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This last month was all about Google Penguin. Because of that, I thought on asking some of the brightest minds in the SEO industry, to share their opinions on what "Penguin" is and how it affected link building and SEO. It is important to know that none of the interviewees knew who are the other participants to the interview. This makes the interview unique, by sharing the individual opinions regarding the Google "Penguin" update, of each of the link builders. This is an in-depth interview [...]
After our guide on how you can easily identify low quality links and link networks, we decided to host a webinar where we did in-depth analysis on the "Google Penguin" update. The following video is an advanced seo training on how you can identify the links that have caused your site to be affected by the unnatural link update aka Penguin. Be prepared! ... it is an 1 hour and a half training video. You can either browse to the topic you are interested in (by clicking on the links below) or [...]
As we are getting more and more customers, we are striving to improve the overall feeling inside the application and we are adding more useful features to it. With our release dates scheduled at 3 months intervals, we are adding some new ones in version 2.5 Here is a list with what you will get with the new release: Competitor Common Backlinks Condensed View for the Backlink Reports Better Backend Rank Tracking functionality Servers Upgrade and Speed Improvements New Charts in the [...]
Were you hit by the "Google Penguin Update" on the 24th April 2012? If you are not sure of your answer, check your rankings and see if there was a drop on that day. ( note: there are several webmasters that reported receiving the unnatural link building message from Google Webmaster Tools starting with the beginning of 2012) Update [May 14 2012]: Due to the popularity of this article I have created a set of case studies on the Google Penguin Update (video) where you can see, how to really ide [...]
We have been extremely busy since our initial launch back in December 2011. We gathered a lot of feedback and based on that we worked day and night at Version 2.0 Here is a video that will guide you through what we changed and improved in Version 2.0 Version 2.0 has 4 main topics that we focused on: Fast Backlink Checker - You will get the Best Link Data Ever - great Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative Refined inBound Link Analysis - Better Insight into inBound Link Profiles Daily Ra [...]
cognitiveSEO launches SEO Toolkit to help webmasters, marketers and agencies create stronger link building strategies and outrank competitors faster and easier. December 07, 2011 - Link analysis is both time-consuming and expensive when one doesn’t use the right tools. cognitiveSEO launches today an advanced SEO toolkit specifically designed to make link analysis easier and faster. With it, one can keep an eye on his links and his competitors’ links at all [...]
This is the TOOL that you don't want them to have! We’re a few days away from the official launch of the powerful SEO software called cognitiveSEO. This is the tool that will help you spy on your competitors’ link building strategies and see what they’re doing right, so you can do it too – and better! It took us 2 years to turn the paper sketches, into the remarkable software that it is today. And once you’ll try it out, you’ll know there’s no such tool [...]
The full name of the post actually is: "cognitiveSEO Private BETA is Closed - Launch Count-Down Starts ..." (way too long to use it ... from an "SEO" perspective :) ) After announcing it by email to our group of Private Beta testers , one week ago, we are making it public. Starting June 2011, when we launched cognitiveSEO at the conference, we’ve had an impressive number of beta testers taking part in the Private Beta phase of our application. And since then, [...]
Notice : As we are approaching our commercial launch in November (the exact date is not disclosed yet), we are starting to "leak" features and info about the cognitiveSEO product. Yesterday Matt Cutts has confirmed that Google is indexing Ajax / Javascript. Today we are announcing that cognitiveSEO is doing the same thing ... but from an SEO point of view. What are the "Link Previews" ? In the past 12 months we have been working on a unique and powerful feature, called "Link Previews" (t [...]
Infographics are one of the easiest ways of digesting complex data and concepts. Below,  is the first infographic of our "cognitiveSEO Infographic Series". We hope the infographic below will help you better understand the Google "Panda" Effect that happened earlier this year. Share this infographic by embedding it on your site <div style="width:604px;"><div><a target="_blank" href="" [...]