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I am starting a series of high quality SEO reports and Case Studies on variety of verticals. The first one that I chose is the “Online Gambling” vertical. This is one of the most competitive markets online.

All these reports are in PDF format. To get the Free SEO report, I just ask for a Tweet. You will get real world case studies and a limited time discount on cognitiveSEO.

PDF Quick snapshot

Here are some pieces of content from the PDF report.


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. How to rank on the “Poker Reviews” keyword.

2.1. PokerListings.com Case Study

2.2. PokerSelect.com Case Study”

“First of all, the initial backlink analysis on this URL returns quite a high number of links.

19k links.

206 referring domains

If we filter down the site-wide factor to a maximum of 20 links per referring domain, we get only 714 links. This means, the rest of the links are practically replicated links from those 206 referring domains.”

“Because everything looks natural, let’s look more in-depth at what type of links they have.

By crawling all the backlinks, we identified the content theme of all of the linking pages and it seems that they have most of the links coming from Gambling & Games theme sites, which is a very powerful ranking signal to Google, because pages from the same sematic category are linking to our site.”

Inside the PDF you have a coupon code for a big discount on any package you choose on cognitiveSEO.

Enjoy the report and use the data to increase your rankings!

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