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In the last year we researched quite a bit on the subject of social signals correlation vs backlink acquisition trends. The in-depth analysis, lead us to build the new Social Visibility module that allows you to analyze and track the social footprint of any website on the three big social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.   Let me ask you 3 questions and if at least one of them is a question that you asked yourself in the past then this new module will be of great help to you. 1 [...]
Want to capitalize on the trend of using infographics as link bait? Then you'll want to do a little research on the types of infographics that get the most links. Find Infographics in Competitor's Top Linked Pages If you know your competitors are using infographics for link bait, then your best bet is to start by doing a little digging into their backlink profile to see which infographics make a dent. You can start with the inBound Link Analysis tool's list of top linked pages to see if infogr [...]
Nobody wants to work months and years on their site, and then have Google penalize their page or drop their SERP rankings. This costs money, time and frustration. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll have to start everything from scratch. In fact, it could even mean the end of your business, particularly if all (or most of) your traffic relies on organic results. Is Google evil? What is the big search engine up to? In their constant effort to make the search engine a better pl [...]
It has been almost two years since the first Google Panda update went live. The biggest hits from that update were dealt to sites Google designated as content farms. Some well-known websites from the article marketing world suffered the greatest loss of visibility and keywords in search. These included article directories used heavily by online marketers and SEO's such as EzineArticles with a 90% visibility loss and Hubpages with a 87% visibility loss. In this post, we're going to look at how [...]
Can too few Brand Anchor Text or too much Commercial Anchor Text penalize a site? (note: commercial anchor text is also known as Money or SEO anchor text) Taking in consideration all the unnatural link penalties lately and the new ones to come, Google surely does not only look at the individual links, but it also looks at the Anchor Text Profile naturalness. Google tries to understand if the anchor text pointing to a site looks natural or not. This can be easily done by the search engi [...]
The world of link building is rapidly changing thanks to Google algorithms. Along with the loss of article marketing, blog networks, and other link strategies, the question remains: is link building through guest blogging on its way out too? The first piece of evidence to consider is the video by Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team.   The second is the number of blogs that are closing their doors to guest post submissions. The reason the doors are closing and Google is [...]
Even in a post-Penguin world, a well-rounded link building campaign generally includes links from web directories. The key is to make sure you are submitting your websites to quality directories. Quality Directory Checklist Here are some ways to test a directory to see if it is a good fit for your link building strategy. Domain Authority First off, you will want to make sure that the directories you choose for building links to your website have a good domain authority, Google PageRank, [...]
Last Friday, we quietly pushed another update to the cognitiveSEO toolset. We pride ourselves with the high level of support that we offer our customers and with the fact that we actually listen to your requests. A lot of you, have reported in the past, various features that you would love to see implemented in the toolset. With this update, as with any other, we tried to cover some of them. Here is the quick list of updates: 1. Ability to run Prefix based Backlink Analysis. You can [...]
We had a "full-house" Webinar on Friday (all 100 seats were occupied). As promised to everyone in the webinar here is the recording for to digest. Main Topics What are Unnatural Links? How do I spot them? How do I recover from an Unnatural Links Penalty? Quick Overview of the recent Interflora Penalty. "Unnatural Link" Sites Analyzed - Case Studies     SmartLipo - Medical Surgery Niche     Allesovergokken - Online Gambling Niche Netherlands     Webhostingmadness - We [...]
Updated: The recorded webinar can be found here. Since last year, it seems that Google started to aggressively clean its search index from sites that do shady link building practices involving the creation of unnatural links. Last year it started with Penguin , which was mostly about low quality links and this year it started with the Interflora Penalty that aims at “advertorial” content written with the pure scope of increasing search engine rankings. I have seen a lot of confusion ar [...]