Since July, when we launched the automatic unnatural link detection tool, we analyzed carefully how our customers use it.

We quickly understood that you needed a fast way to manually validate the links to be disavowed, in order to be 100% confident that those are the correct ones.

In order to be 100% sure that a link is unnatural or not, you actually need to load that page and look for the link on the page.  The major problem, is that you usually have to visit hundreds, if not thousands, of links and this process takes a really long time and becomes very annoying.

That is why we created a new cutting-edge tool:

The Unnatural Links Navigator

 Automatic Classification + Manual Review  = 100% Winning Disavow


In order for you to understand how efficient this is I created a quick case study that exemplifies the complete creation of a Google Disavow file that is 100% manually verified.

How I created a 100% verified Disavow File in just 10 minutes!

Google Disavow Case Study

This quick case study shows you how to create a 100% correct and validated disavow file in approximately 10 minutes.

The site has approximately 500 referring domains and 1400 links.  I will go trough all of the links that need my validation before adding them on the Disavow list and generate the Google Disavow file ready to be imported in Google’s tool.

Quick Video Wins:

  • Unnatural Links Detection Tips & Tricks.
  • How to save hours on the Disavow Process.
  • How to quickly & visually browse a site’s link profile.
  • How to generate a Google Disavow file ready for import.


Time is Money … as the saying goes 

10 minutes vs 6 hours

You Win 5 hours & 50 minutes

Without these tools, to facilitate the entire disavow process you will need at least 6 hours or more to do it.

Just a few ideas on how you could use the saved time for your immediate advantage:

  • Webmasters
    • Improve the problematic site.
    • Work on creating more quality content.
    • Create better Link Building Strategies.
  • Agencies
    • Get more client work and do it in the same timeframe.
    • Adjust your pricing to be even more competitive.
    • At the same time Win more $$$!!!

Who needs this tool?

This is the ideal tool if you’ve received an unnatural link warning or have been penalized by Goole.

Checking your links is a breeze now. After the manual review of the entire list of links just hit the Google Disavow Export and you have the file ready for the Google Import.



The full list of Improvements

1. Improved Detection Algorithm

We improved the automatic detection in order to reduce the false positive ratio even more. We have analyzed tens of thousands of sites and improved the algorithms accordingly. We now have over 50 rules and an automatic learning system that trains itself. More improvements may be seen in Exact Match Domain scenarios, where in the past we had some problems in understanding the link profile naturalness.

2. Improved UI

We optimized the way you should use the unnatural link detection tool by segmenting the visual interface and the actions you can do. Here are some of the most important improvements:

  1. Tells you how natural, or not, your site is.
  2. Bulk Disavow,Tagging & Ignoring domains/links.
  3. The New Unnatural Link Navigator for fast validation.
  4. More columns such as Anchor Text and Faster Search.
  5. More Link Data and Naturalness Reasons.

3. The New Unnatural Link Navigator

Here are the most important features of the Navigator:

  1. Automatic Page Loading.
  2. Instant Visual Preview of the link – no more View Page Source.
  3. Link Data and Actions.
  4. Instant HTML Code Inspector – to see the where the link is in the code.
  5. Keyboard Navigation for the quickest link profile browsing
  6. Full List of Links and Filters that you can apply.
  7. Customizable Interface.

The new technology that is used to highlight the links on the page rendered the old link previewing system obsolete.

4. “How to” Videos Added

We also added “How to Videos” around the tool and will be adding more in the following days. This will improve even more the way you use the tool as it gives you expert help on how to do it best.


14 day Free Trial!

To be able to test the system we give free 14 day trials, so you might want to take advantage of that first and see if the tool is up to your expectations. You will also get the full functionality of the tool, including full backlink analysis, daily rank trackingsocial visibility and a plethora of cool & useful stuff.


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