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While technical SEO is a topic that only some of us make use of rigorously, it is a part of everybody’s life. Well, which part of SEO is not technical if we were to look at it thoroughly?   SEO issues, mistakes, tips and recommendations are all included in today's technical checklist. We wanted to cover, in the most effective way possible, all the elements that are important for making your website user-friendly, efficient, visible in SERP, functional and easy to understand. Therefore, [...]
We can finally share with you el cuarto episode of our cognitiveSEO Talks: On Search and Traffic where an energetic and truly inspiring Aleyda Solis challenged us to reconsider our marketing tactics and views. Aleyda is an international SEO consultant, blogger for multiple high-authority outlets such as SEL, State of Digital, and Moz, experienced speaker, with more than 100 conferences in 20 countries, and also the author of the SEO book in Spanish SEO. The Essential Points.    We can al [...]
Ranking number one on Google is great. But ranking in a Google answer box is awesome. Answer boxes might be a blessing for both users (they get the desired info without having to click through to a website ) and webmasters (their website is in the foreground, above the top ranking websites).      But how do you know if your website is ranking in an answer box? With so many keywords you might be ranking for, a manual check is unreasonable. Don't lose hope, as we've found a really easy an [...]
Did you know that Google doesn't show all your pages in the search results, even though they have the potential to rank high? Yeah, that's right! Your page is eligible to rank high, but doesn't get displayed in the searches.   These are called omitted results and, although they aren't something to freak out about, they can sometimes become a little bit of a pain. If your website is listed in Google's omitted results, almost nobody will ever see it. Fortunately, there are some things you c [...]
The relationship between JavaScript and SEO started a long time ago and has been a highly debated topic in the virtual world, mostly in the SEO circles. Creating websites using JavaScript to feature content was a big hit back in the days. Many developers used this technique, with some lacking knowledge on whether search engines can parse and understand that content.   Along the way, Google changed its methodology and standpoint regarding JavaScript. Everybody started to doubt whether sear [...]
We're thrilled to bring to your attention the third episode of our cognitiveSEO Talks: On Search and Traffic, this time with a beloved digital expert, Sujan Patel. He's a marvelous marketing expert, entrepreneur and growth hacker widely known for his multiple publications and articles in the industry, his successful management of various big companies, and his extensive knowledge in the world of digital.   We constantly feel the rush to know what that one or the other say about something [...]
If you want to get a top Google ranking, then we say you follow the old saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When having a website for which you want to get the best display on Google, do what Google would like you to do.    We gathered a list of 22 must-dos, things that Google said you should be doing in order to rank high in SERPs.      How to rank high on Google fast. That's everyone's concern. After all, Google (and search engines in general) is the sole playgr [...]
Content Marketing is dominating the internet. It stays at the core of everything, be it an article, a video or even an ad. So, in order to succeed or even attempt to be successful at digital marketing, you have to create some form of content.   However, many people find it very difficult to create content or do link building, especially if they're in a 'boring' niche. This complaint often comes not only from the website owners themselves, but also from various digital marketing experts tr [...]
There comes a time in our life when some things need to be changed or refreshed. The same happens in the life of content. It might get outdated or irrelevant and that’s when content pruning comes to the rescue.   By its nature, pruning means cutting off dead branches or stems, especially to encourage growth. Content pruning was born from the same desire, to remove old or poor quality articles, to get rid of the clutter not to damage the quality of the overall website. But does content p [...]
We're excited to present you the second episode of the cognitiveSEO Talks: On Search and Traffic with Michael King, a digital marketer and SEO pro with a remarkable experience. Michael shared with us exclusive tips & tricks, insights from the technical SEO field to content marketing and everyday marketing challenges.   Did you ever wonder what outreach campaigns are the SEO Pros using? Or what experienced digital marketers approach content marketing or Google's ranking signals? If yes [...]