marketing newsletters.


All in all, we compiled a rich list of marketing newsletters every marketer should get in their inbox and made sure they comply with at least one of the above-mentioned quality ingredients: content, design, or overall appearance. 


All-in-One Digital Marketing


1. Marketing Land


Marketing Land covers multiple categories, such as social media marketing, SEM, SEO, mobile marketing, ad management, display marketing, and analytics.


Marketing Land is a news site, being part of the same family as Search Engine Journal and MarTech, so be ready to receive emails from them, too. We could call it a marketing newspaper with news, insights, how-tos, expert contributions and much more.


Marketing Land newsletter


The content is very well classified and transparent so that it’s rather easy for the subscriber to choose what they want to read. Additionally, content covers some of the hottest news in the industry, such as latest developments, events, and data in the marketing world.


2. Branded3


Branded3 delivers great content and data on SEO,  content marketing, social media, analytics, PPC, Digital PR, and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).


This British digital marketing agency provides insights from award-winning thought leaders, videos, and up-to-date information on various exclusive events they also organize. 


Branded3 blog


Once you go on their page, you’ll find it pleasant that you can sort articles by topic filters on the web page (something not every website uses).


3. Orbit Media


Orbit Media share solid advice on all marketing subjects, namely web design, UX, analytics, digital strategy, SEO, content marketing, and social media.


Writers and contributors are quite active, posting several times a week on the blog. Your inbox will receive a bi-weekly email newsletter though, so to not spam you with every update they bring on the platform.


Orbit media newsletter


The blog design is very catchy and bright, while the photos they use are fit and attractive, which makes the newsletter nice and on point.


Orbit Media was founded by content marketing evangelist Andy Crestodina, who also backed up Content Jam, Chicago’s biggest content marketing conference. Contrary to his tight schedule, you’ll be happy to often gain key takeaways as Andy Crestodina himself is frequently publishing on the blog.


4. ClickZ


ClickZ provides an overflowing array of articles meant to suit everybody’s taste on marketing in general, and on local marketing, email marketing, social media, analytics, search marketing, and ecommerce in particular.


Webinars, handpicked news, marketing leaders insights, events – you can find all that and much more on ClickZ. The newsletter also informs you about various analyses on the latest trends, tools, and technology in advertising and digital marketing.


ClickZ newsletter


The subscription is a bit tedious, requiring details such as email address, name, job title, company, no. of employees, country, etc. but the newsletter is worth it. You can customize your subscription by opting out/in from/for some topics: ClickZ Daily Newsletter, Research & Intelligence, Live Events, Webinars, Training, or Audience intelligence (B2B marketing tips for agencies).


The standard newsletter has over 200k subscribers already and comes on a daily basis.



5. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics writes about marketing as a whole, analytics, copywriting, branding, ecommerce, SEO, testing, advertising, blogging, design, and social media marketing. 


Their newsletters provide two types of information: data-driven insights from experts on marketing, social media, copywriting, branding, design, and social networks, and also customer insights, making use of visual information – infographics, charts – about customer behavior and thinking.


Kissmetrics newsletter


Kissmetrics often provide live webinars, infographics, and data so this information-rich library will surely inspire and motivate you in you decision-makings and marketing strategies.


6. ThinkWithGoogle


These guys like to juggle with topics from the digital marketing as a whole. Content can be categorized under industry perspectives, success stories, research, and product reviews. You can find data, insights, inspiration, case studies, helpful advice, input from professionals, and consumer trends articles by also narrowing content to location – Europe, Asia, USA, Brazil, etc. 


Think With Google blog


Both the newsletter and the web page are really engaging and attractive thanks to the design, interface, and content, of course. In addition, the subscription process is very simple.


7. Digital Doughnut


Digital Doughnut offers you high-quality content on digital marketing, content marketing, ecommerce, social media, UX, abandonment rates, and social platforms.


Digital Doughnut Newsletter


There’s a whole community of digital leaders and professionals contributing to the platform by sharing their knowledge, ideas, discoveries, and studies on a wide range of subjects, classified according to category (advertising, mobile, technology, social media, etc.) and sector (accounting, banking, cosmetic, etc). This makes Digital Doughnut a contribution platform with abundant information.


If you want to get emailed their newsletter, you need to create an account first. Be ready to provide a lot of details upon sign up, as well.


Content Marketing


8. QuickSprout


QuickSprout is focused on SEO, content marketing, link building, affiliate marketing, blogging, social media, and copywriting.


The platform comes from one of the most influential digital marketing leaders in the industry, Neil Patel, who wanted to make a change. His platform likes to play with real data to support arguments in the articles: website traffic numbers, conversion rates, and growth hacking with infographics.


QuickSprout blog


The newsletter comes with a friendly tone and simple layout, while the content is easy-to-digest and to understand. Usually, they incorporate the entire blog post in the email newsletter. Smart, huh?


9. Problogger


Problogger provides content worth reading on blogging, content marketing, and social media. There’s no better proof to their success other than the number of readers following them – 321k subscribers.


The website is sporting some really cool topic filters to sort your articles, such as building community, blog promotion, being productive, writing content, blog design, blogging tools and services, strategy and planning.


Their posting pace is one article every 2-3 days, so till this date, they have over 8k articles published on the blog.


Problogger newsletter


The subscription process is easy; they need your email address and that’s it. And if you don’t make it in time to catch the weekly newsletter (delivered on Tuesday) they’ll send you a notice informing you on what you can read until the next communication. 


Upon subscription, you’ll be happy to find a gift in your inbox – a collection of 180 blog post ideas.


10. Copyblogger


This website covers niches such as content marketing, digital marketing, and blogging.


Copyblogger newsletter


You can’t actually subscribe to Copyblogger, but by signing-up to the website you’ll soon get notified about articles, events and all that. This way, you’ll get access to all the high-quality content there is on the website – but first, you need to activate your subscription with a sign-up. Nevertheless, you can check their website from time to time, even without a newsletter in your inbox.


Their motto is “words that work” and you’ll agree once you read some of their articles. You can filter your article feed on the website by opting in for certain topics such as content marketing, digital commerce, entrepreneurship, writing, editing, or content marketing. The content is really catchy.


11. CoSchedule


We really like this one. CoSchedule shares knowledge and expertise on content marketing, blogging, social media, and marketing automation.


You cannot subscribe to it but a 14-day free pass to their marketing calendar and everything else they’ve got in store will suit your taste. If applicable, you can get a licence to their platform, but either ways you’ll get a daily newsletter in your inbox once they have your details. 


CoSchedule newsletter


The newsletter informs you on webinars, articles, and other events hosted by CoSchedule and sports a really nice and engaging design. 


You can find anything on their blog – a whole rich resource library with articles, podcasts, guides, videos, and product demos. Filter them by selecting one of the top-right tabs: content, social, product, or culture.


12. Content Marketing Institute


Founded by Joe Pulizzi, the Content Marketing Institute blog levels-up your marketing strategies by delivering quality content on topics such as visual content and design, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, marketing strategy, audience building, industry news, marketing team management, distribution, and tracking.


Content Marketing Institute newsletter


With 180k subscribers, the blog deals with everything related to content, strategy, tips on hiring and more. Joe Pulizzi writes and publishes a post a day,  besides other guest posts from professionals. The subscription process is simple and easy-to-do.


You get daily articles and also free e-books to change your perspective on content marketing, along with free webinars, podcasts, how-to guides, blog posts, and high-quality insights. You can filter the topic range of your article feed and read what’s of most interest to you.


13. Contently


Contently is a Content Operating Platform but their blog is a must for every marketer. Stay informed with up-to-date marketing tips, trends, and insights on content marketing, SEO, social media, and email marketing. 


Contently newsletter


Thanks to the easy subscription process, you can immediately indulge in a wide range of topics: accountable content, brands, media, social, voices, UK & Europe, and client stories.


14. MarTech Today


Sporting a rather techy style, MarTech Today delivers comprehensive newsletters on various webinars, reports, articles, and conferences happening in the marketing world. They share content on content marketing, marketing strategy, social media, advertising, and also deliver fresh industry news.


MarTech Today webpage


As previously mentioned, MarTech Today shares the same room with Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, so most likely you’ll receive communications from all three.




15. Search Engine Land


Subscribe to SEL and enjoy quite solid and noteworthy content and data on SEO, SEM, Google SEO, Bing, Local Search, and social media. They provide a charming array of articles, most of them being SEO oriented.


Search Engine Land


Their newsletter also includes the Landy Awards Project, which recognizes digital marketers of the year who made a change in the industry.


The newsletter showcases news, data, various information, and guest posts with tips and tricks to improve your marketing skills.


16. cognitiveSEO


Maybe it’s a little self-serving to bring it to you, but numbers and word-of-mouth prove this blog’s worth. On a weekly basis, cognitiveSEO publishes blog posts on trending matters and topics, case studies, SEO insights, social media insights, products launches, in-depth research studies. They provide insight on SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing topics and matters.


cognitiveSEO newsletter


Follow the blog and get notified on the latest and trendiest digital marketing insights, get hands-on on impressive case studies and discoveries, either provided by our in-house experts or by widely known marketing leaders. Almost 6k subscribers can confirm its quality content.


The posting pace is 1-2 articles a week, therefore cognitiveSEO newsletters will knock-knock in your inbox at similar times. 



17. Search Engine Journal


This already widely known website provides noteworthy and valuable content on SEO, SEM, search marketing, content marketing, industry news, PPC, social media, and ad marketing. Juicy articles, news, how-to-guides, and surveys will be your daily snack when landing on their blog’s webpage. 


Search Engine Journal newsletter


You can also benefit from live webinars and tutorials, all curated by SEJ specialists. 


18. WordStream


Get to know the dynamics of the marketing funnel by subscribing to the WordStream blog. They provide actionable content and data on SEM, PPC, paid search and paid social campaigns.


Wordstream newsletter


WordStream is the leading provider of AdWords, Facebook and keyword tools used by more than a million marketers globally. Their tools are specialized in paid search, paid social campaigns, and everything in between. 


They post an article on a daily basis and the content they provide is fit to enrich any marketer’s spectrum.


19. Backlinko 


With 105k subscribers, Backlinko or, better say, Brian Dean’s blog provides best-in-class articles, insights, analytics, and in-depth marketing information on SEO.


With Forbes listing Backlinko as one the “Top 20 blogs to Follow” in 2017 and Inc. calling Brian Dean “a brilliant marketer” definitely worth following, it’s definitely a must-have marketing newsletter you should subscribe to.


Backlinko newsletter


Brian Dean shares his knowledge and expertise, providing serious data and eye-opening marketing insights. Topics are given weight and treated thoroughly.


The newsletter comes with a personal touch and vibe, sporting a simple layout, usually just that of a random email. But content is so worth it; if you need next-level SEO training tips and link building strategies, then you should subscribe to Backlinko. 


20. Koozai


Multi-award winning digital marketing agency delivering services in SEO, SEM, content marketing, and paid social ads, Koozai writes thousands of blog posts on SEO, SEM, content marketing, Social Media. 


Koozai blog


Subscribe to their newsletter; their content and video insight sessions will definitely help you get better in your marketing endeavors. Sporting really nice UI and content filters (news, SEO, content, paid media, social media, search), getting hands-on with their articles is not at all far-fetched.


21. Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog tackles marketing niches such as SEO, PPC, and search marketing, and delivers great information through in-depth articles, insights, and news. 


We’d always have it as a reference when in need of proper and solid data proof on various topics.


Screaming Frog blog


To receive their marketing newsletters you should purchase a license and have an account on Screaming Frog. Anyways, you can always pin it in your bookmarks and check their blog from time to time. You won’t regret it!


22. Seth Godin


Everybody knows and is a fan of Seth Godin and his blog. A best-selling author of many books (such as “Small is the New Big”, “All Marketers Are Liars”, etc.) and entrepreneur, Seth supports the belief that “less is more”. 


Seth Godin newsletter


His blog provides educational, inspirational, and niche articles on marketing in general, and content marketing in particular. With a rich, yet concise writing style, his short articles have a maximum impact on the reader. He shares his wisdom daily, and if willing, you can always browse and read the other 2.500 blog posts he already owns.


23. ViperChill


The ViperChill blog talks about viral marketing, SEO, and blogging and has already gathered more than 70k subscribers, all joining the dance on SEO tips delivered into their inboxes.


ViperChill blog


The blog is curated by Glen Allsopp and he promises that his marketing newsletters are clean and trustworthy emails, with no ads, no affiliate links or sponsored stuff. Needless to say that this blog content is worth reading every day (and night). Their articles are quite helpful when it comes to improving your marketing skills. 


Jade Craven from Problogger advised professionals to keep an eye on Viperchill blog, so no need for other words.


24. Nick LeRoy


Nick LeRoy calls his weekly newsletter SEOForLunch because people oftentimes read his newsletter around lunchtime every Tuesday. It sort of a tradition.



Nick’s newsletter has personality and highlights some of the most important news and facts about SEO. Every newsletter is packed with “Nick’s Take” where he offers valuable tips and learnings.


SEOForLunch newsletter


Get your dose of wisdom through Nick’s newsletters next to your lunch. Bon appetite!


Creative Marketing (UX, design, video, tech news, inspirational content, ideas)


25. Mashable 


Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture, and entertainment content that many influencers, professionals and marketing aficionados appreciate.


Email newsletters are personalized, therefore content feeds and updates will definitely suit your taste. You can also customize your subscription by selecting what notifications to receive in your inbox: top stories (on a daily/weekly basis), viral news alerts, and/or breaking news alerts.




The content Mashable provides is fresh, viral, and always diverse, dealing with a wide range of topics from various categories. Marketers, techies, business owners, and social media enthusiasts are following their newsletter and stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date content.



Their headlines are attention-grabbing and their topics quite offering and juicy. Talking about something that has already been discussed it’s not characteristic to Mashable; it’s considered second-hand mindset. So, there’s a lot in the game for you: get notified on viral stories and articles and receive the best-in-class Mashable articles and breaking news.


26. Upworthy


Upworthy likes to say their news unite people and make them one. Most news are taken from real-life, and the collections names are eloquent: “caring and doing”, “thanking parents”, etc. At large, their delivered stories are alive, and they’re divided into several sections: “being well”, “culture”, “breakthroughs”, “real life”, and “the conversation”.


Upworthy newsletter


Every article and piece of news is a great source of inspiration, both for marketers and for people, in general. The stories are taken from all industries, backgrounds, and topics. Yet, they all follow the same pattern – they talk about humans, not trends or currents.


If you want to be updated with what the world around you is doing, bookmark Upworthy and check it as often as possible (there’s no subscription available yet).


27. Canva


Canva inspires you and creates a boom effect on your imagination with engaging email newsletters on design, image editing, graphic design, infographics, and email templates.



Given that their tool makes design and graphics simple for everyone, their blog posts are informative and educational, helping both beginners and professionals get better in their marketing game.


Their marketing newsletter is colorful, sporting nice design, interface, and integrated animated infographics. Both newsletter and blog are easy to skim and show a lot of transparency, something subscribers will definitely love. Either way, Canva is definitely a go-to design source for creatives out there.


28. Muzli


When in search for loads of creativity tips and tricks, design inspiration, graphic design, UX and UI, try Muzli


Muzli blog


You’ll receive weekly updates in your inbox. Their newsletters are nicely, neatly, and vividly designed to conquer any marketer’s heart.


29. InVision


InVision is mostly known as a graphic design platform, when in fact you get a diverse and complex array articles from various industries to get inspired from. Their content fits many categories, such as marketing, coding, design, inspiration, InVision updates, and videos.


InVision newsletter


They deliver a really nice newsletter, sporting a pleasant interface and charming design. If only more newsletters wore this kind of design …


Tip: if you didn’t know, subscribers always appreciate their content, but the cherry-on-top thing is they’re always accepting submissions. Should you have some great contribution to the website, give it a go and let them know.


30. Quora


Quora is an awesome platform to gain better insight and understanding to everything that’s on your mind with SEO, social media marketing, and blogging.


Quora newsletter


The website looks forum-like while the newsletter is simple and informative. We could even say that the newsletter is more intriguing and catchy than the website itself. It uses bold, attention-grabbing headlines and content previews that make subscribers click on a particular piece of content. 


Once a couple of days Quora send you their newsletter. It’s rich, it’s complex, and always on the tipping point of a great read.


31. The Verge


The Verge covers topics from various industries and environments such as tech, science, art, culture, and everything in between.


The Verge webpage


If you want to be connected with everything that’s moving this world forward in matters of novelty, updates, creativity, and thinking then you should follow their content closely. There is no subscription available but the in-depth articles and data are already a huge incentive to bookmark it and visit it often.


32. Creative Bloq


Creative Bloq showcases great knowledge on graphic design, web design, branding, digital art, and visual effects.



Every Wednesday, their newsletter is delivered to your inbox with best-in-class art and design tips and inspiration. Whenever you want to narrow the content topics, use their available categories: how-tos, inspiration, advice, news, reviews, and features.


Inbound Marketing


33. specializes in growth hacking and traffic growth.


The idea for this platform started off with Dharmesh Shah, founder of Hubspot and Rand Fishkin, found of Moz. Two great minds and marketing evangelists uniting their powers to deliver top-notch business and marketing advice either from them, or other founders, SEO specialists, and business professionals.


Inbound newsletter already has a consistent community of marketers, bloggers, and enthusiasts speaking the same language, that of SEO, content marketing, social media, and conversion rate optimization.


There are two types of newsletters for you to choose from: “awesome community” and “traffic generation”.


34. HubSpot


Dharmesh Shah’s platform writes about inbound marketing, leads conversion, customer behavior, traffic growth, and digital marketing, but marketers can also get actionable content on SEO, content, blogging, social media, email marketing, and analytics.


HubSpot newsletter


Their newsletter has a big plus, besides that of top-notch content and professional insight – you can customize your newsletter to bits. Set your newsletter subscription preferences by opting in for one or as many of the following options: marketing blog (inbound marketing tips and tricks, how-tos, best practices), sales blog (sharpen your inbound selling skills), customer Success blog (how to make a customer success strategy that actually works and lives up to the customer challenge), agency newsletter (on building a better agency), and the academy blog (for Hubspot users regarding the Hubspot software).


In addition, you can choose how often you want to receive communications from HubSpot – either daily, or weekly.


35. Growth Hackers


GrowthHackers is a marketing newsletter provider not to be missed. They bring valuable expertise and insight on inbound marketing, traffic growth, SEO, and lead conversion. 


GrowthHackers blog


Launched by Sean Ellis from Qualaroo, Growth Hackers’ blog sends a weekly newsletter informing you about top-notch studies on marketing channels, user acquisition, and engagement. The blog is built on Medium, therefore there’s no subscription needed, only to follow them up on the platform and letters will come in your inbox. The posting pace is 1-2 articles a week. 


Social Media Marketing


36. Buffer Social


Buffer Social is about social media tips, tools, and strategies, and already loads of startup culture thinkers follow it and enjoy communications in their inboxes.


Buffer Social blog


The platform has three blogs – Social Media blog, Culture Blog, Engineering blog (about how Buffer works; user education) – choose one or take all three. 13k subscribers already follow their intriguing valuable articles.


Their articles mostly fall into the educational category, as many of them are promoting the brand’s app, while covering topics of interest on how to win with social media.


Marketers will always need mentors and masters to learn from, therefore consuming valuable information will only do them good. And rich, minute, data-driven newsletters like Buffer’s are within arm’s reach. 


37. Sprout Social 


Social media managers (SMMs) could make great use of their content. Sprout Social provides noteworthy articles on social media and marketing automation, articles that any automation platform professional would undoubtedly make use of. 


Sprout Social newsletter


Rookies and not only would definitely enjoy Sprout Social’s how-to guides, raw data, user education articles, tips, tricks, hacks, videos, pdfs, and free courses that they provide. Quite a rich library to choose from, right?


Marketers can filter their content feed on the Sprout Social blog by applying the available tags: publishing, product updates, #sproutchat, Instagram, agencies, social strategy, enterprise, engagement, Twitter, analytics, Facebook, etc.


38. Social Media Examiner


With a clear focus on social media, traffic growth, brand awareness, sales growth, customer engagement, and brand awareness, Social Media Examiner is, quote, “your guide to the social media jungle”. 


Social Media Examiner newsletter


The platform contributors are quite active, posting articles daily. Besides expert insights, Social Media Examiner delivers full breaking news and updates about various conferences and events in the industry, along with free podcasts for you to listen while driving, taking a break and having breakfast. 


39. Social Mediopolis


Social Mediopolis beats them all at posting frequency, with 4 articles a day. Specializing in social media and interactive marketing, this blog delivers in-depth case studies, infographics, and noteworthy content. 


Their headlines are catchy, their content previews are great, and content is qualitative. Social Mediopolis’ subscriber community is huge, counting 2.100.000 followers in total.


Social Mediopolis is not fond of get-rich-quick schemes but wants to educate, share, and inspire fellow marketers across the world in their business endeavors.


Social Mediopolis newsletter


Newsletters are rich in information and keep you updated with the latest daily news, events, networking, and even jobs in the industry, and announcing you about free resources (e-books, white papers, webinars, courses, and analytics) at your disposal.


Email Marketing


40. MailChimp


MailChimp is widely known for their email marketing automation platform, and their blog is obviously talking about email marketing and marketing automation.


MailChimp newsletter


Their newsletter is friendly, vivid, authentic, and attention-grabbing. Their graphic design skills are top-notch and they seem to be quite into animated infographics. Once you visit their blog you’ll soon notice how nice, clean, and interactive the content feed is.


If you want to get MailChimp letters in your inbox you need to sign up on their blog first. 


41. Campaign Monitor


Simply put, Campaign Monitor is about email marketing. Their marketing newsletter comes once a month so that you’ll have plenty to read without constant spam in your inbox.


Campaign Monitor newsletter


Sign up on the blog page and communications will soon follow to fill your inbox. Guides, blog posts, tools, infographics, webinars, and collections are available for you to read, learn from, and use whenever you feel like. By the way, did we say how cool and engaging the newsletter is? And the page layout is pretty nice, too. 


Subscribers can filter their content feed by opting in for one of the categories: new features, email marketing, how-tos, customers (case studies, testimonials, and insights from world-class email marketers and customers), and company (product updates).






When the subscriptions matter is not treated properly, you may often end up like this: loads and loads of messages.


You need to curate your subscriptions. Keep what’s worth reading or useful, and forget the rest. Search for truly meaningful and qualitative marketing value providers and subscribe to those. Fill your inbox with the best marketing newsletters possible, with great content and good visuals, and get to know the dynamics of your industry like the back of your hand.


Moreover, our advice is to not just subscribe to those important marketing platforms, but also to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you want to level up your SEO techniques and digital marketing skills. 


Besides, the good thing about newsletters is that you don’t have to find the content by yourself, but it’s already there, in your inbox, ready to read. So what are you waiting for? 


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