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The Latest Advancements on the cognitiveSEO Tool
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Can too few Brand Anchor Text or too much Commercial Anchor Text penalize a site? (note: commercial anchor text is also known as Money or SEO anchor text) Taking in consideration all the unnatural link penalties lately and the new ones to come, Google surely does not only look at the individual links, but it also looks at the Anchor Text Profile naturalness. Google tries to understand if the anchor text pointing to a site looks natural or not. This can be easily done by the search engi [...]
Last Friday, we quietly pushed another update to the cognitiveSEO toolset. We pride ourselves with the high level of support that we offer our customers and with the fact that we actually listen to your requests. A lot of you, have reported in the past, various features that you would love to see implemented in the toolset. With this update, as with any other, we tried to cover some of them. Here is the quick list of updates: 1. Ability to run Prefix based Backlink Analysis. You can [...]
Updated: The recorded webinar can be found here. Since last year, it seems that Google started to aggressively clean its search index from sites that do shady link building practices involving the creation of unnatural links. Last year it started with Penguin , which was mostly about low quality links and this year it started with the Interflora Penalty that aims at “advertorial” content written with the pure scope of increasing search engine rankings. I have seen a lot of confusion ar [...]
Another week … another highly requested feature is launched. After our latest successful upgrade last week, with the new Visual Link Explorer, here comes another feature.This new feature extends the overall functionality of the cognitiveSEO toolset by allowing tagging and tag filtering. What is a TAG in cognitiveSEO? TAG = “A label attached to something for identification or other information.” We added color to make it easy to spot and differentiate among various tags.   [...]
Approximately six months ago we started the implementation of what is probably the most powerful, beautiful and easiest way to visualize a site’s link profile. The name of this new cutting-edge feature is: Visual Link Explorer - Cutting-Edge Link Graphs Made Simple This is the easiest, yet advanced, visualization that allows you to comprehend the ever-growing complexity of a site’s link profile. No other SEO tool has implemented automatic extraction, creation and navigation of Link Gr [...]
I start this post by saying: Thank you for such a Great First Year &  Happy Birthday cognitiveSEO!  This week we just moved up on the age scale. We just turned 1! Back in December 2011, after a year and a half of continuous programming & development, we launched the  cognitiveSEO toolset. Rewinding time, I can say that it was quite an exciting day. 2 hours before the expected launch time our ISP had a connection issue and we were cut off. You just can't imagine [...]
Finally I got to the point where I can write this. We have been continuously working for the last 5 months on this upgrade. To put it simply, this is the biggest upgrade to cognitiveSEO yet, and it improves the way you analyze backlinks by adding even more link data points into a new & simplified user interface. In the age of raw link data and hundreds of SEO metrics, we are improving the backlink analyzer concepts used in our  tool by providing: Fresh & Complete Link Data [ [...]
There are many SEO tactics that could negatively influence a sites' ranking. The tactics presented in this article are 7 of the most important ones, that I consider you should avoid, as to the 2012 events (Penguin/Panda/other Google updates). They are both onsite and offsite tactics. (Note: LQ = Low Quality) 1. Directories (LQ) This is one of those "Post Penguin" tactics to avoid. Of course there are still, great human-edited directories that will give you quality links (even if paid). bo [...]
There is a lot of talk about Google’s continued algorithm changes, particularly Google Panda and Google Penguin. Most of the talk seems focused on what not to do or what strategies to employ to avoid being affected by these algorithm changes, but there are still plenty of people who don’t quite get how or why they are losing their rankings or what to do about it if they are. Today, we would like to rundown the past, present, and future of how Panda and Penguin affect your website and your bu [...]
We always listen to our customers feedback. Your feedback has really guided the creation of this update. Thank you for being such a great customer! This update is more geared to SEO agencies and Professional SEOs that need reporting functionality. White-label capability PDF Export functionality The update is structured as follows : The $49 package gets the PDF export functionality (without the ability to customize the logo) All packages from $99 and up get the full White- [...]