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Content is the weapon of SEO. And SEOs like to use a twofold weapon, one that would win them the fight both on short-term and long-term. They call it seasonal and evergreen content.    The thing is, is it a matter of "and" or "or"? Do topical content and evergreen content go hand in hand, or go separate ways?  This debate is not only applicable to content marketing but to social media marketing as well, as both share the same types of content.   Nearly everybody tilts the scale i [...]
If you own a website, especially one with English content, chances are that you will get spammed, sooner or later. If you don't start protecting yourself as soon as possible, you will definitely have some trouble with it.   To help you out, we've gathered a list of 5 most common types of SPAM and what you can do to protect yourself against them. You'll see what exactly SPAM is, why people practice it and how you can fight it back.     Comment Spam Trackback Spam Nega [...]
We can already see a convergence between digital marketers, SEOs and webmasters. Although they all have their own tasks and responsibilities, at some point all of their work will revolve, more or less, around the concept of link building. This is the topic that we’re going to talk about in today’s article.   While link building, alongside content, might have a bad name in the industry it still is the number one signal Google looks at when deciding to rank a website. There are countles [...]
Here it is: a new episode of our cognitiveSEO Talks - On Search and Traffic, this time with David Harry, one of the most important pioneers in SEO. Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, you need to know that there are 20 years since David is working in the SEO niche.    David Harry spent about five years doing forensic SEO (which is helping people with SEO problems, penalties, and things related to this) and he got to the point where he doesn’t need to pitch to clients to attract th [...]
Do you have a business, or maybe clients that own local businesses? If yes, then you're in the right place, because you're going to find out how you can double or even triple their click-through rates on Google.   People often think that they can only rank once for a keyword. For the most part that's true, because Google has gradually restricted the number of times you can show up with the same domain on the same search query. However, things are a little bit different when it comes to so [...]
Ranking higher on Google. A ceaseless rush to get authority for your website and lots of visitors to eventually turn them into clients. Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be the black sheep of marketing. You just got to understand how to use it. You can complement your SEO efforts with lots of other marketing forms, such as analytics data. It will stop you from bleeding website data. It really will.   How does it work? You need an account on a dedicated analytics product. Then, [...]
We all know that BlackHat SEO is considered to be a bad thing. One might think: "as long as you can rank a website well with it, it must be good; there are risks of getting caught and penalized by Google's algorithms, but most people take that risk, don't they?"    Well... actually no. BlackHat SEO really is a bad thing. Not only for the one that uses it, but for you and everyone else, as well. Why? Because most BlackHat SEO tactics started off as legitimate ways to optimize your websit [...]
The latest cognitiveSEO Talks episode - On search and Traffic - brings to your attention Dan Petrovic, a digital marketer from Australia who runs a company called Dejan. Except being a great guy with an experience of over 16 years in digital marketing, Dan is quite involved in understanding how people consume news content online.   The director of Dejan shared with us loads of tips on how to write content like a pro, how to make the most out of Search Console plus tons of great insights o [...]
Google started talking about the Mobile-first indexing since November 04, 2016. At that time, Google announced that they wanted to make some experiments with their algorithm so it would primarily use the mobile version to rank pages from a website, to understand the structured data and to show it accordingly in the mobile search results.   Google’s system for crawling, indexing, and ranking was using the desktop version of the website, which led to lots of issues for mobile searches bec [...]
If you haven't searched Google for an alternative to doorway pages, then you might think this article is about BlackHat SEO techniques. If doorway pages are against Google's Guidelines, doesn't that make any alternative wrong, as well?   Well, the answer to that can be nuanced, because sometimes webmasters have no alternative. They need to create multiple, similar pages, but fear that Google's algorithms will see them as doorway pages and penalize the entire website for that. Their only o [...]